Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Chronicles of Aliks

Aliks smokes his cigar and stared at the family portrait. The smiles of his father disgust him. He puffed out a huge amount of smoke and took a sip of his red wine.
“We’re late,” Bob said to his boss. Aliks took another sip of wine before he put on his Armani coat.
“I know when I’m late,” Aliks said and moved out of his office.

10 years ago
“Aliks! Aliks!” his little brother called him from far. Alex, his twin brother behaved younger though they were twins. Aliks didn’t mind that. He loved protecting his young brother, and felt like it was his duty. Besides, Alex was smaller and frail than he was. Alex needed to be taken care of.
“You’re making too much noise!” Aliks yelled and chided his brother.
“Look what I got!” Alex showed him a huge caterpillar that squirmed in his tiny palm.
“He’s dying! Put him back you found him!” Aliks pushed his brother towards where he came from, “go on. Hurry!”
“Okay...” Alex ran to the tiny tree they went to and gently placed the caterpillar on a leaf. He took several steps back and admired his actions. He understood why Aliks told him to do so. “You should thank my brother,” Alex whispered to the little caterpillar who tried its very best to crawl far away from its captor.
A maid rushed to the yard and went directly to Aliks.
“Young master, the master wishes to see the both of you,” she said in a shaky voice.
“He’s drunk is he?” Aliks asked. The maid nodded. “I’ll go see him myself. Tell Alex I’m going to the toilet but don’t tell him that my father wants to see him,” Aliks commanded the maid. She nods again and Aliks left.

Alex walked to the spot where Aliks was and saw a maid standing there. He looked for his brother but he was nowhere to be seen.
“Where’s my brother?” Alex asked.
“He went to the toilet. He told me to tell you to wait his here. He’ll come back shortly,” the maid lied.
“No I can’t wait. I want to tell him something. It’s important,” Alex said and was ready to run to the house.
“It can wait. You might miss him young master,” the maid tried to stall the eager boy.
“I must tell him or else I’ll forget! You know me...I always forget things!” Alex ran to the house and before he could call out for Aliks’ name, his brother was in front of him.
“What are you doing?!” Aliks yelled.
“I wanted to tell you something...” Alex replied, hesitantly.
“You could have waited!! I thought I told the maid to ask you to wait didn’t I? Why can’t you just wait for me?!!” Aliks scolded his brother. Alex was lost for words. He didn’t understand why Aliks was so angry. Tears felt like it was forming in Alex’s eyes.
“Well? What is it?” Aliks asked.
“I forgot! I HATE YOU!” Alex yelled and ran away into the garden. Aliks sighed and sat on the frame of the door. He pulled u his sleeve and saw his arm was bruised. “I’m sorry Alex.”

“next is Alex de Megos,” and Alex, in his graduating robe went to the stage and took his certificate and walked down the stage.
Aliks observed his brother from far and Bob was taking pictures of the event.
“Did you take care of the salesman?” Aliks asked.
“Yes I did boss.” Bob replied and tugged the camera into his coat.
“That’s a lesson for those who dared to mess with the de Megos family. No one sells crappy items to my brother, none. Make sure of that Bob,” Aliks smoked his cigar and left the convocation. He climbed into his limousine and drove away...leaving Bob running, tailing the limo from behind.
“Boss! You forgot me!” he yelled. The limo stopped and Bob got in, and they drove away into the busy streets of Las Vegas.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

one night to know my sister

She drew last breath before the monitor fell into a long beep.
Alex returned home, and put her keys in a ceramic bowl. Her brunette short hair was wet, and so was her black coat. She closed her door and head for the kitchen. Nothing was on her mind, not even recalling her twin sister’s image and her funeral. Alex seemed to be unaffected by the death of Lexie, her deranged sister, the “black sheep” of the family.
Lexie was wild, lead her own life, very much a feminist and the greatest sin was that she didn’t became doctors like all the family members was. She finished meds and left the family house to be an artist, a sculptor. Lexie was Lexie.
Alex took out her orange juice carton, poured some in a glass and took a sip. She leaned on her refrigerator to gaze at the evening sky. The sun’s setting. She looked at one of the paintings she hung in the kitchen and realized; none are those of her sister’s work.
A knock at the door pulled her from her approaching daze. Alex put down her glass and reached for the door.
“Em..hi,” a blonde greeted Alex when she opened the door for the uninvited visitor.
“We’re uh...Lexie’s friends,” she said and the three girls smiled. Alex knew who there were but didn’t really know their names. They looked pale and tired. The feeling of awkwardness was definitely there. Alex preferred to be alone, they knew that from Lexie’s stories but they were desperate. They looked at Alex’s face and seemed to search for something
“We uh... we need a place to stay for the night. The motels were full,” the blonde said. Alex opened the door wide and gestured for them to enter. They said their thank-you’s and entered with their backpacks.
Alex prepared meals for her guest, as a gesture of politeness she thought. She didn’t really like having people around, but she decided to be generous for one night. Only one night she reminded herself and hoped to tell just that to Lexie’s friends.
“Let me help you,” a brunette came and entered the kitchen. She giggled as she saw Alex chopping the carrot into cubes.
“What?” Lexie asked. The brunette stopped her giggles and sigh. She stared at Alex’s face and tried to conjure a smile.
“You and Lexie are very different and yet very similar. She uh...she would cut carrots in circles... I knew coz she taught me your mother’s recipe for the vegetable soup but said she modified it to her version,” the brunette said and stopped her mentioning of Lexie. She could feel her throat narrowed.
“Let me help you with the soup. It’ll be great pleasure to cook for you tonight,” the brunette said and took the knife from Alex. Alex wasn’t keen on the idea but decided to let the brunette do it.
“I’m Wendy by the way,” she introduced herself .....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Education System

"Education in Malaysia is an on-going effort towards further developing the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner, so as to produce individuals who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonic, based on a firm belief in and devotion to God. Such an effort is designed to produce Malaysian citizens who are knowledgeable and competent, who possess high moral standards and who are responsible and capable of achieving high level of personal well-being as well as being able to contribute to the harmony and betterment of the family, the society and the nation at large."

That's the National Education Philosophy and those words in bold are those that i wish to address in my expression on my opinion.

Take for example a boy who had caused troubles as well as breaking school regulation (such as smoking in the school compound) and has done so a few times and the only action the school took was to suspend him? Now, seeing that he has repeatedly done so in the past, would suspending help him?... or the suspension of school students was to actually “protect” other school students. Well, looks like discrimination to me. Minority cast away

So, meaning to say, that the educational philosophy does not apply to “trouble makers” and only to “good students”? Then, how on freakin earth are we going to help those kids?

Most of them aren’t that bad, they are just being teenagers and need to be handled and taught with patience (by the way, I know most teachers aren’t that patient) and I know it's “so much” to ask for.

Well, instead of suspending students, why can’t we do something else? Be creative people!

Option one: Let them attend class (suspending them would deprive of their education and would result to their poor achievement... duh ...) but at the end of the class, detention... and during that detention, have them do something. Clean the toilet, help teachers do chores around the school, do something that would have them learn at least a tiny-winy sense of responsibility.

Option two: again, let them attend class (hello, education is important so all of my options will urge these “troubled students” to attend class) and run a campaign against bully, smoking, and other issues. Well, if it’s not too much to ask off from schools to actually have one day for these awareness campaign and get teachers to be involve in monitoring and guiding these students to find materials and run the show. We don’t need smart and nice students doing it. This option is suggested in hope that while researching for materials, they would learn a thing or two about what they’ve done or put themselves into. Newspaper articles on bullied victim, pictures of a smoker’s lungs, and bla bla bla... that sort of thing.

Teacher’s can take turns in babysitting these students so there’s no reason that teachers don’t have time for this. Make some. It’s your job anyway, to educate and to be an educator. If it’s too much for you to handle such a task, why venture in the teaching profession at all?

There’s a lot of ways we can deal with these students and if given a chance and proper guidance, they’ll be magnificent individuals. We’ll see a different side of them that we failed to see before. Suspending them won’t work, trust me (why would you trust me, I’m just a nobody). Just put yourself in their shoes and from there figure things out. Teachers and the educational world should really take a look at their philosophy and reflect whether their actions really correspond to what they say in the philosophy. If not and planning not to change, then, the philosophy should just be ignored or abolish since it’s just a dusty decorative item in this country.

Parents, don’t think that you’ve got nothing to do with this. I’m not saying that all responsibilities should be shoved to the school. Parents do play a role as well. For example, when the school calls for you to come, get your a** there because it’s your daughters or sons’ well-being. Sometimes, it’s just a cry for attention. Spend more time with them. Talk about how did their day go by, what’s their favourite band, include them in your life and not just provide them with food, clothing, money and etc. and just think that you’ve done enough. It’s never enough when it comes to parenting.

Forgive me if I have offended any. It is not my intention to do so. It is just to express my opinion that has been there for many years as I go through school and graduate from it. There’s more to schools than just a place to learn subjects from. And if that is what school meant, then I have nothing to say. (Pardon any grammar errors that i may have failed to detect.)