Saturday, April 25, 2009

one night to know my sister

She drew last breath before the monitor fell into a long beep.
Alex returned home, and put her keys in a ceramic bowl. Her brunette short hair was wet, and so was her black coat. She closed her door and head for the kitchen. Nothing was on her mind, not even recalling her twin sister’s image and her funeral. Alex seemed to be unaffected by the death of Lexie, her deranged sister, the “black sheep” of the family.
Lexie was wild, lead her own life, very much a feminist and the greatest sin was that she didn’t became doctors like all the family members was. She finished meds and left the family house to be an artist, a sculptor. Lexie was Lexie.
Alex took out her orange juice carton, poured some in a glass and took a sip. She leaned on her refrigerator to gaze at the evening sky. The sun’s setting. She looked at one of the paintings she hung in the kitchen and realized; none are those of her sister’s work.
A knock at the door pulled her from her approaching daze. Alex put down her glass and reached for the door.
“Em..hi,” a blonde greeted Alex when she opened the door for the uninvited visitor.
“We’re uh...Lexie’s friends,” she said and the three girls smiled. Alex knew who there were but didn’t really know their names. They looked pale and tired. The feeling of awkwardness was definitely there. Alex preferred to be alone, they knew that from Lexie’s stories but they were desperate. They looked at Alex’s face and seemed to search for something
“We uh... we need a place to stay for the night. The motels were full,” the blonde said. Alex opened the door wide and gestured for them to enter. They said their thank-you’s and entered with their backpacks.
Alex prepared meals for her guest, as a gesture of politeness she thought. She didn’t really like having people around, but she decided to be generous for one night. Only one night she reminded herself and hoped to tell just that to Lexie’s friends.
“Let me help you,” a brunette came and entered the kitchen. She giggled as she saw Alex chopping the carrot into cubes.
“What?” Lexie asked. The brunette stopped her giggles and sigh. She stared at Alex’s face and tried to conjure a smile.
“You and Lexie are very different and yet very similar. She uh...she would cut carrots in circles... I knew coz she taught me your mother’s recipe for the vegetable soup but said she modified it to her version,” the brunette said and stopped her mentioning of Lexie. She could feel her throat narrowed.
“Let me help you with the soup. It’ll be great pleasure to cook for you tonight,” the brunette said and took the knife from Alex. Alex wasn’t keen on the idea but decided to let the brunette do it.
“I’m Wendy by the way,” she introduced herself .....

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