Friday, January 22, 2010

Cinderella, Nad's Version

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named (well, called…) Cinderella. She was tall, and well-built due to the work she had been doing around the house. Cinderella had two stepsisters who were anorexic and bulimic respectively. One day, the Prince had a ball. He put on his best sportswear and along with his guards they played futsal. As he was playing, he accidentally kicked the ball high above the palace fence and it landed upon Cinderella’s lawn. Hating such a thing on her lawn, her beautiful lawn she had taken great care of, the ball had to go. With all her might, she kicked the ball towards where it came from, but the force of such a kick she gave was so great that one of her flowery gardening boots was stuck onto the ball. So precise and great was Cinderella’s kick that it landed before the Prince. Upon gazing at the ball and was amazed by it, the Prince vowed to go for a quest in search of the owner of the one boot. And the search began… It then came to Cinderella’s house and the Prince presented to the women of the house, Cinderella’s stepsister. They tried to put on the shoe but it was too big for them as their feet were tiny and bony. Then, Cinderella tried the boot and it fit her perfectly and thus produced the other pair. She rejoiced as she has now found her beloved gardening boots. The Prince begged her to demonstrate her kick in which she was hesitant at first but agreed nevertheless. She kicked the ball and the Prince’s jaw dropped in awe. He went onto his knees and professed his burning desire, “Will you..join my team?”. Cinderella, upon hearing large sum of salary was for her if she joined, could not resist such an offer, thus agreed. They lived happily ever after for quite some time, though the Prince later developed arthritis and could not play futsal any longer. As for Cinderella, she became the best futsal coach in the country and made plenty money out of it.


  1. haha, what the heck, well-built Cindy? bulemic stepsisters? athritis?
    good one, well-written, u can become another Yeh-Shen. 10/10^^

  2. thank you..thank you.. muah! *bows* I would like to thank those who has given me inspiration...and the panel of judges who are sooo wise in choosing me . :D