Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new Year

A little too late for a New Year’s entry but what the heck… :D I’ve deleted a number of posts in this blog. Post that laments and complains of the past that I don’t wish to be reminded of. Past have always jump out and bite me in the ass for no apparent reason, and I don’t need another reminder of what it felt before. So, I’m starting to be positive this year…though I believe I’ve started nearly end of last year, but I’ll make it resolute! No use lamenting and subjecting yourself into self pity right?
Resolution For 2010
1. My usual principal of life – do your part in kindness and good deeds, expect none from others….
Which reminds me of a line a king once said “You may moved by kings or men of power, but remember that your soul is in your keeping alone. You cannot stand before god and say “but I was told to do thus by others or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice.”
2. I’ve had fears of commitment or making new friends because it means that I have to trust. Even now if I share a good company, for a moment I would realize that I feel vulnerable and immediately build a wall. It’s really bad for the heart Alex. So, I shall be open and fear not! Okay..i don’t mean I’ll immediately thrust my trust (oo..rhymes), I’ll follow my heart and my brains as well. My heart has been coped up for some time, I didn’t give it a chance to speak…poor thing..XD
Fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little death that brings to total obliteration. I will face my fears; I will permit my fears to pass over me and through me. And when I turn, there will be nothing. Only I will remain..(well, it goes something like that but you get the gist) – Frank Herbert(Dune) –
3. I was going to say that I’d avoid conflicts but then, conflicts will always occur as long as there are humans around. I’ve realized for some time that others sometimes are not like me. And that I cannot expect them to be. So, I shall make the best out of everything!! And if a conflict just happens to stumble before my feet, I will deal it with great thought and careful judgment… (ew, I sound old..wait…I’m GOING TO BE 23 this year!! NOOOOoooooooo *runs around with hands up in the air and eventually knocked the wall)
4. Lose weight. . . Hey, I’m still a girl XD.
5. Study hard..and stop sleeping, drooling on the table..gelilaa or sketching lecturer’s faces or animes or writing stories during class damnit! I shall maintain my score and if possible achieve more.. Looking back the 23 years I have lived, I am not yet satisfied with my achievements. I will strive for more!
6. I’ve been jack of all trades and master of none… I shall focus on one thing and will master it! Muahahahaha!! (shut up Aliks)
7. Gather more members for Meanie Academy.. ps: this is Aliks talking…
Well, I guess that’s about it I guess. But I’m sure there are other things I’ll come across in the future and will make room for better improvements. I will be 23 soon (NOOoo!! *pulls hair* Aiyak..botak da*) and I won’t behave like a 3 year old when it comes to responsibilities or conflicts, but guys…I will always be crazy like always. My inner child is important to me when it comes to writings and sketching, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. Hahah!! *peluk bantal busuk*.


  1. I'm still imagining how past can bite your past your butt off,, hmmm? =P

    btw, conflicts always occur when humans are around. yes, u r sooo right, but not all humans are like that, u know,,, only those who have bitter heart; jealousy, betrayal, hypocrites bla bla, will always lead to conflicts. and i dislike those people. they just make their life miserable; by living in hatred and envy. so, i feel like telling them BUZZ OFFF!

    hey, 23 is bad, especially when u were born in february, not september.. muahahahaha

    btw, pig-rabbit says, "u are 23 YEARS old? i'm 3 DAYS old! that makes u an obaaaachan. hahaha


  2. ciss... keji btol!! Ya! That means you have to call me Unnie now don't chya..owner of pig-rabbit?! And since I'm your obaachan pig-toki,that makes your owner ajumma rite? Kih Kih Kih....

  3. really? but still ajumma is better than obaachan, hahah