Saturday, January 16, 2010

With my hands... @ watashi no te

With my hands
I draw things that I've seen,
things that I want to see.

With my hands
I write of things that is in my mind,
thing that occured to me,
and things I've pondered about.

With my hands,
I strum the guitar,
of songs I sing
and pluck the guitar,
that is to my liking.

With my hands,
I played the gamelan
and the flute,
and travel to a new world,
that can never reached on foot.

With my hands
I nurse a sick cat,
till it can run about the house
and chase a few rats.

With my hands
I could touch my friends,
to console or,
to simply be a friendly gesture.
I could hug my mom, my dad, my siblings,
and to even ask for divine guidance.

And with my hands,
I could heal,
or do wonders
or to bring harm upon others,
but that is really up to one's will.

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