Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21st and 22nd

Hehe..where shall i start?

21st February
MAS was a total disappointment... You see, i got a ticket back to Kuala Lumpur, coz i'm studying in Bangi. So, the flight that i had was at 6am. So, i arrived at around 5am, said my goodbyes and left for the terminal. There i sat, and then they called passengers to board, which we all did. I was already planning how i would spend the rest of my day, sleep, play badminton/swim and dinner with friends(since on the 22nd Feb was my 23rd birthday). Anyhow, we boarded the plane, put our hand luggage away and buckled up. I was preparing for my drooling session, got my head comfortable. About 15 minutes later, an announcement came, woke me up.
"We are having some technical problems and we are now having our engineers to take a look at it. It will take 15 to 30 minutes". Everyone didn't really gave much response as they were totally sleepy.
"All passengers are required to disembark from the plane, to change to another plane. We apologize for the inconvenience," they said, so drowsily we went out with our hand luggage.

Once we're back to the terminal, we were told the flight would be delayed to 10am and that breakfast will be provided. So, we claimed our breakfast at KFC, and they gave us Coke and nuggets...

We ate and we waited...

10am came slowly, crawling, dragging its feet but it came anyway. We waited for them to call us for boarding but no announcement was made at all. Then, we saw, it was delayed, retimed to 1pm. Again, we waited. 1pm came, with its legs chained with heavy balls of steel. Again, no announcement was made, only the monitor was kind enough to show us it was again retimed to 2pm. By now, there were a lot of angry people. Angry, hungry and sleepy people. Some had to miss their connect flight, some missed their train...and others, well, just pissed off that they were there from 5am till now.

We waited till 3pm when an officer said that our would be delayed to 7pm...wait...another one officer said 9.30pm. Much confusion was passed around when finally, after angry comments were thrown by impatient people, it was set to 9.25pm. Several passengers asked if they could get refund for their tickets, ad some could. I wanted my taxi fare to be the normal price and inquired about it. Unfortunately "we are not in liaison with the taxi at the airport" the officer said. Damn it! What the? Hell, all they need to do is just charge me normal price (as after 12am, 50% of the fare will be added). Hungry and tired i called home asking my dad to fetch me. Those had no where to go was sent to the nearest hotel(Fourpoints) and i went back home. Did some last minute shopping, tried to sleep and took a bath. I even had dinner at home...

Then, my cousin sent me to the airport this time. Sure enough when we checked the flight, MH2547, it was retimed to 10pm... at this rate, i was thinking "how could i expect this flight to run smoothly after what i've gone through." But anyhow, i went into the terminal, and waited with the rest of the passengers. By now, i had made several acquaintances. There were familiar faces of adults, teens and children. We were called in and i had this feeling "Nah, this wont be it." Sure enough, i was right. We were asked to exit the place due to technical problems. We exited and a man was so angry that he was scolding the officer at the terminal desk. I was behind him and in my heart, i was cheering him with pom poms. Poor guy, he looks like crap.

Then we were asked to change terminal...and we did walk towards the terminal after several hesitant steps. Seriously, some were jut sitting at the chair, skeptical. I thought it was some cruel practical joke. But after a while, we all went there. I made myself comfortable on the floor facing the terminal gateway. I plan to stare and put pressure on them.

Finally, we boarded the plane... and yes, we finally took off for Kuala Lumpur. I was chuckling when a girl gave me a questioning look. I told her "I'm spending my first hours of my birthday on a plane eating airplane food". She smiled, and wished me Happy birthday. I chuckled back and wished her Happy Chinese New Year. And i ate my food...yuck by the way...

22nd February

I sort of slept throughout the journey and we reached the airport at around 12.45am. So,went to the taxi counter and they charged me rm95.20. Dang, all the money my mom gave me was spent on the taxi fare...(i planned to spend it o other things hehe)

I reached the campus at around 1.45am....

The next morning, went to class and was presented with cupcakes written (Otanjoubi Omedeto Obaasan..) CIs laa.. It was a gift from Nurul and Aine. Thanks girls!! Really love it.. HAHA! BUT OBAA-SAN???!!! Fine, i admit i am old..but not as old as FOSSIL! The whole Tecnology in Edu mates wished me happy birthday, and am really happy

Haha!! Then, Amara, Ka Phin, Wendy, Hua CHien and mua went to Alamanda...and ate at Secret Recipe..I got the steak i was craving for...(but not really how i wanted it)..but chatting with you guys while eating cake and drinking really made my day. We even played truth or dare and those who chose dare had to take a spoon(fork actually) full of Hua Chien's sauce added with tomato and chili sauce and sugar...gosh i wonder how it taste like.

They gave me a card..(shedding tears now) filled with beautiful wishes (except for Hua Chien's) haha! And Amara made it with scraps of papers she salvage from the recycle bin (whaddya expect a cat gets her resource?) Haha! Kidding la.. It was so nice....

Then, went out with Julian, Visha, Aine, Nurul, Ambun, Connie-sensei and G-net, to Alamanda (again) HAha! We ate at Johnny's, a Thai steamboat restaurant. G-net almost ended my life went she hug me and nearly led to my great fall but she manage to save my ass. My life flashes before my eyes.. :D Okay, i was exaggerating.. Nevertheless, being in the company of these crazy bunch of people really made my day twice.... :D
Visha gave me blue teddy bear (thank God it's not pink) which i named Lex. Amaera gave me a frame with mushy mushy words carved upon it (gift fit for a King). Wawa, gave me a teddy bear, and i named it Xander(Thank you!).

That's basically what i did for these two days... i left out several details like Aine was really close to crying when her mp3 cover was almost lost..or that Connie-sensei and G-Net finished a whole box of coco crunch(was it?) but still stuffed in food for my sake. :D am touched~~~~ haha!

Am really grateful for all of you, (you know who you are :)) who made my day the happiest. Thank you so much :D

ps: I haven't had any pictures from the Thai steamboat outing thingy...but will upload once i have my hands on them

ja, till then..~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I've Seen It All"

I've seen it all, I have seen the trees,
I've seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze
I've seen a man killed by his best friend,
And lives that were over before they were spent.
I've seen what I was - I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

You haven't seen elephants, kings or Peru!
I'm happy to say I had better to do
What about China? Have you seen the Great Wall?
All walls are great, if the roof doesn't fall!

And the man you will marry?
The home you will share?
To be honest, I really don't care...

You've never been to Niagara Falls?
I have seen water, its water, that's all...
The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State?
My pulse was as high on my very first date!
Your grandson's hand as he plays with your hair?
To be honest, I really don't care...

I've seen it all, I've seen the dark
I've seen the brightness in one little spark.
I've seen what I chose and I've seen what I need,
And that is enough, to want more would be greed.
I've seen what I was and I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

You've seen it all and all you have seen
You can always review on your own little screen
The light and the dark, the big and the small
Just keep in mind - you need no more at all
You've seen what you were and know what you'll be
You've seen it all - there is no more to see!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss, this post is not about a young lady, no.. its about how you'll miss something if you're busy doing something else..

First of all, I'd like to tell you a like telling you guys about a brief moment in my life. I was walking down the stairs at FSSK (i think) and in front of me was a open space. I was staring at the trees and before I knew it, a breeze just came and blew tiny leaves away. It was like green snow, if you catch my drift. I thought it was the most beautiful scene at the time and so, i ruffled my bag looking for my camera and when i did found it, the moment was gone. This happened to me last month i think..and i dunno why but it just occurred to me this time...

I pondered (while i was on my bike) that sometimes beautiful and happy things or events that happened can be missed easily if you're rushing in life or busy with something at the time of good things happening. It's like running along a path that when you go so fast, you'll miss the little flower that bloom so beautifully next to you. SO, seems that my point here is confusing but what i really wanna say is that enjoy the moment as it is...and dun forget to stop running for while and see what's around you. .

The Ramblings of a sleepy gal,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Trip to Batu Caves

Once upon a time, there lived two very curious creatures. They were at the moment curious on Thaipusam, an Indian event that occurs once a year and is significant as it is a day for one to wash away one's sins through various means. Such means are carrying heavy kavadis and bring milk for the Gods. My my...i sound so formal.. Haha.. Okay, basically Visha and I wanted to check out Thaipusam because we're curious aight? So, we set off to go. I was to meet Visha at the KTM station at 10am...which i succeeded. Hehe.. Bangga la...and from there, we went to KL Sentral and got off and took another train to Sentul. From Sentul we got off again and got to ANOTHER freakin train to get our butt to Batu Caves. As you can see from the elevated vulgarity in the speech, it suggests that my nerves was too at the time...except it didn't became vulgar..just that it uh..the journey got onto my nerves and poked it around.

Waiting for the KTM at KL Sentral / Visha buying tickets to Batu Caves from Sentul (she's the one in pink)

The Journey ladies and gentlemen was horrendous. Its like being a pack of sardines in a small can... and BTW, a guy with ridiculously thick boots stepped on my toe...for quite some time.. Ouch. couldn't say anything coz i was holding my breath..the odour, phew.. Nonetheless, Visha and I prevailed. Haha!
So, once we got out of the KTM station, Hanuman greeted us.. Well, not exactly. He was the first statue we saw.

(I understand he's the greatest devotee to Rama..i think.. and his wife. If you notice, he had his hands "rip" his chest and there reveals the two Gods he is devoted to.. I'm just guessing it based on my limited knowledge. If i'm wrong, do correct me.:))
There were lots and lots of people...and there were stall selling food, clothes...and even hiphop music...(which i find weird). The place where i stood to take Hanuman's picture was a temple on my right.

and candles were lit just in front of the temple front..(nice picture eh? Hehe..kembang hidung)

So..we walk and walk trough various stalls and came across an entrance to a portion of Batu Caves' attraction grounds. Its an entrance to the smaller caves and animal captivity place thingy. So, Visha and I paid about RM5 for out admission and they gave use nice little paper bracelet. :D
First thing we saw was..a rooster(who has taken the liberty to pose for a snap).

then i took more pictures of the animals there...

Then, i moved on to the cage of monkeys and was about to snap a picture when the male monkey just went up the female monkey and do his thing...he was trying to start a family if you catch my drift. :)
So, we went then to the first cave. There were a lot of statues of gods/goddesses...and it was surprisingly cooling. There were breeze coming from between the shafts of was better than air-cond. It felt natural... hehe..
These are the few pictures of statues i took.. i had more but its too troublesome to upload everything..

After all those snapshots of the gods, i went to the next cave. They call it, Cave of Reptiles.. lame.. :D..
Anyhow, there were a lot of reptilians. I even poke one big ass snake and it flinched..and guess what, Visha flinched too! My, she can really jump....

So, when we got out of the cave, we saw Lord Murugan... His biggest statue in Malaysia? Or was it the world?.. Hehe..but the point is, he's huge. If I'm not mistaken, he's the God of War..?

Visha and i wanted to go up the stairs but there were a lot of people going up and we were too beat to go... so, we decided to exit the place for a while, get some food, refresh ourselves... On our way out, we saw men carrying the kavadis..

aiyoo.. so many things to write.. okay okay... Ganbatte!!! Man, the uploading is really killing me..

Right...where was i? Yes, after we saw the kavadis, we went out of the area right and saw a guy, maybe in his early twenties.. He was preparing for the whole shebang.

and next to him was the river where people cleanse themselves and give offerings....but it was dirty.. filled with trash and i was thinking..its a place for one to cleanse himself/herself...and to give offerings to their gods..isn't something sacred should be done with much respect? Hygiene? ..??

the river

After that, we went in a temple nearby where another ritual was carried out. This guy, instead of carrying kavadis, had a lot of hooks on his back. I saw the whole thing and did take some videos...Which i will edit and post it here later...when i eventually get it done.. ;D
SO, after bowing to the gods..he was hooked, starts shivering, and screams (it might be just me but he sounded girlish when he know, those high pitched screams..) and began dancing, then posed like the gods...and then while a guys pulls the ropes (the ropes were attached to the hook which is hooked onto his back) and he moves forward. The guy at the back had a hard time...he was really strong. Then it stopped for a while..and another guy placed one of those tied flowers around his neck.. I hate commentating on events. Suck at it...

So, after all that. We ate at the nearest shop and then decided to do palm reading.. Hilarious. Hey, i was just curious alright? And no, i do not believe palm reading..or any types of readings for that matter but i do enjoy knowing what they have to say about mua.. We paid Rm7 for one reading..and he (the palm reader you call him?) took my left hand and says:
1. i come from a rich family
2. i have strong body and mind
3. moey comes easily to me...(yeah rite)
4. I will travel a lot
5.currently, there's two guys who likes me.. *chuckles*
6. will marry at the age of 25 *rotfl*
7. i will have 6 kids *just died*
So, thats basically what he told me... of course Visha's is the most interesting one but who am i to reveal her destiny.. (hey Visha! Dun believe 100%)

So...did i miss anything else? ah, the journey back.. The KTM was packed and there was this boy who keeps saying "excuse me..excuse me.." *shut up!* Urgh..he was shoving up and down...doing it so many time dunno where he's heading too. and he's pushing me and i barely have space to stand.. so, i decided to trip him..and planned to have my foot to "accidentally" be in his way so as to trip the boy... fortunately for him (or maybe i was thinking aloud) he didn't come back. So, thats how my day went by..and of course i did leave out some things.. :D Malas laa want to be so detailed...and pardon the grammar mistakes.. i didn't read it through... i just published..

BTW: Many thanks to my guide-cum-companion-cum-umbrella holder-cum-ticket buyer.