Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss, this post is not about a young lady, no.. its about how you'll miss something if you're busy doing something else..

First of all, I'd like to tell you a like telling you guys about a brief moment in my life. I was walking down the stairs at FSSK (i think) and in front of me was a open space. I was staring at the trees and before I knew it, a breeze just came and blew tiny leaves away. It was like green snow, if you catch my drift. I thought it was the most beautiful scene at the time and so, i ruffled my bag looking for my camera and when i did found it, the moment was gone. This happened to me last month i think..and i dunno why but it just occurred to me this time...

I pondered (while i was on my bike) that sometimes beautiful and happy things or events that happened can be missed easily if you're rushing in life or busy with something at the time of good things happening. It's like running along a path that when you go so fast, you'll miss the little flower that bloom so beautifully next to you. SO, seems that my point here is confusing but what i really wanna say is that enjoy the moment as it is...and dun forget to stop running for while and see what's around you. .

The Ramblings of a sleepy gal,

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