Friday, March 19, 2010

Banyak nyer la Nadiah/Nadia/Nad di UKM

Seperti perkara diatas, aku tension. Everywhere i go, there's always another Nad/Nadia/Nadiah.. If you talk about Siti, lagi la.. I do not acknowledge the name Siti thank you very much.. Even my parents regret adding the name. They thought they have to put something in front....but if a baby can talk at the time, i'd roll my eyes and say, Mom, Nadia is enough... and don't put a "h" there coz even you don't use it...and Mummy, I love you (grinning). :D

FYI, My sister calls me Nadine, i forgot why...

Seriusly, in UKM alone i dunno how many Nad there is. There's one in Gamelan, then another one during badminton, then everywhere i go, there's always "NAD!!" and when i turn to see who it was who called me, i turn to find there's a girl named Nad, and not me. T.T

For history purposes..., my dad chose the name from a Romanian gymnast, Nadia Com─âneci who scored perfect 10.0 for the Olympics.. And I turn out to grow up very much different from the gymnast. I am not graceful and does not wish so, and though i find gymnastics fascinating, i did not put it into my list of to do things. :D

Sorry daddy, for being such a disappointment...kihkihkih.. and its partly your fault too. Haha!

Ah well, this post was actually to distract me from work. You see, i had to do statistics on some questionnaires and suddenly, i had to change it all over again, all my report, percentage down the drain... T.T I shall begin hell now. Adieu.

Friday, March 12, 2010


So sorry for the very late new post.. Actually Alex wants to post birthday pictures, but internet connection very dumb dumb. Alex cannot upload pictures. Alex very sad. Alex wants to kill wifi provider but if Alex kill, Alex cannot go online..and Alex will kill Alex. Alex don't want to kill Alex, so Alex will not kill WiFi provider. Alex's intelligenzz decreasezzz...Alex very tired with Alex ass.asse...assignment. :D But Alex happy because Alex just drank 3rd cup of coffee and Alex hyper... Alex want meat. Now Alex hungry thinking of meat. Alex plan to buy PSP next sem. And Alex want to buy tripod too. Oh, a bird on he balcony. Alex like. Washing machine many people use. Alex don't have chance to use. Should Alex kill them? But if Alex kill, Alex go to jail and then Alex cannot use washing machine. Then Alex will not kill.