Friday, March 19, 2010

Banyak nyer la Nadiah/Nadia/Nad di UKM

Seperti perkara diatas, aku tension. Everywhere i go, there's always another Nad/Nadia/Nadiah.. If you talk about Siti, lagi la.. I do not acknowledge the name Siti thank you very much.. Even my parents regret adding the name. They thought they have to put something in front....but if a baby can talk at the time, i'd roll my eyes and say, Mom, Nadia is enough... and don't put a "h" there coz even you don't use it...and Mummy, I love you (grinning). :D

FYI, My sister calls me Nadine, i forgot why...

Seriusly, in UKM alone i dunno how many Nad there is. There's one in Gamelan, then another one during badminton, then everywhere i go, there's always "NAD!!" and when i turn to see who it was who called me, i turn to find there's a girl named Nad, and not me. T.T

For history purposes..., my dad chose the name from a Romanian gymnast, Nadia Com─âneci who scored perfect 10.0 for the Olympics.. And I turn out to grow up very much different from the gymnast. I am not graceful and does not wish so, and though i find gymnastics fascinating, i did not put it into my list of to do things. :D

Sorry daddy, for being such a disappointment...kihkihkih.. and its partly your fault too. Haha!

Ah well, this post was actually to distract me from work. You see, i had to do statistics on some questionnaires and suddenly, i had to change it all over again, all my report, percentage down the drain... T.T I shall begin hell now. Adieu.

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  1. i have few suggestions for your name:

    1. si+nad = sinad
    2. ti+nad = tinad
    3. si + ah = siah
    4. ti + di = tidi..

    i think i love the 3rd one better. should i start calling you 'Siah'?haha sound glamorous...