Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Depression, a spreading major epidemic

Lately, this thing called depression is everywhere. I see it in front of me, next to me, in my rum (me and my rummate are depressed), under the table, on the chair. Now kids..the word in front, next, in..what are they? [Prepositions you moron! Get back to your writing]. Right...sorry, was in practicum mode just now. :D

Recently, friends have been looking so gloomy, distant, annoying, very dark, and you can feel the evil aura surrounding them and it's sticking on others. Now, if you are unsure if you are depressed, go here to test for your depression level-crap-thingy.

See diagram below. This is ze brain of a depressed cat taken, and compared to a non depressed cat

The depressed subject used in this study is Bob as seen in the picture below.

And the happy subject is seen below~~

There are a few reasons why people get depressed.
1. you got genes that make you go cuckoo~~~ i.e, genes that attributes to depression.I dunno how that works coz I'm only a TESL student...not a chemist. (pragmatically wrong:D) are traumatized because once upon a time, you saw a chicken crossed the road and a car ran over it and it died, then someone just scoop the corpse off the road and turn it into "ayam penyet". Its a circle of life man, get over it! :D And you are stressed over no money..(i can relate~~*counting days for allowance to come out)Come out come out wherever you are!! My preciousss~~~~~~~~

3.The third reason for being all depressed is that you always think about negative things. Seriously man, you could go crazy! Sometimes, people think lowly of themselves, thinking that they are unworthy for love, friendship, a happy family etc. Stop thinking so, when you fall, get up and walk. Don't just sit there and cry. Stand up, wash your wound, and start walking.

4. Another reason one could be so depressed are caused by your physical conditions. Serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and bla bla get the gist.. Or course, when your body dun feel good, you of course, don't feel good too. But remember, what goes on in the mind, brings effects onto your body too.

5. Other reasons of depression are caused by disorder of your head :D. Psychological disorder la.. Maybe you are anxious over something, or nothin at all. You eat wrongly. You are crazy. Or maybe you are taking recreational drugs. You know la..malas la wanna explain..~~~ *yawn*

I'm writing this for numerous reasons. I'm concerned over friends that are not as crazy and hyper as they used to be. It scares me. I'm feeling a bit depressed too, since a few moths ago. I am feeling like this because i am most probably homesick and worried over family members who seemed in a mess everytime I'm far away, or for no apparent reason at all. Friends, i hope you the best in everything. Talk it over with others and eat proper food, go out and get enough shoppings..i mean, sun light. Play some games.

I noticed that i am rather sarcastic, easily annoyed, uninterested over things, feeling tired most of the time, and i dream not so pleasant dreams so yea, it does sound like symptoms of depression. But i do try to cheer myself up, and friends, you should too, Don't allow it to swallow you up. Go kick ass!

I googled these information and this is just little out of what i've read. There are articles on depression that i think you should read to give some understanding of what you are going through. It might be past events, your environment or simply, just your hormones raging. So read up and it may (i hope) help you to overcome whatever it is.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The little things...that i like and dislike

I dislike:
1. when my glasses slides down my nose...(p.s, get new glasses)
2. forgetting things and have to turn back to get them
3. waiting for buses..or any public transportation..or maxis counter, coz basically i could have spent that time with someone i love when i'm dying...
4. sudden meetings or classes that you have to attend. Hate it, why can't they just inform you earlier? Is that hard? Always announced meetings say 4 or 2 hours before. Seriously man, we dun wait around for something to happen, we have lives!...
5. accidentally drinking extremely hot tea/coffee..
6. squinting to look for my glasses when just wake up from sleep
7. having allergies
8. doing laundry
9. mosquito bites
10. when my lighter is out of fluid~~ :D
11. running out of tissue papers
12. when i have nothing to do
13. friends start telling creepy stories and later at night, i imagine things~~~
14. videos i attempt to download never finish
15. you tube videos that indicates finish loading, and when i watch, its just halfway through
16. reading comics with a cliff hanger, and have to wait for weeks. (i.e Naruto)
17. washing mugs used
18. when asked where to eat
19. plastic spoons break when used to eat coz then, i dunno what to eat with...
20. alarms in the morning
21. driving
22. damaging own glasses
23. lying
24. looking for gifts
25. desperately looking for toilets in public places
26. discovering that there is no water in public toilet T.T
27. when my phone is outta credit and you need to look for people
28. when people act interested in what you say and you know it

I like:
1. slurping cold drinks to the very bottom
2. drinking tea in cold weather
3. videos i downloaded finish downloading
4. having ideas for my stories
5. my dad clanking mugs and spoons in the morning at home.
6. when i have the tv for myself
7. when i have the room all for myself (sorry wawa :D ahaks)
8. when allowances are out..(dont we all?)
9. the feeling you get after shower from a looooooooooooong day~~~ or a hot day..which ever :D
10. just being around those you love, friends and family alike
11. having dinner with friends and family, and sitting back just chatting
12. arguing with Aine on just about anything.
13. stroking cat fur, playing with kittens..
14. planing for evil deeds...(i.e, pranks, robberies..)
15. dreaming about things
16. the feeling after doing something good.
17. the feeling after paying off debts
18. diving in the pool, and just holdings breath underwater
19. lying down the field looking at clouds and/or closing eyes and enjoy breeze
20. scoring in a badminton game.. (kia su)
21. getting new gadgets/things
22. discovering new magic tricks
23. finally found the right gifts for people
24. hugging my mom
25. successfully sneaking a newly cooked fried chicken behind Kak Om's back..
26. the smell of clothes out of laundry
27. getting things done
28. playing with clay
29. see people smile out of happiness

Friday, July 16, 2010

Boredom killed the cat

Yawn...I'm bored. Bored beyond description....

I tried to write my stories but i can't. Nothing comes in i gave up writing for the moment...

So i went facebooking as usual...~~~

It did entertain me for a while, but.... didn't last for long....

So, basically, I'm back in square one....

So, I'm planning to crawl on my bed and try to sleep...hopefully tomorrow is a better day..uh, productive day.. So i won't end up like this kitty.

Or that kitty...

or even worse, this kitty over here...

So I guess I'll retire for the night and sleep this boredom away....
Good night~~~~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want that~~

You know, when you have that feeling of freshness after coming back from a vacation. Or the feeling of the enthusiasm to start afresh (i.e the beginning of a sem). Yea, i want that. Right know, all i'm feeling is...urgh, do i have to?

How on earth am i going to live like this? I have no interest in anything what-so-ever. Movies give me little thrill though...

~~~~~~~~~Ah Well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Guess what I'm doing now

Basically, Leen and I are asked to conduct class for form 3. We were told of this late, last minute and we didn't had any time to prepare. Plus, we had to pay the electric bill. So when all the Hoohaas was done, I rushed towards the class that I was assigned to only to find there was a teacher there. Apparently, my class is tomorrow (F***) and I had to join Leen for her class..which is now what i am doing. Yes people, your teacher is blogging while you are learning. :D Lalalal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~