Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The kitty I stumbled upon...

Slightly heartless now

Two days ago, I rescued a cat. A kitten to be exact.. Usually, I would just be attached to cats or any animals I rescued easily...but this time, I felt nothing but responsibility. Have i become heartless after all these time? I realized I've changed..maybe i outgrew this crap. It seems compassion isn't one of my virtues, joining Patience in the list of Nad's-non-virtuous-traits.

But hey, the kitten is adorable and he knows where to poop..(thank goodness) *kneels down and kiss floor*.. I just hope he'll have a decent place to live in.. Will upload picture of that little bugger once he's awake. He's sleeping now in a dark gloomy box so any flash would cause him a heart attack. Wouldn't want that now would we? *wink2*