Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, sometimes, some people just don’t realize how they mean to another person, or how significant they are in an event. Sometimes they tend to remove themselves from the crowd and sit in a corner because they think they are not important enough to be there. Sometimes, people rush to go about their lives because it is important for the future but never did they realize things they had missed at the present. Sometimes people make mistakes and never admit them because they can’t bear the guilt that comes with it but hiding those mistakes and lying to yourself will eventually eat you one way or another. Sometimes people think their lives are the worse of them all and loathe the happiness others have that they began to sabotage whatever it is which thus makes them a Green Monster. But sometimes jealousy comes with reason, and a green monster may perhaps was once a sweet fairy. Sometimes people give advice to others but rarely follow them themselves. Sometimes people nag because they care, but is often mistaken as people who likes to stick their noses up people’s business. Sometime i ramble over things to remind myself of things but often after a while I’ll forget. So sometimes, i need someone to remind me over things. So i would be reminded of the things I wanted to write but had sway from other matters such as this… :D