Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is to boast

Yes people, i am here to gloat over my achievements. Muahaha! Tell you what, last time my swimming coach scolded me for not having enough stamina and that she "regretted putting me into the team". Well guess what sucka, i did 30 laps and did a 4 laps non-stop. Muahah!!!... unfortunately i can't show it off to my former coach coz well, havent seen her for like what, 2 years? hihihi....

Dah, sikit cukup.... *walks away with tails up high*

Bless her soul

When i was little, my dad used to send me to Usu's house. You see, she was like my dad's foster aunt in Sarawak. So, she used to take care of me when my dad was busy with work, and at the time, i sorta thought that she was my dad's mother, and therefore was my grandmother. I didn't understand the complexity of the relationship we had, coz it was a rather long story if i were to explain. Although we weren't related by blood, i still loved her.

She had stroke a few years/months back...wasn't sure. I didn't really got close to her after i was in primary school, and she had other grandniece/nephews to take care. And this year's Raya, i went to her home and saw her, small, skinny, scrawny and the only recognizable feature of hers were her face and voice. My heart felt like it was squeezed. She could think for herself most of the time, but she can't take care of herself. But, as we found out that day, she had Alzheimer.

This lady has been taking care pf her nieces/nephews from young and it kills me to see how she was treated. She wasn't married, and she didn't haven any kids, so the responsibility of caring for her fall on the nieces or nephews. But they treated her roughly, talking about things that would embarrassed her if she could understand. Could they have not consider her feelings? Treat her nicely? I am not related by blood, so our family cannot interfere. We could just grit our teeth when they speak badly of her. One nephew of hers, as i heard, just took all her money for himself, claiming to borrow them, but did nothing to care for her. Others waited for quite some time to act when she was ill, saying that the money (usu's money) is with the other nephew, so he has to take responsibility. Idiots! Can't they just send her to the hospital first and think about money later. They are well off anyway. Not that they are extremely poor. She had fits (sawan) several times for godness sake! You had to think about money before you send her for treatment? I just don't understand these people.

I wished they had treated her better.

She died 12pm today. 

God bless her soul.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sing with me now!!!

I feel ~ ~
barang ku dah pack.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
I feel good.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
Esok ku balit.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~

So nice ~ ~ BAM! BAM! 
So nice ~ ~ BAM! BAM! 
I got you.. ~ ~ ~dum! dum! dum! dum!


I feel bad.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
tinggal connie ~ ~
I feel bad .. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
actually i don't XD na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~

So Mons.. BAM! BAM!
So Mons.. BAM! BAM!

I Got you!!..


*repeat* (chey, cam tulis lyric lagu)

*inspired by Connie's post*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Bangi Tol

Today, i was the forced  designated driver to send Connie, Jul, Jean and Menn to the airport. What i am about to post is almost similar to my previous post "For McD", only with an alternate ending.

Now, in my wallet, i have RM1.30 (at the time I thought I had RM1.10) and i thought "Heck, i wouldn't need money..i'm just sending people off". TET!!!! 

Boy was i wrong...

Anyhow, after having breakfast with Connie in KLIA (BTW, thanks for the food :P), she gave me RM10 to pay for the parking which thus left me with RM11.10. We said our goodbyes and off she went..*waves handkerchief*. So, i walked to the carpark, and paid RM6.50 for parking which then leaves me with RM4.60.

It was raining heavily as i exited, barely able to see what is 100 meters ahead. I drove slowly though there are maniacs who still go in 100km/h. Stress you know...then takes drugs..and then got problem again...~ ~ ~

The fuel was almost empty, and i had thought of using RM3 i had for the parking change for fuel...and played with the idea...

So, driving in 60 or 50km/h, i didn't see the sign of the road, which as any of you may be able to guess, i missed the junction and led me straight to the highway and into the toll. 


I couldn't turn back, so i took the toll ticket. By now, my head had vigorously calculated the amount of money i have with me and saw 50cents on the dashboard, which makes at the time known to me, that i have RM5.10.  By now, i had two problems:

1) i am running out of fuel
2) i had to pay the toll charges

So, i decided to just not put in gas, and had through experience, estimated that i still can go on to Bangi with the amount of fuel i have. As i drove, i saw the sign

"BANGI      30KM"

.. =.=" (by now, my head was filled with prayers and simulating various worse case scenario, and coming up with solutions...) Please remember, the amount of money i thought i had.

So, as i came upon the toll, my heart was pumping like i was going through some near death experience or what... I gave the kakak the toll ticket and the amount that i had to pay...


So, i gave her RM5.10 that i had and mind you, it was all in cents and she counted the money as i ran my fingers into every corner of my wallet and found 20cents...


She said, "Kurang seposen lagi dik", just as i found the two 10cents and gave one of those lifesavers to where it belong... The horizontal pole before me lifted and glorious light emits as i passed through the gates of hell.. 

So, now, i am at the roundabout and the meter indicated below the "E" symbol. I told myself, now at least if i'm stuck, i could call for help (konfid, sikda credit moak call camney?), or at least i could walk to UKM.. But thank goodness, i arrived in UKM... :D.. dah..enough adventure for one week, mati la aku ~ ~ ~

Now the car's meter looks like this, and so is my energy-o-meter. This is a cue for me to exit and take a nap...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old and New

Old and New
You see, it’s a lie if people say people don’t change at all. I believe, as you go along, you experience things, and these things teaches you a thing or too, or traumatize you, or make you more stupid...whatever the consequences are, the point it, people change.

I myself have gone through things that excite me, teach me, traumatize me and so on, and on. We don’t need to get into details now do we? I mean, after all, this post has nothing to do with what I’ve been through. But bear in mind that sometimes we do mistakes or do something that changes ourselves and those around you.

The reason for this writing was to just write about the OLD me and the NEW me. This is just my opinion on myself, so its legitimacy would be questionable. Another reason is that I am bored out of my wits. :D I don’t want to study~~ Lalala.....
Now, the Old and the New me.

The Old Me

1. Pathetic
2. Hopeless
3. Timid
4. Prone to doing favours for people regardless of own priority
5. Unable to express self (may refer to item 1)
6. Available for bullying
7. Very bad timing in pretty much anything. (speech, actions)
8. Unaware of the suitability of an action done in certain situation
9. Stupid
10. Low self esteem
11. No confidence
12. Eager to assist (refer to item 4)
13. Eager to try anything new
14. Unable to defend self (refer to item 9)
15. Indecisive
16. Thinks everyone is good
17. Think the whole world is good, a happy and dandy place
18. Have a purpose in life
19. Hates romantic stories
20. Loves cats and other animals
21. Patient
22. Huge fan of coca-cola
23. Tolerant
24. Dependent
25. Cares what others think
26. Irresponsible?

The New Me

1. Vain
2. Egoistical
3. Vengeful
4. Depressing
5. Thinks most of the people in the world are assholes
6. Thinks the world is screwed up
7. Unmotivated to try new things
8. No purpose in life (yet)
9. Hates romantic stories
10. Loves cats and other animals
11. Sadistic
12. Easily bored to death
13. Restless most of the time
14. What the heck is patience?
15. If I don’t like it, I will make it known
16. Avoids coca-cola
17. Independent
18. Don’t give a **** about what people think, screw them, this is my life
19. Slightly responsible

Now, i'm sure there are more things to add but i just got bored halfway anyway...ah well... :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For McD

I've had a rather depressing and bad week. And i thought, today the curse would be lifted up upon my forsaken soul...but no it didn't.

I had with me exactly RM26.80 (please keep in mind the amount of money i have at the time) and i wanted to go and get mcD. So off i went with my bike, and saw the fuel meter was about to go empty. I told myself, i'll just get gas on the way back. But on route, i felt a wobbly back tyre was flat. I thought, heck, it might just need a air pump.

So, i stopped at the nearest gas station. I pump the tyre and while at it, i decided to put in gas too. I paid RM3 and when it was done, i got onto my bike and realized that the tire was flat again. Ergo, i need to change the tube. So, i went around looking for a workshop nearby and the one i used to go was closed. Then as i turned around, i saw there was a workshop just next to the gas station i was previously at... =.=" anyhow, went there and i had to change the tube and turns out the rubber thingy too(sth that goes ard the rim before putting in the tube)... that cost me RM10. After paying all that, the money that I had with me was RM13.80.

So off i went to McD hoping i could get my food and enjoy it soon. After ordering Quarter Punder (medium) with milo and Porridge (small), the cashier entered and the ammount of cash i had to pay was RM13.90. SO, cofidently i took out my wallet to find that i had RM13. (i didn't count in the cents). sfc%$!@%$$&#^!!!!

I thought I had RM5 in my back pocket but I forgot I paid RM3 earlier.. So,while wondering where my RM5 was, i told the cashier I'd come pay the balance. Went to the nearest ATM at PKNS, withdrew some money and gave the cashier RM10 to pay the remaining 90cents.

I only realized what happened to my RM5 when i got back to my room....

Now, i just got back and i am going to enjoy my food while watching supernatural and grey's anatomy.

Lesson of the day, never travel with less than rm50 with you.