Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bless her soul

When i was little, my dad used to send me to Usu's house. You see, she was like my dad's foster aunt in Sarawak. So, she used to take care of me when my dad was busy with work, and at the time, i sorta thought that she was my dad's mother, and therefore was my grandmother. I didn't understand the complexity of the relationship we had, coz it was a rather long story if i were to explain. Although we weren't related by blood, i still loved her.

She had stroke a few years/months back...wasn't sure. I didn't really got close to her after i was in primary school, and she had other grandniece/nephews to take care. And this year's Raya, i went to her home and saw her, small, skinny, scrawny and the only recognizable feature of hers were her face and voice. My heart felt like it was squeezed. She could think for herself most of the time, but she can't take care of herself. But, as we found out that day, she had Alzheimer.

This lady has been taking care pf her nieces/nephews from young and it kills me to see how she was treated. She wasn't married, and she didn't haven any kids, so the responsibility of caring for her fall on the nieces or nephews. But they treated her roughly, talking about things that would embarrassed her if she could understand. Could they have not consider her feelings? Treat her nicely? I am not related by blood, so our family cannot interfere. We could just grit our teeth when they speak badly of her. One nephew of hers, as i heard, just took all her money for himself, claiming to borrow them, but did nothing to care for her. Others waited for quite some time to act when she was ill, saying that the money (usu's money) is with the other nephew, so he has to take responsibility. Idiots! Can't they just send her to the hospital first and think about money later. They are well off anyway. Not that they are extremely poor. She had fits (sawan) several times for godness sake! You had to think about money before you send her for treatment? I just don't understand these people.

I wished they had treated her better.

She died 12pm today. 

God bless her soul.

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