Saturday, November 6, 2010

For McD

I've had a rather depressing and bad week. And i thought, today the curse would be lifted up upon my forsaken soul...but no it didn't.

I had with me exactly RM26.80 (please keep in mind the amount of money i have at the time) and i wanted to go and get mcD. So off i went with my bike, and saw the fuel meter was about to go empty. I told myself, i'll just get gas on the way back. But on route, i felt a wobbly back tyre was flat. I thought, heck, it might just need a air pump.

So, i stopped at the nearest gas station. I pump the tyre and while at it, i decided to put in gas too. I paid RM3 and when it was done, i got onto my bike and realized that the tire was flat again. Ergo, i need to change the tube. So, i went around looking for a workshop nearby and the one i used to go was closed. Then as i turned around, i saw there was a workshop just next to the gas station i was previously at... =.=" anyhow, went there and i had to change the tube and turns out the rubber thingy too(sth that goes ard the rim before putting in the tube)... that cost me RM10. After paying all that, the money that I had with me was RM13.80.

So off i went to McD hoping i could get my food and enjoy it soon. After ordering Quarter Punder (medium) with milo and Porridge (small), the cashier entered and the ammount of cash i had to pay was RM13.90. SO, cofidently i took out my wallet to find that i had RM13. (i didn't count in the cents). sfc%$!@%$$&#^!!!!

I thought I had RM5 in my back pocket but I forgot I paid RM3 earlier.. So,while wondering where my RM5 was, i told the cashier I'd come pay the balance. Went to the nearest ATM at PKNS, withdrew some money and gave the cashier RM10 to pay the remaining 90cents.

I only realized what happened to my RM5 when i got back to my room....

Now, i just got back and i am going to enjoy my food while watching supernatural and grey's anatomy.

Lesson of the day, never travel with less than rm50 with you.

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