Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old and New

Old and New
You see, it’s a lie if people say people don’t change at all. I believe, as you go along, you experience things, and these things teaches you a thing or too, or traumatize you, or make you more stupid...whatever the consequences are, the point it, people change.

I myself have gone through things that excite me, teach me, traumatize me and so on, and on. We don’t need to get into details now do we? I mean, after all, this post has nothing to do with what I’ve been through. But bear in mind that sometimes we do mistakes or do something that changes ourselves and those around you.

The reason for this writing was to just write about the OLD me and the NEW me. This is just my opinion on myself, so its legitimacy would be questionable. Another reason is that I am bored out of my wits. :D I don’t want to study~~ Lalala.....
Now, the Old and the New me.

The Old Me

1. Pathetic
2. Hopeless
3. Timid
4. Prone to doing favours for people regardless of own priority
5. Unable to express self (may refer to item 1)
6. Available for bullying
7. Very bad timing in pretty much anything. (speech, actions)
8. Unaware of the suitability of an action done in certain situation
9. Stupid
10. Low self esteem
11. No confidence
12. Eager to assist (refer to item 4)
13. Eager to try anything new
14. Unable to defend self (refer to item 9)
15. Indecisive
16. Thinks everyone is good
17. Think the whole world is good, a happy and dandy place
18. Have a purpose in life
19. Hates romantic stories
20. Loves cats and other animals
21. Patient
22. Huge fan of coca-cola
23. Tolerant
24. Dependent
25. Cares what others think
26. Irresponsible?

The New Me

1. Vain
2. Egoistical
3. Vengeful
4. Depressing
5. Thinks most of the people in the world are assholes
6. Thinks the world is screwed up
7. Unmotivated to try new things
8. No purpose in life (yet)
9. Hates romantic stories
10. Loves cats and other animals
11. Sadistic
12. Easily bored to death
13. Restless most of the time
14. What the heck is patience?
15. If I don’t like it, I will make it known
16. Avoids coca-cola
17. Independent
18. Don’t give a **** about what people think, screw them, this is my life
19. Slightly responsible

Now, i'm sure there are more things to add but i just got bored halfway anyway...ah well... :D

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