Monday, December 27, 2010

Summary of the case

From the previous post, I've mentioned that we had nowhere with the cops when this whole thing started. Though we  have provided the police with the man's number (luckily, my sister and another niece had previously acquired the cellphone number though the name of the man was vague and we were unsure of the name). Any normal person would have just asked the telecommunication company to pull out records, at least, and investigate from there. However, any normal person does't normally have authority such as the police. They did not acted on the lead sooner. Bla bla bla ~ ~ ~

We had managed to contact a relative of ours, a police officer in Kuala Lumpur *if i'm not mistaken*, who confirmed the identity of that man and from there, we learnt that he have a place in Sebuyau. Sources confirmed that we was there too and finally, we called the cops to the scene. They set out at night and arrived at about 3 am, took my niece and arrested the guy.
(i wonder, what if we had not police officers as our relatives...we'd probably be screwed)

My niece was taken to the hospital, and she had to go through some counselling. The children welfare department said that if she does not "behave" (couldn't really find the exact word), she will be sent to the school for troubled teens. Now, she's in Bintulu for berubat... She been screaming to look at the man's face ever since she got back.

This whole thing was also, partly my nieces' fault, but it is sad to see my cousin calling herself a bad mother though she cared and provided everything she could for the child. Never thought these things could happen in our own family...

Well, shit happens

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My niece have been found, alive and well. Thank goodness~~~

Hopefully, things will be okay...and get back to normal. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010


My cousin went back to the police and reported the missing child again, but this time they had a different answer... According to the police, the case is considered "kes ringan" *!@#$!! and that it will take them about a few days to 6 months to act. After hearing that, we knew we cannot rely on the police.. ass***s..

Maybe its not their fault..maybe there's a mass murder had taken place in Kuching, or that someone is plotting world domination that we don't know of, and therefore they had virtually no time, or even a single police officer to look into our case.

Now, we continued our search on our own, but we're getting nowhere because we have no authority and resources to question our leads and to clarify and confirm the identity of that man.... I wonder that perhaps other parents who had their child missing, face similar problems as we do.

Something must be done

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I promised myself that this blog will talk of nothing but happy, funny and neutral crap to humour myself and readers...(assuming there are some). I am making an exception now.

On the 17th, about 12am, my niece (a 12 year old girl) ran off with a 26 year old man. She is the daughter of my cousin, whom I care deeply of. At the said hour of the unfortunate event, my cousin had a feeling that compelled her to get out of bed and when she did, she opened her front door to have a look. And when she did, she saw her daughter, about to take off with some asshole man. My cousin tried to pull her daughter but both of them/the man pushed her down, and she scraped her knee. She hasn't slept or ate since.

They called for the police, and the police informed that they had to wait for 24hours before taking action. But here's the problem. The child is 12 years old, not some adult! I thought Malaysia had started implemented the Nurin Alert, but looks like crap to me. Okay, we waited 24 hours.....

Then, we checked back with the police, which later informed that they'll have to wait for Monday to act.

Imagine this:::
Victim: Help! I've been robbed!!!Police, do something!
Police: I'm sorry ma'am, it's after 5pm. We'll wait for office hours.
Victim: $%^*&^(*&!!#$@$#%$

Mesra , Cepat & Betul my ass...

I'm frustrated nothing is done. People had to pull strings to get help. Can't you see how corrupt our institutions are? I officially look down at police who does nothing to help. We're screwed...our justice system is screwed... this sucks. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

One sheep..two sheep....three sheep.........

Counting sheep....surfing the net now.....and its 3.49am when i first wrote this sentence.

I can't sleep when i know i should sleep or am expected to sleep...and i'm bored because i have nothing to do this early morning... I'm so bored that i even considered writing nonsense in my blog. Dang it, i think there's a cockroach in my bedroom...

At this hour, i feel like i can run a few laps...or go shopping.. But it's freakin 4 am now....

I think my sleeping pattern is screwed...again.... Need to work out tomorrow so i would at least sleep at midnight. Yesterday, i slept at 5am and woke up at around 2.15pm... Yes, i took breakfast/lunch at almost 3pm...

Bla bla bla......yap..yap..yap....