Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 15

They were gathered again at the lounge after storing their fallen friends in the same room freezer that once hold the others. There were no choices but to do so. Now, each of them thinking of possible explanation for the missing bodies and all had come to the same conclusion. There were no one but the killers had motives and opportunity to move the bodies, but what would be the reason is a mystery yet to be solved.
Zainal’s mind hovered to the thought of killing one of his classmates to save himself. He weighed the possibility of committing the act, while rationalizing his innocence. I kill to save myself. It’s done in self-defence – Zainal assured himself, but to actually kill is not easy as it seems. To take another’s life takes more courage than one thinks.
“I have to,” Zainal tried to convince himself, chanting the mantra as if it could give him the will and the leeway from sin. He held in his hands a small screwdriver he had picked up at the kitchen, which he managed to hide underneath his jacket. His hands were sweating, and shaking. “Who should I...?” he asked himself, gazing into the faces of his terrified classmates.
Steve’s eyes met Zainal as he scanned through the lounge. Both were startled at the act, as if sharing a common thought.
“I’m going to the basement now. Who is with me?” Amara asked. Nik raised his hands, and Wendy, Ambun soon followed.
“I think know where the basement is. I’ll lead you there,” Nik offered. Nurul followed as well, citing that doing nothing is killing her, literally. Wawa and Sarah agreed and decided to follow as well. There were now seven of those who wished to venture into the basement, and another seven remained.
The seven companions moved to the kitchen, following Nik’s lead. When they finally reach the kitchen, Nik scanned the area, he then pointed a door hinge that was almost hidden by a huge refrigerator and moved it away from the walls with the help of his friends. This act revealed a worn out door, nailed shut by planks of wood as if keeping away zombies from entering the mansion. (I play too much Counter Strike Zombie)
“How did you know it was here?” Amara asked.
“I saw the hinge the last time we were here. I figured that must be the basement entrance. Susan said it was under the lounge, so the only possible explanation was that the entrance is in the kitchen, and plus, my guts tell me so,” Nik explained to his sceptic friend. They pried the planks open to see darkness below. The stairs leading down was made of wood, covered by mould and fungi, and tiny dust flew about as they light the entrance with their torch.
“Well, here goes nothing,” Nik said, and walked down the stairs followed by Amara and the rest.
The Lounge
While seven made their way to the basement, the remaining seven stayed, sitting at the sofa at the side of the room, avoiding the blood smears on the wooden floor which by now had dried up.
Steve folded his hands as he leaned in the corner, observing everyone. Aine was sobbing still, but quietly as Ka Phin put her hand over Aine’s shoulder, as a little effort to ease her friend’s fear. Zainal sat while his feet got into a fit of restlessness, tapping onto the wooden floor like a river dancer. He seemed anxious to everyone but such behaviour was acceptable considering the situation they were in.
Steve started pacing about in the room, eyeing everyone. “Damn damn damn,” he muttered, unbeknown to others as his voice was only to himself, and the sound of the occasional thunder did drain most of the noise in the house.
Steve peered in his hands, a similar note Zainal had previously. Steve’s note was crushed, as he constantly thought of throwing the stupid brown paper into the fire. The idea that the killer had snuck it into his jacket was eerie and scary enough, that the idea to kill in order to be alive was absurd.
“Fuc*,” Steve muttered again trying to stop planning a murder in his head. For all he knows, the killer might not keep his words after all.
Zainal rubbed his chin, noticing his beard had grown. He was looking at everyone, trying to figure out what to do, though his mind had already made up a decision. I will do it in self defence. The others are gone, there won’t be an opportunity like this – Zainal thought, but the question of who to kill needs to be done carefully. It should be an easy kill, and done quickly to get it over with.  
“Aine, no...She’s too loud. Ah Sze?  Too tough... Julian is out of the question, Steve...? I can’t manage him. Ka Phin would never leave Aine’s side, Crystal....yes...I can finish her off, yes...but how? Lure her somewhere? Then I’ll be off this island for good..yes....I’ll be alive” Zainal whispered for his ears only, and he rubbed his fingers against the hidden screw driver. Zainal looked up, setting his gaze towards Crystal, waiting for the right moment to do the deed.

The story written is mostly to amuse myself and readers. The characters share only names and physical features, and some exaggerated version of our classmates so i don't mean literally and I'm not saying such and such person is wicked, evil, coward, crazy. It serves nothing more than entertainment, and just a way for my imagination to run crazy. I hope no one takes offense in my writing...*because I plan to add more wicked stuff in*, and if anyone notice, it has turned into a Supernatural-themed story. But, if there are those who wish to be off my story...please tell me and I won't include you in. Hehe..a bit too late for that don't you think Nad? Better late than sorry. *troll face*

This chapter is perhaps the hardest to write, literally banged my head on the desk for ideas....why? Because i have no idea how to conclude the story yet, and i cant prepare a proper scaffolding for the next chapter. Lol....sorry if it sucks...coz i think it sucks.. =.=" I need employment soon.

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Chapter 14

“A pentagon?” Amara asked.
“Not a pentagon. A pentagram,” Wendy clarified “Look, Susan mentioned symbols and animal bones. She might be afraid to say it, its f**king obvious we’re dealing with demon worship, or whatever it is,” Wendy said, and stepped down from the chair.

“We are in a middle of a ritual, for demon worshipping. We’re sacrifices?” Amara asked.
“Oh my god!” Zainal exclaimed, he was sweating and shivering. “I’ve got to wash my face,” He said and entered the toilet at the lounge area. Carefully, he checked the small washroom, and when it was safe, he went to the sink and turned the water tap. It wasn’t much as there was no electricity to pump more water but enough to get him a handful to wash his face. Zainal, felt tears forming, but convinced himself to man up. He cleared his throat and reached for his handkerchief he had in his pocket. However, a brown paper was what his fingers pulled out. He had not seen the folded paper before, curious, he open it to find writings in red....possibly blood.
The note:

"We have decided to bestow upon you a gift. Take another's life and you are free to walk with yours. Shh...tell no one or we will take yours with pleasure"

He could feel his own blood drain from his head but he read those words nevertheless. There was something familiar about the handwriting, as if he had seen it before. It did not matter; he has other worries to think about. Would he kill, to save his own life? Another thought then occurred to him - who else has the same note? Surely, he is not the only one. Then, should he kill first, before he is killed himself, by his own classmates. And the plural form “WE”, suggest that their speculation was right, that the killers were more than one.
Zainal was sweating even more, and his knees were shaking. He had to support himself, with his hand, he held onto the sink.
“Zainal? You okay?” Nik came bursting in.
“Oh God!” Zainal exclaimed, nervously hiding the note he had.
“Don’t take too long. They’re scared,” Nik said and Zainal nodded. Nik left Zainal and he followed soon after.
Zainal joined the others, and stood next to Nik, hiding his hands in his pockets. He scanned the faces of his classmates, hoping to find something that could show him clues whether there were others who receive the notes as well. Ka Phin’s voice startled him after the long silence that was within the lounge.
“I think we need to keep the bodies in the freezer,” Ka Phin said.
“We don’t have time for that,” Wendy argued.
“But...Nad, Sze Ern... We can’t leave them like that. It’s not right. We’re humans, not animals,” Ka Phin said.
“She’s right,” Ambun acknowledged, ”but you have to remember, Nad’s body isn’’s all chopped off...the limbs..”
“I’ll do it..I will,” Ka Phin tried to assured others, but mostly herself. They decided to divide themselves into half, with one of the party to remain in the lounge, and the other to retrieve the bodies from upstairs.
Slowly, Ka Phin and her companions crept up the stairs, armed with only the iron rods of the fire place just in case they encountered anything. They passed through the stair fence that once held Susan’s body and before them was the layers of thick plastics Ambun had to go through when he discovered Sze-Ern’s body.

Meanwhile, Nik and the rest downstairs gently moved the bodies of their fallen friends into the kitchen, to lay them to rest temporarily in the freezer room. Their task was cut short with the sound of a yell.
“They are not here!!! Nad and Sze-Ern, they are missing!!!” Ka Phin yelled as she moved towards the stairs. Zainal heard and quickly open the freezer room. Harry, Visha and Edmond were gone as well. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Chapter 13

Amara woke up with a bad headache, and glanced at the guys who were supposed to stand guard. The guys were sleeping, slouching on the chairs with their eyes closed. The rain had finally stopped and Amara rubbed her eyes and stood up. She felt nauseated, perhaps due to lack of food. They had not eaten anything for days, and Amara noticed weakness in her muscles and body. Tip toing through blankets and bodies, Amara peered the window, just to have a look. The day was still solemn and dark, and Amara realized it was drizzling lightly. The hope of a sunny day was totally out of the question.
Amara stretched and turn behind her to find a hanging body. It was Susan, hanging from the second floor. A rope was tied at the stair fence, as the noose squeezed Susan’s neck. Amara gave a loud shout and awoke those who were asleep.
Disoriented and half awake, they turned to the source of the sound. Amara pointed to the cause of her distress and they saw to their horror, the body of Susan, lifelessly hanging herself.
They yelled and stood up. Ambun, no longer dazed, quickly ran up the stairs to cut down the rope. Susan’s cold corpse was caught by Nik and others. They loosen the noose and checked for a pulse, just in case. Nik shook his head, indicating Susan is dead.
“Oh god..oh god,” Nurul muttered and shook Leen to wake the still sleeping figure next to her.
“Leen...Leen!” Nurul yelled and shook her friends harder only to reveal what the blankets had covered. Leen’s throat was slashed. Nurul yelled from the top of her lungs and jumped away from the sleeping area. Others checked on the sleeping ones, only to be found that their throats have been slashed as well. All those who were alive got out of the sleeping area, vomited, crying and two passed out.
Frantically, Amara  took out her phone and checked to see if there was any signal, but as expected, it was in vain. She threw her phone and smashed the device as it hit against the reception table. All attention was on the reception table, and all saw the 5 of the dolls bled through their necks, and one with a noose made of white string hung loosely around its neck as it held the string it its own hand.


The bodies were cover with the blankets. Nurul was kneeling beside her best friend, as some of them were. Ah Sze next to Olivia with Wawa, Sarah and Crystal. Aine, sat in the corner, unmoved staring at the dolls wondering which one would be next. Ambun was pacing up and down rubbing his head. Julian was sitting on a chair, having a fit of restless legs.
“Okay, we have more that a killer, that’s that’s obvious from the beginning! But why? WHY? Why kill us?? And...and...I...I’m sure we were drugged. You all feel sick, and disoriented,” Amara said, as she bite her nails unaware now that it is bleeding.
“Sam gave us the drinks. That was the only explanation how we got drugged. That’s the only thing we had in common,” Ka Phin said. She was standing in another corner, away from the bodies.
"Is Sam one of the killers? Is he onto this as well?"someone murmured, but it did not matter now. He is dead.
Wendy suddenly took a chair and stood on it.
“Guys. Move away!” Wendy said, gesturing those who were near the body to move.
“What? What is it?” Amara asked.
“Why those five? Don’t you see the order of the bodies? Do you see what I see?” Wendy asked. She gestured with her fingers the position of the heads. Amara gasped in revelation. 

New Hobby

I took up a new hobby since this long "holiday". I've always loved the idea of sculpting but didn't had the time to do so. So i thought, hey, why not give it a try...and I did. My first complete work of (ps: i rarely complete anything) =.="

Now it's ready to be sun dried and shove in the oven....i mean the pottery oven thingy...which i have to pay if i wanted to...which obviously means I won't.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a morning...

I had the weirdest morning today..weird by my standard maybe because I hadn't gone out of the house for weeks, months. Anyways, I couldn't sleep, as per usual and I had this feeling that I must go out no matter what. Perhaps my brain was telling me that it needed oxygen.

Anyways, I decided at 5am that about 6/7 or so, I would take a walk along the water front. My dad sent me to the jetty, and waited for the sampan to come and gather those who wished to cross to the waterfront. I didn't expect much of my little adventure, and had only planned to walk, have breakfast, and walk back, all the while keeping to myself. The view of the rising sun was spectacular. Although it was already entirely up, the reflection of the sun's ray onto the river was beautiful I wished i brought my camera along.

Anyways, I walked along the end of the waterfront to start my walk. I never knew there were people coming to waterfront for a jog, and there were many. Normally, people would not notice me. Wherever I go, I am one who does not stand out or I wished to be.  But this particular morning, I had joggers smiling at me and had seemed like they were wanting to strike up a conversation. (you know those looks or gestures people do when they want to say something? I saw that all the way). I was beginning to wonder whether I had something on my face, or perhaps I looked silly. I looked down at my clothes and concluded there was nothing wrong with my attire. There were others who were in jeans and checkered shirt. I paid no heed, and just listened to my mp3.

There was this man, who passed me twice and on the second encounter, he spoke to me. I was like "awkward" but I smiled and talked to him anyways. We had a short conversation....and apparently, his daughter studied at IPBL-UKM program, a teacher. He asked me where my house was and I told him. Then he said, his close friend (or some sort) stayed at the same are too. Marzuki was his friends name. And I was like...Whoah...I know the Marzuki fella, his daughters were my friends. I learnt that the world is small. What a coincidence to be meeting this guy - i thought to myself.

Well, after exchanging "good lucks" and "have a nice day" exchange, I continued my walk while listening to my music. As I was walking, a man, a security guard to be exact held his phone. I didn't pay much attention but then, I noticed then that his phoni direction followed my movements. Then, it occurred to me. "The hell? Is he taking a picture of me? Do I have something on my face? Dafuq?" i asked myself and gave his a "dafuq you doin?". He got it and quickly hid his phone.

"Why do you look so weak?" he asked.
"What??" I sortta snickered at the question. Whaddya mean WEAK???
"No, you look like you're weak," he said again.. [BM: Kenak nampak lemah gilak?]
"Oh...uh, I've got sleeping problems... hehe,"  I answered and excused myself. Then I thought "was that why people were smiling at me??? Fine, I'll smile and act like I'm energetic".

So, I walked and decided to go to Maybank to withdraw some money and when I exit, a man whistled as I walked by. "Dafuq with you guys todays???" I hurried my pace and went to McDonalds..

There was't anything much in McD, except there was a boy dancing to the Christmas song. I stayed for more than one hour as I was chatting with my cousin. It was rare to get her online as she is staying waaaaaayyyyy far from Malaysia. Anyways, the workers in McD were so friendly to me. Which again, was weird.... =.=

Anyways, I walked back through the waterfront, to get to the jetty. My pace was faster than before as it had seemed that it will be raining soon. I got into the sampan with 3 old men. They were debating on the pension's given by the government and I smiled at their hilarious exchange. Then suddenly, the subject changed onto women. There were saying that women nowadays wears trousers/pants (in my head, I was like.. What the??), their skin (things that shouldn't be displayed) shows to much and after that, he pointed to me. I was like panicking. OMG. Then he said again, "But look at her (referring to me), she looks proper, covers her legs, her body. She looks neat. Unlike girls we see now everywhere "he said and they agreed, laughing and started to talk about women in those days". (I was smiling all the way and could not find a suitable response). Major Awkward Situation.

As the sampan reached it's destination, they paid for my fare. I refused but it was 3 against one. I had to give in. So, i thanked him all the way feeling weird..and grateful (sort of). So, when we head our separate ways, I discovered that the "van sapu" that i normally get on to reach home wasn't available at the moment. The drivers were washing their vans and some were sleeping. So, there was no chance in hell, I could get a ride but I had already a Plan B. I wanted to waste time at the Orchid Garden, just 100 metres from where I was and walked towards the garden. As I walked, I saw the old me passing by in their car and bikes. Then, the last one came and stopped next to me. I was like "Oh Boy. Go away...please."

"Where is your house?" he asked.

"Just near by. I will walk there," I said ready to leave.

"Let me send you,"he offered on his old rusty bike. I refused profusely, but he insisted. I couldn't argue with him further. He is after all a very old man, and from the sampan, I could tell that he was a man one can trust on. I did not want to take up on his offer because:
1. I do not know him
2. I did not want to burden him
3. I don't have a helmet for God's sakes.
4. refer to number 1

In the end, I got home with his help eventually. And when I had reached home, I thanked him and bowed like a Japanese in gratitude. I learnt his name was.....surprise surprise...Marzuki. =.=" (heard that name twice today, from strangers)

Although it wasn't at all an extraordinary adventure, it was nevertheless....abnormal, unusual by my standard. I had a free ride home. Moral of the story, get out of the house and get a life (but do be careful of strangers despite my fortunate meetings).  Well, tired as I am, I am still unable to sleep hence the reason why I'm writing this.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter 12

Previously on the vampire diaries....(chey)

“There is more to the story,” Susan finally spoke. The shaky and timid voice broke the silence.
“What do you mean?” Amara asked the petite receptionist. All eyes were on the frail, tied up figure.
“The previous owner... This was what...*Susan choked*...this was what Harry told me. A lot have said that he was a mad man. That he has lost it, his plantation was ruined and he was getting broke. Some say he was furious of his unfaithful wife. But we know a bit of the truth,” Susan explained.
Zainal came forward, trying to undo the binds Susan was tied into.
“What the hell are you..?” Saiful yelled, but Amara came to help as well.
“Clearly she is not the killer,” Amara justified Zainal’s actions.
“Thanks,” Susan muttered and rubbed her aching wrist. The remaining cohort 4 knew Susan would hold some vengeance, that they had killed Harry but tried to shift the guilt away.
“The reason this place was called Pulau Momok, was because of this owner’s history. It was and is beautiful. When my family bought this place, we had renovations. The locals at the main land village did not approve of our venture, they told us all the stories that I just told you. Nevertheless, we bought it,” Susan said solemnly. Everyone was paying attention, and even Nazim stopped his chanting.
“Go on,” Nik said.
“When we had to renovate this place, we found disturbing things. There were burnt marks in the left wing, and had weakened the structure. We assume the burnt wife part was true,” Susan said.
They knew the story, but what can be “more to the story” than they already knew. Susan realized and went straight to the point.
“The basement, below this lounge had symbols painted at the walls and the floor. We tried to clean them but it did not work, so we just closed the basement for good. But the symbols looked creepy, and frightening. There were candles and animal bones, and bowls, and also....straw made dolls scattered on a table,” Susan explained and glanced at the dolls. Amara felt goosebumps and a terrified look was on her face.
 “What? What?” Saiful asked. Leen and Nurul let out a faint “Oh my God”.
“It’s an altar. For worshipping,” Nik said and sighed.
“Worship what?” Ah Sze asked. Everyone knew the answer but dared not to speak of it.
“Let’s just say the dark forces. We had no incidents whatsoever for years, before you came,” Susan said again, almost indirectly blaming the party as the cause of the whole incident. “But the local said the island was haunted, hence the name Pulau Momok. Some say the owner wanted to make a deal know”. Susan did not finish her sentence but many had by now caught the train of thought Susan was trying to imply.
After a brief moment of silence, Amara started pacing around the lounge.
“Whatever that has been done, can be done by humans. If we’re dealing with supernatural forces, we should have been dead by now. Why the pauses? Why not just finish us off,” Amara asked the clueless party.
“’s a ritual,” Ah Sze asked, suggesting another theory.
“Well, whatever it is, we have to investigate the basement. It’s too much of coincidences to ignore the similarities. First light tomorrow, we’ll take a look and hopefully solve this and get the hell out,” Nik said.
“What about Menn?” Nurul asked. Menn was forgotten for a brief moment. They knew what had become of Shafiq and Hua Chien, they had seen it with their eyes. However, Menn’s disappearance still begged the question whether he is still alive, or dead. Should they look for him, or should they just assume that he is dead.
Despite the fear, Nik suggested that they get some rest, and told the rest to get some sleep and that he with a few guys will stay awake to stand guard. They had not slept for a few nights and as Amara pointed out can cause paranoia and disorientation. If they wanted to survive, they had to be in at least a good shape. Sam distributed bottled water to all to keep them hydrated and they slept in circles.  
Tomorrow, hopefully the mysteries could be unveiled. (i.e: when the author have any clue to what to write)
PS: Sorry no artwork for this one. :D

Chapter 11

Lightning struck and the lounge was bright for a moment, long enough for Wawa to see the dolls were nicely arranged on the reception table like it was before.  She screamed her lungs out, and triggered a hysteric cries from all. Everyone’s nightmare did not end. They scrambled to the door to run away from the mansion but another lightning struck in front of them, too near to be true. It was as if a force prevented them from leaving the mansion. All of them backed away, into the lounge but far away, they could see a staggering figure coming slowly their way.
“Its the killer!” Saiful yelled and ran behind his collegues.
“,” Julian said and gestured for everyone to stay calm, “He looks familiar,” Julian said and squinted his eyes.
“Shafiq?” Saiful asked.
“Shafiq!!! Run!! Run to us!!!” Ka Phi yelled, as previously they had seen the dolls arranged itselves. The killer is still here somewhere.
Despite the cries to rush, Shafiq did not move any faster. Perhaps, by estimation, he was about 100 metres from the mansion, slowly moving.
“ he okay?” Wendy asked what everyone was thinking.
However, their worries were yet again increased when there is another figure in poncho behind holding what appears to be an axe. 

Shafiq’s head was decapitated in a blink of an eye, and it rolled down. The girls hysterically screamed and ran to huddle one another, and the men in the mansion turned as white as snow.
The killer, now visible to them, no longer a myth or ghostly; stood solid and in his hands were the axe dripping of blood. They had not noticed early, but he was holding a head in his left hand, and now moving to pick up Shafiq’s by the hair. Slowly, leaving the twitching body, the killer moved back into the woods.
After regaining control of their legs, all of them shut the doors and sat quiet in the lounge. They remained silent, as words were not able to describe what they had just witness.
“Another head,” Saiful said in between his sob.
“What do you mean?” Ah Sze asked, perhaps the calmest of all the hysterical girls.
“Besides Shafiq’s, there was another head. It's Hua Chien's,” Julian completed the statement.
They sat, unmoved for hours. Hours passed and eventually the cries and sobbing wears down.
“We have to figure this out. Who this killer is, and why,” Amara said, and stood up. “I will not let myself be sitting bloody ducks, waiting to be killed”.
“How are gonna you figure this?” Julian asked, willing to try anything.
“Look, remember the story Visha told us. The one with the man, killing his wife and all that. Do any of you guys see it?”
“See what?” Saiful asked.
“Okay, from what I remember, Visha said the owner drowned his wife, burnt his daughters, dismembered people, killed himself right?” Amara jogged everyone’s memory.
“Yes, Nad told us the story in the room,” Wendy said.
“Look, Visha died in the pool, Edmond was burnt by fire, and Nad....,” Amara said but stopped. Everyone was reminded of their fallen friends and the lounge was in stillness.
“There is more to the story,” Susan finally spoke. The shaky and timid voice broke the silence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Previously on.....
“I can barely see anything!” Shafiq yelled to two of his companions as they walked along the road. They couldn’t reply as they were busy trying to walk under the heavy fire of water. Shafiq was leading, and the walks toward the jetty seemed like it took ages to complete. The road was almost similar to the ones used to climb up Genting Highlands, roads built around the hill. The destination was not that that far, but the only way down was to follow the road. 

Finally, as they stood at the cliff (as the mansion was on a hill), they could see the beach, and the jetty was surely nearby. Although far away, Shafiq knew they will reach their destination soon. Hopefully, there will be a ship passing through, or perhaps, a lookout booth equip with satellite telephones they could use. Those wishful thinking were harmless, Shafiq thought. At least there was hope of survival now that Harry was dead.  

Shafiq turned to his back to share his rejoice with his companions, but he saw no one. He was taken aback, wondering what had happened to Hua Chien and Menn. True, he was walking faster as compared to them, but surely not that fast that others were left behind.

Shafiq traced his steps, and he rely only his eyes to have a sense of his vague surroundings. The sound of droplets of water hitting against his plastic poncho and the occasional thunder made his hearing unreliable. As he walked further, he saw a figure lying on the ground, and traced red fluid from the body stream down by the rain water at his feet. He ran, knowing that it was one of his friends.
Shafiq knelt beside the fallen figure and pulled the plastic poncho that covered the face. Shafiq’s heart felt like it had stopped (urgh, I’m running out of phrases to describe the feeling of surprise =.=”) when he saw Hua Chien bleeding from the head. Closer inspection revealed that his left side of his head was hacked by something sharp. He could see brain matter on the road.

“It’s gonna be okay. I promise,” Shafiq tried to comfort his friend. He wasn’t sure what to do but he took out his bandana from his pocket and tried to stop the bleeding.

“MENN!” Shafiq yelled, again and again, but there was no answer. He was afraid, his instinct tells him to run, but he could never think of leaving Hua Chien.

“Hang in there. We’ll get help soon,” Shafiq lied. He could feel his chest contract and his pounding heart.

His dying friend tried to speak, but Shafiq could not make out any of the words Hua Chien was trying to say. Finally, Hua Chien was motionless. He was no longer mumbling and breathing. He was dead. (Lol)

 Shafiq was now unsure what had just happened, or even what to do. What had caused Hua Chien’s injury was mysterious. He scanned for sharp objects that may have perhaps been blown by the strong wind.

A fragment of a zink rooftops maybe – he thought. There were cases of zink rooftops blown and hitting a person. Shafiq was afraid to admit that the murderer is still at large and that they had murdered the wrong person, but the possibility is likely now that Menn is missing as well. Shivers ran down his spine as he realized that that was the only logical explanation. He ran into the forest, knowing that the road would make him a sitting duck. He ran towards the mansion, the only safe place where his friends were. He ran and ran and ran, looking back once in a while to make sure no one is following him. Running makes a lot of noise, but in this condition, the murderer couldn’t hear him.

Shafiq continued running and when he was looking back again, he bumped into something and fell to the ground. Quickly he stood up and saw a face he recognized. He would have rejoiced but a knife was sticking out of his at the side of his abdomen. His adrenaline initially masked the pain but finally it sink in as he tried to stand up.
Shafiq pulled the knife out and dropped it onto the grass. It was a small kitchen knife, but sharp nevertheless. Shafiq backed away but the person he bumped into came closer and drive another knife into Shafiq, slitting his stomach and pushed him down. The cut was not deep enough for a quick death.

Shafiq was horrified and knew the assailant would deliver the final blow. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate and uttered holy chants that could at least sooth him of his fear. When it took too long, Shafiq opened his eyes and saw the assailant was moving away from him, walking deeper into the forest, away from the road.
It was confusing, but now was the chance to leave. He was bleeding and Shafiq held his wound with his hand. He will walk back to the mansion, even if it will take him some time. He was already feeling weak in his knees. 

Slowly, he walked up the hill, hoping that he would make it in time to tell his friends of the revelation. He knew who the murderer was. He must warn his friends. Shafiq knows that his life will end on the island, as he could feel his intestines in his hands. Blood flowed endlessly. 

Okay, 7am da. Time for bed. :D Sorry for the late post, I wasn't in the writing mood, and didn't have any ideas. I was just making the story up as I go along. Lol. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chapter 9

The lounge was lit by candles as electricity never returned. It was cold, and they lit the fire place for warmth and light. The wind could be heard, violently trashing the branches and trees against the door. The winds sounded like a giant whistling every now and then, sometimes making a shrill. The drops of rain also deafened their ears.
“Where are they?” Ka Phin asked, referring to the 3 boys who went into the storm.
“Maybe they got caught up. It’s difficult to see,” Julian explained and he took a peek at the window. All the assumptions, trying to rationalize everything has made all anxious and annoyed at the same time.
The clock chimed again and a crashing sound came after it stunned all. It was Wendy, throwing one of the logs onto the huge clock.
“I can’t stand the sound of it,” Wendy explained, and returned to her place.
For a moment, Julian had taken his eyes off the tower and return to look at it after. What he discovered was the light was travelling slowly to each floor, as if someone is walking down the stairs with candle fire.
“GUYS!” Julian yelled.
“What? Are they here?” asked the rest and came next to Julian who pointed at the water tower.
Those who saw had shivers ran down their spine.
“Someone is here!” Saiful cried and started to panic.
“May...maybe its them,” Julian explained.
“It can’t be, they would have come here. Why would they go to the tower?” people started questioning.
Lightning struck and the lounge was bright for a moment, long enough for Wawa to see the dolls were nicely arranged on the reception table like it was before.  She screamed her lungs out, and triggered a hysteric cries from all. Everyone’s nightmare did not end. They scrambled to the door to run away from the mansion but another lightning struck in front of them, too near to be true. It was as if a force prevented them from leaving the mansion. All of them backed away, into the lounge but far away, they could see a staggering figure coming slowly their way.
“Its the killer!” Saiful yelled and ran behind his collegues.
“,” Julian said and gestured for everyone to stay calm, “He looks familiar,” Julian said and squinted his eyes. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Dawn came upon them hours ago, but the skies were dark and the sun was hidden behind the heavy clouds which bears rain. The storm did not subside since yesterday, and they were anxious for the delivery boy to come and bring them to civilization.
“Can he come in this weather?” Wendy asked as she walked towards Hua Chien and Steve. Both boys were staring at the outside compound while resting their shoulders at the hinge of the main door. A lightning struck followed by monstrous thunder urge the three to close the door and join the others. They were sitting in circles, hugging and whispering among each other.
“Can we leave now?” Saiful asked, irritated and impatient to leave the mansion.
“Why don’t all of us just go to the jetty?” Wendy suggested and continued her reasoning, “it’s better than just staying here.”
“In this weather?” Sam asked.
“Well yeah, or would you rather stay here?!” Wendy clearly agitated by the situation started to snarl at those around her. It was an understandable response, many were like her.
After much discussion, they decided to leave the mansion. Hua Chien volunteered to start the engine while others got their things ready without checking the remains of the fallen friends. No one had dared to even take a peek. But their plan did not took place. Hua Chien came in with a horrified face, to which many were curious of.
“What?” Nik asked.
“The was slashed. We’re stuck here,” Hua Chien reported. “Harry must have done it last night!” Hua Chien kicked the flower pot and it broke into pieces. Everyone was dead silenced.
“Why don’t some of us walk to the jetty, for help? We promise you, we will bring help. Harry is dead. You guys are safe, so just sit tight,” Shafiq suggested and asked for volunteers to follow him through the storm. Hopefully a ship may come and call for help. It probably isn’t the best idea in the world, but they were desperate.
Shafiq, Hua Chien and Menn got ready to move through the storm. There were only 3 poncos available.
“If you guys can’t find anything, please come back before night fall. Walking distance could take hours and you don’t want to get stuck in the dark. We can’t afford to lose more,” Ka Phin said and the three men nodded in agreement.
Off they went into the rain and most that remained in the house watched till they disappeared from sight. Sighing, and praying, the group sat in circle whilst Susan tied and seated against the reception table. The clock chimed every now and then but when the sun seemed to retire, they were worried. Their friends did not return.
“Where are they?” Saiful asked.
“Maybe they're are lost or something,” Sam responded.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The simplified Story of my life

Once upon a time, there was a baby girl.

They named her Siti Nadiah for some reason =.=". My parents fancied the name Nadia, taken from Nadia Comaneci, a famous Gymnast i suppose. *googles* Yeah, quite famous. =.=" 

See, her parents expected her to be as graceful as this famous Gymnast...Lol...
But expectations doesnt necessarily come true eh?

Ada la potensi juak maok jadi ayu time goes by...

Very the...

  (My first Violin performance)
 (First time wearing the Iban Traditioal Attire:::::Horror na muka aku)
 (Taekwando Sparing. I'm Red, i can't remember who the other girl is)
 (Singing Perfomance with....uh...Dewi, and Mariana? I'm not sure. I'm  the shortie one)
 (First performance in the drama/sketch: I'm in dark blue, seated in the middle, playing as Sultan.)
This sparked my interest in theater/drama/sketches
Another blurry photo 

( The four musketeers....Me, Amy, Lea and Farid )
(Primary 6)

(Nampak masa depan)

Sigh, so lazy to elaborate. Don't even know why i'm posting this anyways.....Just bored i guess. Nasibla...urgh... 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


when u dun sleep the whole night, previous events can be confusing. like now, i cant remember what i did today, i mean yesterday. lol.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapter 7

A sudden chime rattled the group and again panic ensues. The clock told them, it was 11pm, a long time to wait for sunrise.
“Everyone calm down!” Shafiq yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone fell silent and the only thing they could hear was the rain and Aine’s sobbing.
“We have to stay together. Tonight, we will stay here in the lounge. No one goes anywhere and if you do, you go in groups of five. Do you understand?” Shafiq asked the terrified crowd and saw nods directed to him as a sign of acknowledgement. He moved to the reception table with Zainal and Nik. They glance at the dolls and counted that there were 26 of them, including the four damaged ones.
“There’s only 26 dolls right? So we’re not the target,” Susan said from behind. The whole exchange could be heard by the group and many formed speculations.

“That means that the target is us. Come on, this is premeditated. Someone planned to kill us cohort four. It could be you!” Ah Sze accused Susan. “That’s right. 26 dolls and you guys should not be in the list. You were down here, all alone when Nad and Sze Ern was killed. You have no alibi,” Zainal said and was interrupted by Harry.
“Now wait just a minute!”
“No! You have the time, you knew we were coming! There is no way a psycho would prepare 26 dolls...not if he knew” Olivia fought back.
By now, a majority of cohort 4 had their suspicions onto their hosts, the petite young lady and the giant.
“Look at him! He can easily take down two girls! Tie them up!” Nik yelled and all the boys rounded the two up. The girls and Saiful huddled, and moved away.
“Harry!” Susan cried and hid behind Harry who in turn took out a pocketknife to fend himself. The knife sparked intense fear and insanity.
“He’s going to kill us!!”Ah Sze yelled and some of the boys took onto them weapons, wood and iron tools from the fire place in the lounge, folded chairs, and anything they could find.
“No! No! He’s innocent! He was with me! NO!” Susan pleaded but even a huge man such as Harry could not fight against many men. He swung his pocket knife but barely caused any real damage to the frenzied crowd. Finally, unbeknownst by whom among the crowd, Harry was struck on the head by a folded chair. He fell to the floor and bled through his ears. Although he was down, they kept hitting him till he moved no more. One of the boys kicked the pocketknife and kept it away.
“Harry!” Susan yelled but she was then tied by Nik and Sam, and placed her against the reception table where he stood before.
“Are we safe now?” Wawa asked. Aine’s cries were getting louder and louder. Many of the girls closed their eyes for the scene they had just gone through was terrifying. However horrifying it was, they sense now that they are free and safe.
The boys were shaking and shivering. It was not because of the cold, but because perhaps they had taken a life. They reasoned that they had to do it. It was either Harry or them, to kill or be killed.
When they had calmed themselves, the boys dragged the body into the freezer to make sure he is locked, even though they were sure he is dead. 

At the freezer, Visha’s body lay frozen and so was Edmond’s. A stab wound was noticed at Edmond’s neck and Menn compared the pocketknife from Harry to the wound.
“It’s him. Look at the size of the blade and the wound. It matches,” Menn pointed out. Shafiq nodded in agreement, and the boys felt relief and assured that they had the real killer. Remorse was slowly diminishing amongst themselves as their actions are now justified for sure.
The clock struck twelve and chimed the happiest tune. Everyone waited for sunrise and thought of home. There are 5 bodies and a murder accomplice they have to explain to the police once the delivery boy comes and bring the police in. All will be well. Thoughts of their dead friends soon filled their heads and finally, they grief. The entire night in the mansion was filled with sobbing, sniffs, and cries – including Susan’s.  

Disclaimer: This story has nothing to do with real people (merely borrowing Cohort 4 as my characters) or events. It just came out of my sick mind. Lol. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 6

The sight that greeted them led all four to take a step backwards. A rope was tied to the beam of the ceiling, and the end were a tangled and bloody figure whom Ambun soon recognize was Sze Ern (lol). Her mouth was gagged and she was hung upside down with blood oozing from stab wounds, and dripped so much that a pool of blood were forming beneath her. Soon, the four realized they were stepping on it.
When that was not horrifying enough, they realized Sze-Ern was still conscious. The blood had gathered into her head, thanks to gravity, which had kept her conscious the entire time. Frantically, Ambun tried to free her of the ropes. Julian took shards of glass that were lying around and tried to cut her down.
“What was that?” asked Menn from behind and his questions were answered when he saw Sze-Ern, now free. She was lying on the floor, face pale now as the blood drains from her head. Ambun and Julian tried to stop the bleeding but the wounds were too many for two pairs of hand could handle. Blood still oozing between their fingers as they tried to put pressure on the wounds. Not long after, Sze-Ern exhaled her last breath.
“Sze-Ern! Sze-Ern!” Ambun yelled. “Who did this?” he asked, shaking the lifeless body for some answers he knew would never come. (man I’m sick)
“Nad? Where’s Nad?” Julian asked. The five, now including Menn who had just arrived when he heard the scream, scanned the area. However, a closed door, unlike the others caught their attention. Menn gathered all his scattered nerves and headed for the door. When he tried to open it, it was blocked by layers of bricks. He could not see clearly but with the aid of the torchlight he was holding, he could see blood smeared all over the wall.
Ambun, now able to get into his senses came behind Menn. He took a look and another horrifying image is embedded in his head. With two torchlight used to light the room, it became clear that a body was dismembered. It was cut vertically, and Nad’s half face with the rest of her body lay on the floor. Her eye was open, staring blankly towards them. Menn and Ambun backed off the room and ran outside. The others followed them from behind.
“What are you saying?!” Nurul yelled. Ambun was trying to explain what he had encountered but no matter how he put it, it had created panic amongst them.
“I..i don’t believe you. We were just talking!” Wendy said and stomped towards the stairs. Ambun grabbed her hand.
“No! You cannot go up there!! It’s fucking terrible. You gotta trust me! It’s dangerous. We have to stick together!” Ambun yelled. By now, everyone had gathered at the lounge. The area was lit by candles, dim, but still they could see each other’s faces.
“There is a killer here? Is that what you are trying to say?” Ah Sze finally said.
“This is not an accident. Obviously someone tied Sze Ern and cut Nad up!” Menn said, “We..we have to get out of here”.
“But where can we go?” Wendy asked. Everyone was eager to leave but the island has no other building but the mansion.
“I...I think there is more than one killer,” Olivia finally said. Everyone fell silent.
“I mean. There have to be more than one killer to kill both Nad and Sze-Ern. Or Visha and Edmond,” Olivia continued. The crowd were too afraid to mourn for the lost of their friends now. Their survival is their number one priority.
“GUYS!! GUYS!!!” Ah Sze yelled. Everyone’s attention was on her. She pointed at the reception table. A group of dolls as big as a soda can each were set on the reception table, sitting and smiling except for four. One of it was wet, one was burnt, one was stabbed and tied and finally, one was disfigured.
Upon realizing the significance, the group panicked and screamed. Huge lightning struck and droplets of water rained heavily upon the mansion.  

Friday, September 30, 2011

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The sun retired for the day, and the rest of cohort 4 returned to their rooms. They were unable to sleep, understandably due to the events that had occurred. They could not wait to leave the island tomorrow, when the boat of the delivery man docked onto the jetty. Once in a while, they would check their phones for signals, but the bars remained shy.
The bodies of Visha and Edmond were kept in the mansion’s room-sized freezer. They concluded that it is best that way, to slow down decomposition as Amara pointed out. Just in case.
The lights were on, and they were afraid. Edmond’s death could be murder. At least, they thought, they would watch their backs till the cops come tomorrow. Wawa hugged her rabbit-pig stuffed toy praying silently the night would end, but the clock against the wall took forever to move.
“This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare,” chanted Wawa. Aine was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her legs the entire time they were in the room.
“Do you think it is all an accident?” Nurul asked, as she bit her nails, “like what Olivia thinks? I mean, it’s an accident right? Like like like, this guy, who got really unlucky. I mean, it can happen right? Bad events just happen like now right?” Nurul was blabbering away, unheard by those in her room. Leen, the calmest of them all tried her very best to ease their minds but no words could get them to relax.
Suddenly, the lights were out. The sudden absence of light was met by Aine’s shriek, followed by a thunder.
“Relax! Relax!” Leen shouted and opened her hand phone flashlight,”it’s just bad weather”. A knock on the door ran shivers through the girl’s bodies, but Ka Phin’s motherly voice soon eased their shock. (the hell am I writing?)
“Guys, have you seen Nad and Sze Ern? They went to the cafeteria together, but they took too long. I thought they would come here, but then since they are not, maybe they can’t find their way with the blackout and all?” Ka Phin asked as she stood at the door. Wendy soon visible, stood next to Ka Phin.
“Are you girls alright?” Ambun asked from behind. He had a torchlight with him and lit the room quite well. Aine and Wawa were obviously terrified.
“Yeah, but Nad and Sze Ern haven’t returned to the room,” Ka Phin said.
“Don’t worry, they are in pairs, should be okay. I’ll look for them okay? You girls stay in one room alright, and tell you what, I’ll ask some of the boys to stay with you, just to be safe,” Ambun comforted them. Ka Phin and Wendy sat in the room, and Hua Chien and Steve soon joined them. Another lightning and thunder shook the floor and rattled the windows.
Julian and Ambun walked towards the cafeteria. As they descended the stairs, Susan and”Hagrid” were seen sitting at the lounge, lit dimly by a candle light.
“Susan, have you seen two of our girls down here?” Ambun asked.
“No, I haven’t. Harry and I were in the cafeteria when the lights went off. Then we sat here since. The cafe is kindda creepy, with you know...uh freezer,” Susan tried to explain without offending but Ambun understood the circumstances. So, his name is Harry – Julian thought – close enough.
Sounds of fallen objects caught their attention. It came from the upstairs of the left wing.
“Guys?! Is that you?” Ambun called out but no responses were made in return.
“Maybe it’s a bat?” Susan suggested.
“Maybe they cannot see where they are going,” Harry offered an explanation.
The four slowly climbed the stairs and headed for the left wing.  The entrance to the corridor was covered with sheets of plastic, to avoid dust from dirtying the mansion. Ambun aimed his torch light to the plastic, but it was too thick to see through. They advanced nearer and saw droplets of blood on the floor.
“Is that blood?” Susan asked, and hid behind Harry. Ambun pushed the plastic to make way, for a better look but was met with another. Layers upon layers of plastic draped from the ceiling of the corridor were passed through, and finally, a vague figure was seen from Ambun and Julian’s view. With shaky hands, Julian pushed the plastics away. What he saw next drained the life out of him. Ambun was white as snow. Susan screamed and her eerie shrill echoed throughout the mansion and Harry closed his eyes shut.