Friday, February 18, 2011

Ramblings of a brat~~

My lips are cracked like the Great Canyons... It has been like this for almost a week now, and it hurts when i eat, or brush my teeth...~~~ So, i did some internet browsing and found out several causes...
1. allergic reaction.... ::::: i dun think i'm allergic to anything...but work.. :D muahaha..
2. cancer... ::: doubt that~~
3. my body's too acidic... :::::: i'm a mutant!!
4. heat... :::::: plausible
5. dehydration... :::::: seriously?~~~ i mean, at the rate of my liquid consumption, i dare say dehydration is the least of my problems~
6.  What was six...? can't remember..~~

Anyhow, suggested ways of dealing was eat lots of fruits, vegetables and drink lots of PLAIN water.. This all equals to hell for a carnivorous-water-monster.  

Googled "carnivorous-water-monster" and i got this picture~~

And the picture above does not correspond to the pictures below....
plain boring tasteless water

But i do try my very best to get most of those three ~~~ ghehehe... 

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