Friday, April 22, 2011

This Sucks~~~

Its been 8 days since my fall and i still can't boogey! This stinks~~ I am bored out of my wits...i can't do anything..can't even throw out the trash! (stares vengefully at Wawa)... But i can walk almost properly without limping that bad, yay me! Can stand quite a long duration, yay me! Am now, wrong list.  I can sit.. :D but can't fold my left leg yet though it's making progress. I have to be in good shape if i want to go to Genting and Terengganu and take my final horse riding lesson.... ngee....

point of this post:


Bored to the point of depression...chey....sikda la depress gilak.


  1. take good k of yourself nadia!!!! chinese believe in drinking bone soup or chicken soup to help u heal faster, perhaps u shud try it once u get back home!