Saturday, June 25, 2011

100th Post wohooo!!! [Sleep]

Right right, settle down kids settle! Tuck in your shirt!! You! You with the stupid sunglasses! Put out that cigarette!!!. (The only person other than me who would understand this is Amara)

Bhahahahaha!.. I was going to blog about something happy and nice, and flowery for my 100th post... Unfortunately, i am currently unemployed (pemalas), haven't done my assignment (pemalas) and my life is literally a flatline...for now.
[The above graph shows a rapid decline of life due to insufficient physical and mental activities and in addition of sleeping problems, thus inducing a zombie-like state to the patient: see visual aid below]

[ps: this is me... there is this cool website that turns your face into zombies!!!!!!]
visit here:

Back to my story, i am having trouble sleeping...i have enough sleep, about 5-8 hours, but i can't sleep in proper times... 

I find that i am nervous (i dunno why) sleeping at night, and feel more at ease when it is say 5/6am..and i sleep supernice when i know the sun is up or about to. This has grown worse because i don't know what is causing all this(slightly frustrated but can't help to admire the zombie me..chuckles). 

AND even if i really sleep say at 12am, i  would wake up every freaking hour. 

It's like this:
1am.....zz..huh..zzz...2am....zzz..what?.......3am....f**k....4am...dang....5am....wake up for prayer...6am ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....... :D 

This is posing a problem for my future career....bhahaha...i'm hungry....yogurt!!

Now, any suggestions?

Just wish i could sleep normally cause it is making me go cuckoo... Family members complain about me not being there in the morning and always kena (coz they dun u/stand: stressss).  So they would disturb me sleeping at 9/10 am on some days and after that i can't sleep like...ya know, sleep. And when i do get proper sleep, weird freakin dreams would just bug me...crap...

Anyhow, that's all for my 100th post. Depressing i know...but hey, at least its something. Muahahaha... 

Roger and out
[Uuuu...teringat ngan C.S. MAIN!!] 

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  1. Congrats for ur 100th post!
    And I hate waking up too. But gotta get used to it (unless we got afternn session muahahaha).
    Btw, ur zombie face is scary. >.<