Monday, October 17, 2011

Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Dawn came upon them hours ago, but the skies were dark and the sun was hidden behind the heavy clouds which bears rain. The storm did not subside since yesterday, and they were anxious for the delivery boy to come and bring them to civilization.
“Can he come in this weather?” Wendy asked as she walked towards Hua Chien and Steve. Both boys were staring at the outside compound while resting their shoulders at the hinge of the main door. A lightning struck followed by monstrous thunder urge the three to close the door and join the others. They were sitting in circles, hugging and whispering among each other.
“Can we leave now?” Saiful asked, irritated and impatient to leave the mansion.
“Why don’t all of us just go to the jetty?” Wendy suggested and continued her reasoning, “it’s better than just staying here.”
“In this weather?” Sam asked.
“Well yeah, or would you rather stay here?!” Wendy clearly agitated by the situation started to snarl at those around her. It was an understandable response, many were like her.
After much discussion, they decided to leave the mansion. Hua Chien volunteered to start the engine while others got their things ready without checking the remains of the fallen friends. No one had dared to even take a peek. But their plan did not took place. Hua Chien came in with a horrified face, to which many were curious of.
“What?” Nik asked.
“The was slashed. We’re stuck here,” Hua Chien reported. “Harry must have done it last night!” Hua Chien kicked the flower pot and it broke into pieces. Everyone was dead silenced.
“Why don’t some of us walk to the jetty, for help? We promise you, we will bring help. Harry is dead. You guys are safe, so just sit tight,” Shafiq suggested and asked for volunteers to follow him through the storm. Hopefully a ship may come and call for help. It probably isn’t the best idea in the world, but they were desperate.
Shafiq, Hua Chien and Menn got ready to move through the storm. There were only 3 poncos available.
“If you guys can’t find anything, please come back before night fall. Walking distance could take hours and you don’t want to get stuck in the dark. We can’t afford to lose more,” Ka Phin said and the three men nodded in agreement.
Off they went into the rain and most that remained in the house watched till they disappeared from sight. Sighing, and praying, the group sat in circle whilst Susan tied and seated against the reception table. The clock chimed every now and then but when the sun seemed to retire, they were worried. Their friends did not return.
“Where are they?” Saiful asked.
“Maybe they're are lost or something,” Sam responded.