Monday, January 23, 2012

Random thoughts

Hmm...i was thinking these few days... Things i want to do before i die:

1. Watch opera --- At least watching Carmen would be satisfying.
2. Dance Tango --- Lol.
3. Touch the Pyramids of Giza
4. Sky diving ---- Bungee jumping comes after
5. Diving in the seas --- swimming with the dolphins would be awesome
6. Surf
7. Ski
8. Publish a book --- or a short story
9. Finish my violin lessons for real
10. Learn Kendo

Life is short. Must try ALL!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapter 19

The Basement
“How do we get down?” Ambun asked, his eyes still adjusting to the light the collapsed room had emitted.
“I think we have to jump,” Nik suggested. Sarah remained, but the three (Ambun, Amara and Nik) decided they should go down and rescue the girls. The height from the basement floor to the newly discovered floor was about 3-4 metres high. If they could hold from the metal bar of the cage to soften their fall, they could reach it without injuring themselves.
Nik went first, followed by Ambun and then, Amara who amazes herself of her own bravery. Sarah remained, unable to bring herself to jump into the room.
“Wawa! Wendy!” Amara called out, while rattling the cage to try and open it. It had no doors, and they scanned the room for anything that could break the iron rods.

The room, a dungeon renovated, was wide. It had chains linked to the walls, and a huge tapestry hung from one of the walls, covering it entirely with the image of an Egyptian figure: a woman with the head of a lion and much clear version of the other symbol, the figure of a hippopotamus with the head of a wasp. Amara recognized the lion head goddess as Sekhmet, and deduced that the symbols were in fact referring to the figure of the tapestry.
The girls finally awoke, coughing from the dust and cleaned debris of their bodies. No one was injured, but shaken of course.
“This must be their lair. Or whatever it is..,” Amara said and looked around. There was only a door at the far corner of the room that should be their way out. Amara went to the door only to find it was locked from the outside. She kicked the door in frustration, hurting her toe at the same time. Everyone knew they were trapped nevertheless, based on Amara’s temper towards the door that could mean freedom from this gruesome place.
Ambun and Nik were trying still of ways to get the girls out, as Amara studied the walls and the books there. Many of them were books written in French, German and even Italian, but as Amara scanned through the book quickly, she saw a modern looking book, titled “Mythology for dummies” assuming the killer had use it for reference for their stupid demon worship conquest. There were scribbles everywhere, but the symbols that were on the wall were present in the pages of the book. Finally, they knew what those symbols mean. The book was conveniently marked, as if wanting the readers to know... (Face it; I am very lazy to elaborate. Stress you know  - ala Qmar)
“Guys look... the symbols that we saw. It means, Deimos and Phobos.. The Greek gods of fear and dread,” Amara read out the passage as she felt goose bumps of the revelation.
“What? They were trying to learn about the Greek gods? And what, conjure them? That’s stupid! We are losing our lives to some ancient fiction!” Nurul exploded with anger. She kicked the iron rod but fell on her back.
“It looks like the scribbles aren’t notes to look,” Amara showed Ambun, “it looks like corrections”.
“Don’t tell me they are self proclaimed experts on the matter,” Amara slammed the book shut and threw it on the floor. The sound of the book hitting the floor was drowned by a metal sound that sounded like a huge sliding lock.
A familiar face popped out of the door. It was Menn, wet and dirty. He looked scared and relieved at the same time.
“Oh thank God!” Wawa exclaimed in relief.
“Guys! How’d you get here?” Menn asked, carefully entering the room. “What is this place?”
“We went to check out the basement. They fell in from there,” Ambun said, pointing to the huge gap on the ceiling. Menn looked up, and saw Sarah waving nervously.
“What happened to you anyway?” Ambun asked, remembering the killer had taken both Hua Chien and Shafiq’s head.
“Hua Chien was attacked, and I had to run into the woods. I hope Shafiq is alright...,” he explained but no one had the heart to tell him of Shafiq’s fate. “I walked and saw this tunnel,” Menn pointed to the door, “which then led me here”.
“Sarah, you have to jump down,” Nik instructed, and Sarah nodded in agreement. When Sarah was down, Menn took a metal rod lying nearby which was easily hidden by the shadows, to which everyone thought he was going to pry the cage open. Stretching his arms for the rod, Amara saw a glimpse of red stain on his sleeve.
“Are you hurt?” Amara asked, concerned, but Menn stood up and looked directly at everyone. His mouth carved into the most crooked smile everyone had ever seen. His eyes were glowing red, and his teeth were jagged and sharp.  He swung the rod, hitting Ambun’s head, splitting it open. 

Ps: Muahhahaha!!! I hope I don't have any glaring grammar mistakes. Too lazy to edit it.. and had to cut it short. It was too long for a chapter. If there is any inconsistencies, do tell and i'll fix it.  

Chapter 18

The Lounge
The fall of Zainal surprises the lot, but the close encounter had given them the size of the killer’s body. He was smaller than Zainal, as if it was a boy, shorter by a few cm, maybe 10cms...they could not know for sure. But the killer’s body seemed unnaturally small to display such strength. The killer had used a baggy windbreaker, so they could not tell of the gender as well. Julian shared his thoughts, but Ka Phin pointed out adrenalin could make anyone display extraordinary strength. The murder they witnessed provided them with a clue.
When they covered Zainal’s body, they searched for the paper he was talking about. It was not with him; perhaps it fell onto the corridor floor. To go up the stairs was out of the question, it was like a forbidden place to be. The killer might still hang around the second floor awaiting his or perhaps her chance for an easy kill.
They went to check on Crystal, thinking they need to deal with another body. Fortunately, Crystal was still breathing and alive, but unconscious. Ka Phin tried to wake her, patting her cheeks but Crystal did not wake.
“Let’s move her to the lounge. Careful with the neck, she might hurt her spine,” Ka Phin instructed her friends. With a Red Crescent background, Ka Phin knew she cannot risk if injuries to the head or to the neck is concerned. Crystal’s neck was bruising; it was pertinent to take great care of her neck. They sat around Crystal hoping for her to open her eyes.
“Where could they be?” Ah Sze asked and scanned the room. All of them had their guard on. Their numbers are decreased significantly. They must be alert and ready to defend if they were to get out of the island alive.
The Basement
A sudden creak followed by a slam alerted the party. Light from the stairs vanished. Someone had closed the grill door and the entrance of the basement. They kicked and pushed the grill, but it did not open. Only one person each could try opening it as the stairs were too narrow for all to try at once. They yelled with all their might for those in the lounge for help, but the voices could not penetrate the thick bricked wall.
“There must be a way out of here!” Wendy cried as she lights the walls with her phone flash, hoping for a hidden door somewhere that could lead to their escape. Nik was still trying to open the grill, and the others scanned the walls for tunnels, anything that they could escape with.
“There is no way I’m going to die here!” Nurul said, frustrated. It took them almost half an hour before they stopped and sat down against the wall, sighing...and in Sarah’s case, crying.
Nik gave up, trying to free them and moved towards his friends. But his sight was caught onto a brown paper, soaked in the puddle of water. He was about to reach for it when Wawa call.
“Guys...guys,” Wawa called out to her friends as she tapped the floor with the soles of her shoes, “do you hear that?” Everyone had their attention to Wawa, who has not given up examining the walls since.
“Do you notice that?” Wawa asked again.
“What? You’re into tap dancing now?” Amara asked, annoyed.
“No, just come here,” Wawa instructed and all gathered around her. Her pig-rabbit doll was still clutched in her arms, never leaving her sight. She hit the floor again, trying to prove a point to her friends.
“Its hallow!” Nurul exclaimed, “There must be a room below. Or a tunnel. We could use it to get out of here!”
“But how do we get in?” Wawa hit it again but things happened so quickly for her to realize the floor had collapsed. Wawa, Wendy and Nurul fell from the collapsed floor, and dust from the crumbling bricks clouded their vision.
“Nurul!”Ambun cried. The dust from the collapsed floor had not yet settled. Their visibilities of their friends were impeded. Ambun grew worried.
It took a few moments for the dust to settle fot the group realize that the collapsed floor reveal not a tunnel, but a huge room, lit with candle sticks, and books nicely stands on the shelf, with similar symbols painted on the walls. Only it was new and clear. The room as it turns out was supporting the basement floor with huge pillars. It seemed like a dungeon, renovated for suitable living condition. But the most terrifying revelation was that the three girls had fallen into a cage. The collapsed floor was no accident. It was planned. 
Ps: Ceh, i wanted to reveal at least one of the killers but when i wrote it all, it was too long. Have to edit. Lol. I promise you, the story will end soon. Well, Im sure one of the killers is pretty obvious for you to guess it anyways. Sorry for the terrible artwork...i dunno how to draw a collapsed floor. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapter 17

The Lounge
“Why aren’t they back yet? If feels like they’ve gone forever” Aine asked to Ka Phin, who sat next to her.
“They just left five minutes ago,” Steve answered, trying to ease the terribly anxious girl.
“Let’s have a look...just to make sure they’re alright,” Zainal suggested, hoping to at least have someone to follow him so he could do the deed. He tried to appear calm rather than being suspiciously nervous.
“Cry....Crystal... Why don’t you follow me?” Zainal asked.
“I rather stay here... We’ll check on them in another 10 minutes...We should just sit tight for now,” Crystal declined the offer much to Zainal’s disappointment. The chance has not yet arisen and he is growing impatient to leave the island.
They waited and waited till all agreed that it had taken them too long to venture the basement.
“Let’s have a look...just to make sure they are okay..,” finally Crystal suggested herself. Zainal tried to move calmly, leading Crystal to the kitchen. They peek at the side of the kitchen entrance, to see if there is anyone in the kitchen, but it was silent. The kitchen was without a soul, things unmoved.
“How did they get into the basement? Crystal asked, examining the place for obvious doors that could lead the other party to the basement, but none were seen. The refrigerator Nik had moved was back in its place, unaware by both Zainal and Crystal that it was the entrance they were looking for, but Zainal was not paying attention to any of Crystal’s utterance. He was looking for a way to kill Crystal instantly.
Crystal tried every door available, but to no avail. Frustrated she turned quickly behind to ask Zainal what they should do, only to find him holding a screwdriver with both his hands and shaking, unmoved.
“Are..are you the killer?” Crystal asked, backing away.
“I...I....No...I...,” Zainal stuttered his speech, trying to fight his hesitance.
Crystal’s sudden move to run snapped Zainal from his frozen state, knowing she would mislead the others that he was the killer. His reflexes prompt him to grab Crystal, to make her stop, and to explain, that he did not mean to kill her. But the sudden jerk made Crystal slipped, and her neck banged on the edge of the marble kitchen counter. She lay motionless on the tiled floor as Zainal was shocked on the accident. However, another realization made him weak at the knees. Steve was at the entrance, and had witness the entire scene. Quickly he ran to the others in the lounge and Zainal followed behind, trying to justify, clarify everything that had happened.
“Zainal killed Crystal!!” Steve yelled.
“No..I didn’t. It was an accident!!” Zainal defended himself.
“You pushed her!” Steve yelled again, afraid of his own friend.
“No I didn’t! I was trying to explain! I..didn’t!” Zainal defended again.
Ah Sze, Ka Phin, Julian and Aine were taken aback by the sudden exchange could not do anything but take arms. They took the iron rod from the fireplace nevertheless, though confused.
“What do you mean? Jenal? You killed Crystal??” Julian asked. Zainal backed onto the stairs as his friends, now sceptics of his innocence, had close in to him. He ascended the stairs till he was at the corridor.
“I had to!” Zainal said.
“What do you mean you had to?! Did you kill the others as well? Were you the killer??” Ka Phin asked, threatening him. She was fierce than anyone had ever seen in their six years together.
“Look! Look! I got this paper!” Zainal took the brown paper the killer gave him. Zainal’s mention of the paper struck familiarity to Steve. He too had the paper the killer gave him, and now he knows, he is not the only one. Steve wanted to do the same thing and took out his to vouch for Zainal’s claims. Although he saw Zainal causing Crystal to fall, he now knows why. Zainal is not the killer. He was sure.
“The killer gave it to me. It says...” Zainal was about to reveal the contents of the paper but saw the horrified faces of Julian and Ka Phin who were still at the foot of the stairs. They were looking intently to something other than him. Quickly he turned behind to a hooded figure. He was close enough to see the face though the corridor was without light, which was impossible for others downstairs. Zainal was speechless, his eyes widen and everything, all unexplainable events, made sense now. Before he could say anything, the hooded figure pushed him with unbelievable strength from the corridor. His landing to the floor head first caused a cracked sound. He laid motionless, eyes open, and brain matter oozing out of his skull.

Ps: I wonder if you guys can guess the killer. Lol. I hope my story will turn out "logical" in the end... Having major low self esteem issues at the moment...due to unemployment and the uncertainty of our future..... I need a therapist. :D Then again, i will persevere!! THIS IS SPARTAAA!! *kick my cat off the bed*

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chapter 16

The Basement
They descended down the eerie stairs, slowly and cautiously. The walls of the stairs permit only a single soul to pass through, so Nik went first, followed by the others. The walls looked old, preserved, and unrepaired. It was wet, covered with mold. The air was stuffier as they took steps down.
“There’s a grill,” Nik alerted the party. After a steep descent, they encountered a rusty but sturdy iron grill door blocking their path. Nik jerked the grill door but it would not budge.
“It’s locked. Let’s go back,” Sarah commented and had turn around, ready to leave.
“Kick it,” Wendy suggested and Nik complied. It slammed wide open and the party proceed with caution. Finally, they reached the bottom, lighting the basement with candles and their torch. The basement was dark with no source of light other than their own and from the kitchen from whence they came. The ceiling was high, not surprising as the stairs down was steep and long. It reminded Amara of a dungeon, one the movies always portray. It was dark, humid, dirty, mouldy, stuffy and hot.

The descent to the basement was slippery that Wawa, being the last among her friends slipped down and landed on her bum. Her ankles were sprained and she reached down to massage her ankle. The fall startled the already anxious group.
“Are you okay?” Sarah asked trying to help her friend.
“Yea, I’m fine” Wawa said, gesturing to her friends to continue exploring the basement and Wawa massaged her own ankle but her fingers felt foreign object in the side of her socks she had not noticed earlier. Wawa pulled to find a brown paper, written in red. Angered at the prospect of committing such a blasphemous act, she crushed the paper and threw it into a puddle of water of the humid basement floor. Quickly she got up with a little groan and joins the others, limping as the sting of the previous fall was still lingering. Something about the handwriting made her think, as if she had often seen it before....
It looks like....nah..impossible – Wawa thought. She turned to the now wet paper to salvage it and examine it further, but on second thought, she decided to let it be. The paper was like a taboo, picking it up was out of the question.
“I will not take another’s life even if my life depended on it,” she said despite the fear of losing hers. Resolute in her decided action.
“Look! Here’s the symbols Susan mentioned,” Nurul pointed to a series of symbols written all over the walls.

“What does that mean?” Sarah asked.
“I know the symbol of life. The ankh. That’s the pentagram again..And what is that? A bow?,” Amara pointed (can anyone give me a synonym for point? :D) out, examining the symbols closer.
“Those looks like one of those Russians writing right? And that’s Egyptian I’m sure, and that....that looks like an animal.... A dog maybe? No...a hippo? With the head of a bird?” Wendy asked, referring to the other symbols and drawings.
“The drawings seem old,” Ambun ran his fingers against the markings.
“Okay, this means what Susan said was true. The basement doesn’t seem like there was any recent “visitors”,” Nurul deduced and looked around.
“Guys! I found the altar,” Wawa called, after recovering from the discovery of the mysterious note. Wawa light the crooked table, missing a leg as it was eaten away by termites. It was tilted to the side, so the contents that were on it had fell to the floor.
“Shards of a bowl....a carcass of an orange cat maybe?” Nurul used her foot, not wanting to touch the tainted objects with her fingers.
“That seems like a remnants of the dolls,” Wendy pointed to a rotten straw doll, that would have been unrecognizable if Wendy hadn’t pointed it out. Memories of the dolls which documented their fallen friend’s demise ran shivers up their spine. They were reminded again of how close the killer was to them. The rotten doll also suggests the mass murder had something to do with what the original owner of the mansion wanted.
“The cat was a sacrifice, to conjure something. The ankh, that means life. So the owner would have wanted to bring something to life. Nad told me about the ankh once...,” Amara said, remembering all the talks she had on Egypt and on ancient Greek that was once Nad’s passion.
“If we could decipher what those other 4 symbols are, we would know what the murderer’s were after. They might be delusional, but knowing what they want can give us some advantages to manipulate,” Nurul said and the others were silent, but agreed in the idea.
A sudden creak followed by a slam alerted the party...dum dum dum...


When i wrote this, i did a little research...So one fine day, i asked Wawa a question. I wanted a quick response and without bias, so i just open the chat box, clicked Wawa, and threw a question. Her response was....

Lol... sorry Wawa...I couldn't resist print screen

Psst: Initially, the story about the basement people and the lounge people were supposed to fit in chapter 16...but it was too long to add both.. This story will take longer than expected.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year

Years come and go, but the feeling of a new era, a new year, a new start has not dawn on me....yet.

But, prophecy has it that this year will hold a major event that will change my life for ever....dum dum dum.  

Now...remember my old post on A trip to Batu Caves for Thaipusam. I went for a palm reading which prophesied  that I will get married when I'm 25 years old. I am still 24, but will be soon in February. I doubt that marriage will take place, lol...obviously. 

Anyways, to tell you the truth (and i'm sure many can relate), the new year did not bring any celebratory spirit in me. In fact, the last hours of 2011, I spent by 9gagging, play Counter Strike, and had slept early (i was kindda unwell), but i manage to wish my friends Happy New Year. 

The next day when I woke up, it was just like any other days.... I didn't feel anything.. Lol. But i hope for a better future, one that will give me a sense of purpose in life. Anyhow, adios so far. To those who care, I haven't started writing chapter 16, it'll take time. lots...lots of time. Gahah..but it was fun exploiting you people my dear classmates. 

My faces throughout the years:
(Penang Trip with classmates)

(just me in class in IPBL)

(As adjudicator for class debate)

(Raya 2009)

(Thaipusam trip with Visha)

Early 2011

 (Early 2011 with Sarah...i dunno where)

Middle 2011
(One of my happiest moments in 2011...oo, maybe i should write a post of Happiest Moments of 2011)

Late 2011 (29 December, Fara's birthday, the latest photo of myself and is how i look now in 2012...only with uncombed hair and in pajamas) This photo is taken with my sister's expensive camera...ya nampak okay sikit dari yang lain. ngee...