Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chapter 20

“Humans are funny creatures. When there is danger before them, rarely do they act. They cower in fear, their stink fills the air. But when they are not there within the real danger, they criticise. Should do this...should do that. I find them disgusting, yet interesting. Predictable, yet fascinating. Look at those people, oblivious. Cronos does wonders to the mind”.
The rain started to pour down heavily again. Those who were at the lounge were waiting in fear and contemplate to leave.
“We should just leave this place,” Steve said, eyes scanning the lounge.
“I think we have nothing to lose if we leave this place anyways. We should just go out, wait at the jetty, and defend ourselves there,” Julian said, agreeing with his friend.
“But Crystal...” Ka Phin hinted.
“We’ll just build a stretcher...Here look. Steve, watch my back,” Julian said and entered the nearest room on the ground floor. He threw the mattress and took the wooden planks that supported the mattress on the bed. Julian dragged comforters and blankets and fashioned the things he took into a stretcher. Others watched as Julian assembled it quickly, rushing against unknown time. They carefully placed Crystal onto the stretcher and proceeded to the door.
The rain hadn’t stop, but there was no danger they presume. Better than sitting waiting for death to come they thought, well at least Julian did. They brought along iron rods with them for weapons, should there be any threats coming their way.
They walked and walked down the road, wet and cold. Terrified and fearful. The party walked down the path, similar route Shafiq and his companions took. Suddenly, a bustling of leaves kept the party still. From far away, they could see a person, Nik running away with a terrified look upon his face. He ran, crossing the road and disappears again into the forest. Julian, assumed that he was running from the killer that he told everyone to hide in the forest, following Nik’s trail should he needed help. The stretcher was slowing them down, and soon, they lost the sight of Nik.
“Damn it!” Julian cursed.
“We should just go that way...slowly,” Steve suggested, considering the last direction they lost Nik was to the east. They did and carefully, they ventured further into the wet and dense forest.
“Look out for behind us. The killer might be onto us as well,” Ka Phin warned, and cautiously they manoeuvred through the thick plants and trees. They walked and walked, once in a while, tripped and fell. They had scraped their knees and sprained their ankles
A sight of a tunnel raised their hopes, and they came upon it though hidden by veins of tress and leaves. It had seemed it was disturbed, possibly by Nik.
“I’m sure Nik came through here. Look,” Ah Sze said and showed them foot prints visibly seen on the dirt.
“Let’s go in,” Ah Sze said, leading them inside. They were hesitant, but the rain became heavier, and strong wind blew. They had no choice but to take cover. 

Sorry it took too long. This was done a month ago, but never got to post it...I was hesitant to put it up coz i dunno what comes next, but now i have a rough idea.


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