Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I iz 25~~

I am number four.... *buat muka serious*...

I are baboon.....can i haz cheezburger? *teteyba mengidam mcD* I am officially 25 years freaking old.... Before i slept, i thought to myself, i should wake up early tomorrow...ya know, buang tabiat, since i am 25 years old. But this morning, when it was 5 am, i woke up and said to myself..."meh..F*** this shit, i need my sleep* and i dozed off...till 9am.

Today was like any other day....except, i am a year older, that's it.. and of course i received calls from my beloved minions...i mean uh...friends... :D whom i miss so much. Its good to hear ya guys... XD.

Today was particularly....gloomy... Yes, the whether was gloomy too...Lol...but this would be the first time  my birthday without family or friends... It struck me yesterday a little, but today...BAM! It struck me flat in the face. Lol.

*opps...mommy dearest calling*

Where was i? *read the text moron* Yes..well...

*stupid internet....had to delay 3 hours to send this*

As I was saying...the realization that I am 25 years old just dawned on me.. It feels like just a few days ago, i got out from high school, and into Maktab..and into UKM. And now, I am in SMK Kabong, *pronounced as Kabuong*.,  a teacher. Life is unbelievably quick.. Lol

I had students coming to my work place, wishing me Happy Birthday, and gave me a simple birthday card. If i had a board, i'd display it..Haha... But to tell you the truth, the excitement is gone. Maybe cause I'm far away from the people i love...or maybe, i'm getting old.


I"M 25 YEARS OLD!!!!

I still have no idea what 25 means....I wasted 25 years of my life not knowing what to do with it. Ahaks. Well, live life to the fullest!!

Ps: In the spirit of celebration, i cooked myself something extra special...not that i have much of a choice...
It has broccoli...and tofu. XD
Nad: Wow...this looks nice...
Nadiah: thank you XD go on, eat it..
Nad: *on nom nom nom*....mmm..delicious..!
Siti: Could lessen the salt though...
Nad: Shut up..