Saturday, February 18, 2012

So far in the life of Cikgu Siti...Omaigad...Siti..oh...*puke*

Many may now know, that Siti....*oh god...heart attack*... is in Kabuuong...thats how they pronounce Kabong.... Lol... Its basically a tiny in Saratok. The drive takes about 5-6hours from Kuching..

First impression was of course, pleasing. I love the beach, and the beach takes less than 5 minutes worth of walking from school. The school, duh, is a small school. It has two sessions, morning and afternoon. It was nice and dandy. Until.....two weeks ago.

Omaigad. The tigers have shown their stripes. The boogey man has undo his fairy costume. I feel like I'm in supernatural, where one minute you are in heaven, and the next, hell. Or...well, purgatory? The principal is a nice..nice...nice man. Too nice....too nice to the point during a meeting, a teacher blasted him over an issue. He just smiled and gave little a boy would when explaining why he had taken a cookie from a cookie jar after brushing his teeth before bed time. Hah. =.="v apakah?

As the new teacher, i of course expected a lot of work, but i did not expect a mountain of unrealistic goals. I will swear to myself, i shall help the next new comer so she or he would not feel like shit as i have. Don't get me start on the work....sigh... but one i shall say, who the hell writes a script for a debate? Imagine this debate.
THBT coke is the way to go.

debater: I would like to define coke as a type of beverage
scripted idiot: i accept that definition. my 1st point, my point is that coke is a type of drug. It will cause some social issue thingy.
debator: On that point ma'am, we had defined coke as a beverage.
scripted idiot: Onto my next point, coke, is also responsible for the drug cartels in mexico to reign in power.
debator: on that point, we've limited the context to malaysia.. and what the hell does coca cola have anything to do with drugs?

you get what i mean? But noooo they want me to write scripts for 3 speakers, 4 speeches(in parliamentary style), for both sides, predicting all outcomes, for 4 freaking motions. How, on this great and beautiful earth, could that, even if i had a computer for a brain, even possible? Now....get this.. I am in charge of public speaking..yay...great. debate too.. Oh oh, kelab taekwando...and and...chess trainer... Hahaha! Oh, and i have 6 classes to teach, meaning 27 periods per week, not to mention form 2H, oh mai god, aren't they cute little devil's spawn. Oh yeah, i am the M.fu*****.C for the choral speaking competition and i got to know that from an interim teacher. He was, "oh, didn't you know. Me too, someone told me that i am. So im confused now..." Even the task of decorating the board, no one tells me to the face, about it. Memo ka... sms ka... email ka.... suddenly ppl come up to me, "hey, when are you decorating the board"... =.="

Fine...okay. And sometimes they ask me this and that.
ppl: cikgu, jagan lupa hantar borang pelajar untuk bulan ni..
me: what?
ppl: borang tu la cikgu. Utk kehadiran pelajar..
me: what?
ppl: yang ni la...

For goodness sakes, i just started teaching. Please, i beg you, tell me what the hell is going on. I'm not the only one frustrated. There are a bunch of us, clueless people. We didn't even know the Ko-K is starting last week...we were warned for not attending..  We were like...what the hell is going on???  Speaking of not knowing, i prepared a slideshow to teach literature... It was nice, i added emoticons, custom animations...all nice. Then came the day...

technician: oh sorry cikgu, hari ni makmal computer tak boleh di pakai..
cikgu: what?
tech: makmal dipakai untuk program lain..
cikgu: %$^&^*(&)*(..oh...terima kasih. Okay.

=.="v so i had to use chalk and talk. Well, more like marker and yell. So i gave the technician my number (for the 2nd time)...telling him, next time, if there is any changes, i would appreciate it greatly if he would just inform me. =.=" tengokla..tmrw, if he says makmal komputer isnt available, i'll burn the school.... Ah...lega.. :D

Now, to a more less depressing topic... the food i cooked. Its sortta a new experience for me. I mean, i have cooked before, but not an entire meal... the food here i figure,heck i should cook. The worse it could turn out would be the same standard of the food here. And i must say, biased and opinionated, full of self confidence, and arrogance and perhaps desperation,...i must say, i cook good food with limited  resources. Not bad...

Its really hard to get out of the school. You need to have your own vehicle...=.=" But i take it as an adventure! And when there is some angel offering me ride, i literally look like this:-

Well, that is all for now...will be back for more...when i have time. :) Adieu...and wish me luck.. :D


  1. the whole school call me teacher ain or ain. which I couldnt emotionally relate at all.haha hang in there buddy. I like the part where you have to cook. Kak Om must be so proudda ya!

  2. really... i understand ur feeling. we always hav to ask ourselves. or else, we'll jz be blur til the end. ><
    Dun eat ur meals with coke! LOL =P