Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is short and unexpected

We hear this quote billions of time. "Life is short". My reaction and I'm sure many of you too would answer "Meh, that's so cliche". 

And when you hear of supernatural happenings, you would most probably say, "That shit ain't real. It only happens when Dean and Sam Winchester's around". I was a skeptic, though i had my fair share of supernatural encounter, i would still be skeptic when i hear of black magic and the sorts. Well, at least in modern times like now, I wouldn't have believed that there are those who still use supernatural being for their own advantage.

Now. Let me tell you what happened. I’ve only gathered enough courage to write about it today.

Before I begin, I would need to tell you of this person. He is an interim teacher. Posted the same time as I was. Though he was in the morning session, we did a lot of work together, such as being involved in MSSM betong, decorating the school board and since his desk was next to mine, we would sometimes chat. He was handsome, and often smiled. He never raised his voice. He was generous. He lent me (a complete stranger at the time) his bike so I could ride to town. He offered to buy items for the decoration. I would admit, I am beginning to love him as a friend. Though I’ve only known him for a short while, I know him as someone great and kind. Thinking and writing of him now makes me sad.

About 2 weeks ago, he passed away.

We were involved in MSSM Betong, 26 -31st March. We grew close with the others as the time we spent together each day was a lot, especially during the preparation for the sports events. During Betong trip, day 2 of the trip (if I am not mistaken) we noticed sudden changes in him. He rarely smile, he ignored our callings, ignored our questions and did not help me to manage the kids at all. We did not think much of it at first, and we assumed he had other troubles.
When we returned from Betong and to school, he was different. The last words I spoke to him was..”Hey, can you help me with this….?” And when he did not reply..”Ookay….thanks”. That was stupid. I feel stupid. How can we not notice something was amiss?  
On Tuesday, he was not himself. He was possessed, and claimed to be someone else. He called himself other names and acted different. I cannot go into details. Shivers still run up my spine whenever I think of it. In fact, I have not slept alone in 2 weeks. I am afraid. We all are.
He was sent home, to go for some healing/berubat ritual. But in the middle of their journey, he got aggressive and stormed out of the car he was in. When his father followed him from behind, he acted as if he had not known who his father was and told him to stop following him. When his father got close, he punched his father in the face. He was never violent in his entire life. I knew this from his family, when we visited. When we walked away, (details were vague here), he was found at the road side, injured and dying. His mother cradled him in her arms.
At Betong hospital, he was declared dead.
We were angry at the fact. We were also scared. How could this happen? Why him? Why could this thing be even possible? I mean…really? We were still in disbelief.
The eeriest part would be when he told 2 of our teachers/friends that “This will be the last time you’ll ever see me, and I’ll ever see you”. It came true.
Life is short and you’ll never know when you’ll meet your maker. There are things that’ll forever be unknown. Things can be unfair.
Although we do not share the same faith, I will pray for you. May you rest in peace. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chapter 22

The door opened with a rusty creak. Julian peeked in to see a dimly lit room with drapes of plastics hung from the ceiling and with endless darkness. Both of the boys entered and the door, a heavy metal door banged close. Steve saw a figure of a man behind the drapes. He whispered of Nik’s name, slowly and cautiously. There was no response but a flick of a hand. They moved closer, and closer, pushing away the drapes for a better view. There stood Zainal, his eyes closed and his hands brought up. He was waving. Zainal was a mere puppet.
The sight of the lifeless body stunned the two boys. Their legs froze and their eyes fixed upon Zainal’s body. They saw strings, and wires fixed onto their friend’s joint, leading up to the dark unseen ceiling.
The room began to appear brighter and then did they realize that their fallen friends were seated on a chair with their joints too attached like a puppet. They head hung down, and they backs arched forward. Their arms fell to the side of the chair. The only thing that held them up were the wires.
They stood up, and moved in sync. They were doing robot dance (hahahah!!). Julian saw the wires moving by the ceiling, and there were no wires moving outwards…meaning, to Julian’s dismay and horror, one of the “dead” is controlling all.
The puppets stood and waved, and the dolls that were from before laid next to them. All of their friends were dead, and they had confirmed their death.
“Julian, I see no wires connecting outwards. Where is the fucking puppet master?” Steve asked. The moving bruised corpses were a mocking gesture.
“Let us leave,” Julian urged and tried to open the door. But the door refused to open.
Footsteps briefly took their attention and in the middle of the room stood Nik. His hands open, and his legs firmly on the ground.
“Nik!” Julian cried, relief to see his friend alive despite the horrors they had been through. Steve however saw the smile on Nik’s face.
“Welcome….to my crib,” Nik said, amusingly and laughed his heart out. “Fear me for I am Deimos!”. With those utterances his eyes glowed red and his fangs appeared.
Julian and Steve pushed themselves against the wall, unable to believe what they just saw. But another surprise they did not expect. One of the “puppet’s” head looked up and smiled. A face they did not believe was able to come back from the dead. Everything made sense now. Everything that happened now had an explanation. The murders that were done were now seemed possible.
The girls reached the jetty’s guard house. Rain came heavily again, with winds that could uproot trees. They took cover from the rain and from a distance; they saw a human figure, staggering towards them. The iron rods from the mansion were still in their hands and with it they stood guard. The face drew close and unbelievably, with rejoice Ka Phin saw the face of Nad whom they had thought were killed in the mansion room.
“Nad! How?’ Ka Phin said and ran towards Nad to give her friend a hug.
Aine saw and sighed of relief. But something was amiss. If that is Nad, then, who is the dismembered body in the room? Ka Phin took a few steps backwards and turned towards Aine, who then saw a knife stabbed into Ka Phin’s womb. Blood was inevitably flowing and Ka Phin fell to the ground.
Aine let out a scream and a pair of hands held her head from behind. With a snap, Aine lay motionless.

PS: Sorry i haven't updated the story for a long time. Hehe.  This was done in a rush, hopefully it is satisfactory. Huhu....lamak sik tulis, macam sik betul plot da...