Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kabong's Eid-ul Fitr

Hatchiuuuu! *wash wash wash*.....*sweep sweep sweep*......*mop mop mop*......*lazing around*....*continue task*...

Huaa....It has been quite some time since I've blogged. Blame it on the laziness internet... I wanted to write on this year's Aidil fitri celebration, but I don't have pictures when my family and I were in, I will be "blogging" (more like pasting pictures) about the Ramah tamah Aidil fitri we had in our school.

The teachers were divided into groups. We had six groups... Lemang (mine), Ketupat, Kelupis, Rendang, Serunding and.... uh...wait...was it five groups..or six?.... XD..

Anyway, we had a few competition:
1. karaoke
2. ketupat making
3. best dressed
4. best tent
5. best cake decoration

We even had an opening performance.....ahaks...but I'll get to that later...

Here are some pictures
 Me and the Gang (From left: Me, Ben, Fey2 & Romero)
 Taking pictures in front of other people's tent but did not even bother to take picture of own tent.....

The teachers

Taking pictures with the same colour to speak...

Dunno who's tent... Serunding's maybe

I am so gonna make a TV show poster out of this


Waiting to compete for the ketupat competition...Funny thing was, my partners and I were confused. We weren't sure how to win. Was it the most ketupat made within a given time, or was it the most creative? Lol...we didn't win. But if it were based on quantity, we sure would win. (konfid)

Me on the roll

A peak inside Ketupat's tent

Me, Felisica and Zainab

The special thing about this event to me was it was the first time i've ever performed in a in a band. I mean, I've performed for Gamelan, and violin/ melodian/  (when i was a kid), but it was THE FIRST time I've ever I've performed in a band. And also, first time holding and playing the bass. Funny thing was, I just learnt how to play the bass say 2 days before the gig. It was kindda easy to play the bass, but it was still nerve wrecking to go and perform. 

"What if I screwup?

"Dang...where's A again?" 

"Hell, when do I come in?"

All those thoughts were in my head...but it was well. There were a few glitches...if you watch the video. We had little time to practice...but it was fun nevertheless. We were booked to play for the school dinner... matilaa...nabes. 

(After many failed attempts to upload video....)

I'll just upload the video when my streamyx is done...stress..

The songs we played was Suasana Hari Raya and Salam Aidil Fitri...

Wawa, remember this song? Hahaha! We played it during UKM ramah tamah aidil fitri..I still have our audio and our picture we took as background. 

Seeing that my writing has no cohesion what so ever...I think it is time for me to stop crapping and sleep. Had a long day and its 2.30am now. Good night.. :)

[Pictures courtesy of Felisica. Hahaha... I was too lazy to snap pictures}


  1. Eh... 4th last picture, mcm gmbr akad nikah jaaa... you look AWESOME! =)

  2. Aku akad nikah lah ya yang. Kau kan dah transform, sik dpt stay married to you. Ahaha! Speaking of marriage, kau bila gik? *senyum keji *