Monday, January 14, 2013


Humans have their good days...and their bad days. And one of those bad days, there are the worse of them all. And during those times, one may not be able to hold everything in. One would voice out one's displeasure....that happened to me...a few days ago.... but i didn't exactly say that bad.

Me: Dang it..i have so many things to do!
Other teacher: Don't complain.
Me: (silent)

I fell silent not because i am ashamed, but because i realized no one will appreciate your work, and nobody know's what you are going through. But, they are not to blame. Its just that i feel i have the right to complain once in a while...and let me tell you the task that i am assigned to. Then you be the judge whether i am overreacting.

Post/task i am assigned to:
1. Warden
2. Pen. Setiausaha Ko-Kurrikulum
3. Penyelaras PBS Bahasa Inggeris
4. Penyelaras Program Intervensi 2M'
5. Setiausaha Lembaga Warden
6. Guru Penasihat Kelab catur
7. Jurulatih Pasukan Catur sekolah (separate from the chess club coz its a entire school thingy)
8. Am teaching 4 classes at the moment. (form 1,2 & 3) meaning i am in two sessions.
9. since i am the warden, i am automatically in the unit disiplin,
10. Pen. Ketua Jawatankuasa StorKo-kurikulum dan peralatan Ko-kurrikulum
11. Jurulatih debate team
12. and others

There are more but i guess its too depressing to write. Besides there are others listed me as "Semua warden" or "semua guru bahasa" so that doesnt really count i guess. and i'm sure there are other future appointments. I really am tired and its just January...and the idea that i'll be in something in the future scares me. I think my plate is full and i'm afraid i cannot cope. To be honest, when i reviewed the lantikan in the file, i see my name popping here and there....and others seemed not to be as many as mine. Sure the big shots there say i am trusted....but seriously? Just because i am "trusted" so, i am going to do all the work for other teachers who are "not trusted" while we get the same amount of pay. I find this entirely depressing. Really.... I didn't plan to write this in my blog...but i've got no one to tell and keeping it in is really stressful. I just want someone to hear me thats all. Else i'll go crazy.

Nad: Chey, bukan main complain, tok ada masa blogging tok cam ney?
Siti: Sukati kumpun!

Sekian, thank you. lol

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  1. *Meowfus flicks a microscopic dust particle off its shoulder* You were saying? :D

    You've been heard. Hooray! *snickers* *persona change commencing in 1 second* You'll cope, dearie. After all, you've done lots of mahgnifishient ztuff :) You rock! *slams the guitar* Yeah, baby!