Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Will for Justice

There is always a line between right or wrong.  While it is easy to say that someone or something is wrong, that this and that should not happen, to act against it is another matter. One needs to build up an enormous amount of courage, a sense of righteousness, an unwavering will and admit that there will be consequences even if you are fighting for the right: because, to point a wrong, you leave yourself vulnerable for others to find yours. The question is, will you risk your life, career and reputation just to stand up for justice, for something that in your mind and in your heart, you know it is wrong. And knowing that the wrongdoer has powerful friends, who can make your life a living hell, who can threaten you, leave you without the means for a successful career, and perhaps make it his life’s work to throw obstacles in your path: Would you take that risk to fight for justice? I have my answer, and there is no turning back for the choices we make… I say, it’s enough. Something must be done.

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