Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapter 19

The Basement
“How do we get down?” Ambun asked, his eyes still adjusting to the light the collapsed room had emitted.
“I think we have to jump,” Nik suggested. Sarah remained, but the three (Ambun, Amara and Nik) decided they should go down and rescue the girls. The height from the basement floor to the newly discovered floor was about 3-4 metres high. If they could hold from the metal bar of the cage to soften their fall, they could reach it without injuring themselves.
Nik went first, followed by Ambun and then, Amara who amazes herself of her own bravery. Sarah remained, unable to bring herself to jump into the room.
“Wawa! Wendy!” Amara called out, while rattling the cage to try and open it. It had no doors, and they scanned the room for anything that could break the iron rods.

The room, a dungeon renovated, was wide. It had chains linked to the walls, and a huge tapestry hung from one of the walls, covering it entirely with the image of an Egyptian figure: a woman with the head of a lion and much clear version of the other symbol, the figure of a hippopotamus with the head of a wasp. Amara recognized the lion head goddess as Sekhmet, and deduced that the symbols were in fact referring to the figure of the tapestry.
The girls finally awoke, coughing from the dust and cleaned debris of their bodies. No one was injured, but shaken of course.
“This must be their lair. Or whatever it is..,” Amara said and looked around. There was only a door at the far corner of the room that should be their way out. Amara went to the door only to find it was locked from the outside. She kicked the door in frustration, hurting her toe at the same time. Everyone knew they were trapped nevertheless, based on Amara’s temper towards the door that could mean freedom from this gruesome place.
Ambun and Nik were trying still of ways to get the girls out, as Amara studied the walls and the books there. Many of them were books written in French, German and even Italian, but as Amara scanned through the book quickly, she saw a modern looking book, titled “Mythology for dummies” assuming the killer had use it for reference for their stupid demon worship conquest. There were scribbles everywhere, but the symbols that were on the wall were present in the pages of the book. Finally, they knew what those symbols mean. The book was conveniently marked, as if wanting the readers to know... (Face it; I am very lazy to elaborate. Stress you know  - ala Qmar)
“Guys look... the symbols that we saw. It means, Deimos and Phobos.. The Greek gods of fear and dread,” Amara read out the passage as she felt goose bumps of the revelation.
“What? They were trying to learn about the Greek gods? And what, conjure them? That’s stupid! We are losing our lives to some ancient fiction!” Nurul exploded with anger. She kicked the iron rod but fell on her back.
“It looks like the scribbles aren’t notes to look,” Amara showed Ambun, “it looks like corrections”.
“Don’t tell me they are self proclaimed experts on the matter,” Amara slammed the book shut and threw it on the floor. The sound of the book hitting the floor was drowned by a metal sound that sounded like a huge sliding lock.
A familiar face popped out of the door. It was Menn, wet and dirty. He looked scared and relieved at the same time.
“Oh thank God!” Wawa exclaimed in relief.
“Guys! How’d you get here?” Menn asked, carefully entering the room. “What is this place?”
“We went to check out the basement. They fell in from there,” Ambun said, pointing to the huge gap on the ceiling. Menn looked up, and saw Sarah waving nervously.
“What happened to you anyway?” Ambun asked, remembering the killer had taken both Hua Chien and Shafiq’s head.
“Hua Chien was attacked, and I had to run into the woods. I hope Shafiq is alright...,” he explained but no one had the heart to tell him of Shafiq’s fate. “I walked and saw this tunnel,” Menn pointed to the door, “which then led me here”.
“Sarah, you have to jump down,” Nik instructed, and Sarah nodded in agreement. When Sarah was down, Menn took a metal rod lying nearby which was easily hidden by the shadows, to which everyone thought he was going to pry the cage open. Stretching his arms for the rod, Amara saw a glimpse of red stain on his sleeve.
“Are you hurt?” Amara asked, concerned, but Menn stood up and looked directly at everyone. His mouth carved into the most crooked smile everyone had ever seen. His eyes were glowing red, and his teeth were jagged and sharp.  He swung the rod, hitting Ambun’s head, splitting it open. 

Ps: Muahhahaha!!! I hope I don't have any glaring grammar mistakes. Too lazy to edit it.. and had to cut it short. It was too long for a chapter. If there is any inconsistencies, do tell and i'll fix it.  


  1. "“Mythology for dummies” assuming the killer had use it for reference for their stupid demon worship conquest."?? epic hahaha..
    Finally!! huahuahuaha..I personally like the red eyes & the pic, somehow it does resemble me (ok, creepy eh haha)..
    *standing ovation

  2. When i drew it...i was slightly freaked out as well. Cepat cepat aku lukis. Haha. I use a picture of urs for reference.