Saturday, January 23, 2010

I should do my assignment rather than doing these things....

A character I'm working on in my story...does she look disturbing enough? I personally think its not... need to work on my evil drawings..

Kan best mun blogspot dapat crop pictures..features ya nang amat dihargai laa untuk orang kurang rajin seperti yours truly.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cinderella, Nad's Version

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named (well, called…) Cinderella. She was tall, and well-built due to the work she had been doing around the house. Cinderella had two stepsisters who were anorexic and bulimic respectively. One day, the Prince had a ball. He put on his best sportswear and along with his guards they played futsal. As he was playing, he accidentally kicked the ball high above the palace fence and it landed upon Cinderella’s lawn. Hating such a thing on her lawn, her beautiful lawn she had taken great care of, the ball had to go. With all her might, she kicked the ball towards where it came from, but the force of such a kick she gave was so great that one of her flowery gardening boots was stuck onto the ball. So precise and great was Cinderella’s kick that it landed before the Prince. Upon gazing at the ball and was amazed by it, the Prince vowed to go for a quest in search of the owner of the one boot. And the search began… It then came to Cinderella’s house and the Prince presented to the women of the house, Cinderella’s stepsister. They tried to put on the shoe but it was too big for them as their feet were tiny and bony. Then, Cinderella tried the boot and it fit her perfectly and thus produced the other pair. She rejoiced as she has now found her beloved gardening boots. The Prince begged her to demonstrate her kick in which she was hesitant at first but agreed nevertheless. She kicked the ball and the Prince’s jaw dropped in awe. He went onto his knees and professed his burning desire, “Will you..join my team?”. Cinderella, upon hearing large sum of salary was for her if she joined, could not resist such an offer, thus agreed. They lived happily ever after for quite some time, though the Prince later developed arthritis and could not play futsal any longer. As for Cinderella, she became the best futsal coach in the country and made plenty money out of it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

With my hands... @ watashi no te

With my hands
I draw things that I've seen,
things that I want to see.

With my hands
I write of things that is in my mind,
thing that occured to me,
and things I've pondered about.

With my hands,
I strum the guitar,
of songs I sing
and pluck the guitar,
that is to my liking.

With my hands,
I played the gamelan
and the flute,
and travel to a new world,
that can never reached on foot.

With my hands
I nurse a sick cat,
till it can run about the house
and chase a few rats.

With my hands
I could touch my friends,
to console or,
to simply be a friendly gesture.
I could hug my mom, my dad, my siblings,
and to even ask for divine guidance.

And with my hands,
I could heal,
or do wonders
or to bring harm upon others,
but that is really up to one's will.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

nothin to do...

During class... i did this..

I drew this on a piece of paper...while lecture XD.. Well, whaddya expect me to do??

And did this too, with my dear accomplice..


Then, i went to McD...where i sketched this on a tissue paper..

here's a cropped version and photo shopped..

This is a true story of our Chan Hua Chien. He's evil ladies and gentlemen, pure E.V.I.L!! With that, i bid thee adieu.



Urgh..finally, i sorta got Ares done but am not satisfied at all... Huhu.. I copied from an image from the internet...(as usual XD)..

Here's the original work i got form the internet,

Ghehehe.. peace and out

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sugarmama's Lament

I started off as a nerd
My cries of sugarmama-ing remains unheard
After a while,
I feel wild.
I began to submit to my inner voice,
Of the thing that should be my choice.
Though initially i refused,
Now i am infused,
of my sugarmama nature.
I am crazy,
I am what men dream to be.

Author's finest work so far XD...of the Nemui Kuma.

Ps: I will my things to my friends just in case i am murdered due to the controversy of this poem...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Any songs..? beloved guitar..*kiss kiss kiss*.. urgh (wipes guitar) my precioussss.... I've been playing Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard.. and is bored with it now.. and i can't seem to find any other songs to play.. My guitar pun da bosan with it da... even if i play it, nya macam maok sik maok jak..(ntah2 tuner aku rosak koot) Ntah papa ntah...membebel sorang2 pagi2 tok... Anyone got any recommendation of songs?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some art work..

Am now reading Arabian Nights and saw some of the illustrations in the book that i found quite beautiful. I copied one from it..

Then I browsed through the internet and saw this beautiful sketch of the goddess Athena and have always been a fan of Roman or Greek Myths.. (pardon the poor scanning job.. i was rather lazy to crop the image) Its not an exact copy.. i did change a few things...

This is the original image that i got from the internet though i don't remember where i got it...but its pretty XD. To the artist of this sketch..*4 thumbs up!*

And finally, I intended to draw a self portrait but it didn't really look like me so half way i changed it to an Egyptian princess since at the time i was going through Egyptian images(Though i am a fan of Greek myths, I am very passionate of the Egyptian myths and have used them in my stories). This sketch is also an illustration of how a character in my story is suppose to be. You'll notice a raven behind her..

Now, I'm working on Ares,God of War and will post it soon. But, it's not an original work, as i just found the images from the internet. The only original drawing her is of the Egyptian princess. I still have a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

A new Year

A little too late for a New Year’s entry but what the heck… :D I’ve deleted a number of posts in this blog. Post that laments and complains of the past that I don’t wish to be reminded of. Past have always jump out and bite me in the ass for no apparent reason, and I don’t need another reminder of what it felt before. So, I’m starting to be positive this year…though I believe I’ve started nearly end of last year, but I’ll make it resolute! No use lamenting and subjecting yourself into self pity right?
Resolution For 2010
1. My usual principal of life – do your part in kindness and good deeds, expect none from others….
Which reminds me of a line a king once said “You may moved by kings or men of power, but remember that your soul is in your keeping alone. You cannot stand before god and say “but I was told to do thus by others or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice.”
2. I’ve had fears of commitment or making new friends because it means that I have to trust. Even now if I share a good company, for a moment I would realize that I feel vulnerable and immediately build a wall. It’s really bad for the heart Alex. So, I shall be open and fear not! Okay..i don’t mean I’ll immediately thrust my trust (oo..rhymes), I’ll follow my heart and my brains as well. My heart has been coped up for some time, I didn’t give it a chance to speak…poor thing..XD
Fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little death that brings to total obliteration. I will face my fears; I will permit my fears to pass over me and through me. And when I turn, there will be nothing. Only I will remain..(well, it goes something like that but you get the gist) – Frank Herbert(Dune) –
3. I was going to say that I’d avoid conflicts but then, conflicts will always occur as long as there are humans around. I’ve realized for some time that others sometimes are not like me. And that I cannot expect them to be. So, I shall make the best out of everything!! And if a conflict just happens to stumble before my feet, I will deal it with great thought and careful judgment… (ew, I sound old..wait…I’m GOING TO BE 23 this year!! NOOOOoooooooo *runs around with hands up in the air and eventually knocked the wall)
4. Lose weight. . . Hey, I’m still a girl XD.
5. Study hard..and stop sleeping, drooling on the table..gelilaa or sketching lecturer’s faces or animes or writing stories during class damnit! I shall maintain my score and if possible achieve more.. Looking back the 23 years I have lived, I am not yet satisfied with my achievements. I will strive for more!
6. I’ve been jack of all trades and master of none… I shall focus on one thing and will master it! Muahahahaha!! (shut up Aliks)
7. Gather more members for Meanie Academy.. ps: this is Aliks talking…
Well, I guess that’s about it I guess. But I’m sure there are other things I’ll come across in the future and will make room for better improvements. I will be 23 soon (NOOoo!! *pulls hair* Aiyak..botak da*) and I won’t behave like a 3 year old when it comes to responsibilities or conflicts, but guys…I will always be crazy like always. My inner child is important to me when it comes to writings and sketching, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. Hahah!! *peluk bantal busuk*.