Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2* and still going~~~

It didn't really hit me, my birthday that is. The day before, i just didn't know that the next day is my birthday. And late night on the 21st, only then did i know, that today is the 22nd February, the day i turn 2* (miahah)... And when i started getting birthday wishes, i was...yea..okay.. but still didn't think it wasn't that important. I cldn't check my facebook, cuz i cldn't go online...

I didn't really have the mood to celebrate birthdays, after my 21st cause shit happened on that day... (by the way, Sudirman died on the 22 February 1982, i am his reincarnation....chey, perasan..) As i was saying, thinking that i am 2* (miahah) today, i begin to realize i didn't really achieve much. I mean, Alexander the Great conquered half the world when he was 25. (Alexander is my idol, hence the comparison). Ah well.... *buffer kuku*..

What was the point i wrote this...? Oh yea...

I didn't think the day was special enough to celebrate. I thought the day was dull.... untill..someone posted something on my facebook. A video.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRoAODHeDRU ..by Miss Connie.

To the editor of the video, thanks for making my day a little special than any other days. I didn't feel it was my birthday till you posted this award winning video... *monologue* Mesti nya stalk Facebook profile aku... Miahahahasfkjhsa. Miss ya, and your keji humour... Aku nangga Burlesque ari ya...best~~  (ps: Video feature my Fila shirt too often...and indication to go shopping)

To Ka Phin and Wendy, thank you for the outing on the 20th birthday...i was uh..clueless a bit, until it hit me when you guys PAID the BILL! And i really enjoyed our little lepaking and chatting...haven't been that talkative in ages... (exaggeration)

To everyone who wished me, Thank you so very much.... (bow bow bow)~~~

Hey, age is just a number~~ (console dirik) Again,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ramblings of a brat~~

My lips are cracked like the Great Canyons... It has been like this for almost a week now, and it hurts when i eat, or brush my teeth...~~~ So, i did some internet browsing and found out several causes...
1. allergic reaction.... ::::: i dun think i'm allergic to anything...but work.. :D muahaha..
2. cancer... ::: doubt that~~
3. my body's too acidic... :::::: i'm a mutant!!
4. heat... :::::: plausible
5. dehydration... :::::: seriously?~~~ i mean, at the rate of my liquid consumption, i dare say dehydration is the least of my problems~
6.  What was six...?....eh....uh..... can't remember..~~

Anyhow, suggested ways of dealing was eat lots of fruits, vegetables and drink lots of PLAIN water.. This all equals to hell for a carnivorous-water-monster.  

Googled "carnivorous-water-monster" and i got this picture~~

And the picture above does not correspond to the pictures below....
plain boring tasteless water

But i do try my very best to get most of those three ~~~ ghehehe... 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In KLIA now B***ch! Part 1

Before i begin my B.S, i would like to wish my friends and family, my cats, stray dogs out there, and a hamster named Mr. W a happy Chinese New Year. Qong Xi Fa Chai!

Aiyaa... sudah panggil mau masuk kapal terbang... to be continued...(if rajin)