Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapter 17

The Lounge
“Why aren’t they back yet? If feels like they’ve gone forever” Aine asked to Ka Phin, who sat next to her.
“They just left five minutes ago,” Steve answered, trying to ease the terribly anxious girl.
“Let’s have a look...just to make sure they’re alright,” Zainal suggested, hoping to at least have someone to follow him so he could do the deed. He tried to appear calm rather than being suspiciously nervous.
“Cry....Crystal... Why don’t you follow me?” Zainal asked.
“I rather stay here... We’ll check on them in another 10 minutes...We should just sit tight for now,” Crystal declined the offer much to Zainal’s disappointment. The chance has not yet arisen and he is growing impatient to leave the island.
They waited and waited till all agreed that it had taken them too long to venture the basement.
“Let’s have a look...just to make sure they are okay..,” finally Crystal suggested herself. Zainal tried to move calmly, leading Crystal to the kitchen. They peek at the side of the kitchen entrance, to see if there is anyone in the kitchen, but it was silent. The kitchen was without a soul, things unmoved.
“How did they get into the basement? Crystal asked, examining the place for obvious doors that could lead the other party to the basement, but none were seen. The refrigerator Nik had moved was back in its place, unaware by both Zainal and Crystal that it was the entrance they were looking for, but Zainal was not paying attention to any of Crystal’s utterance. He was looking for a way to kill Crystal instantly.
Crystal tried every door available, but to no avail. Frustrated she turned quickly behind to ask Zainal what they should do, only to find him holding a screwdriver with both his hands and shaking, unmoved.
“Are..are you the killer?” Crystal asked, backing away.
“I...I....No...I...,” Zainal stuttered his speech, trying to fight his hesitance.
Crystal’s sudden move to run snapped Zainal from his frozen state, knowing she would mislead the others that he was the killer. His reflexes prompt him to grab Crystal, to make her stop, and to explain, that he did not mean to kill her. But the sudden jerk made Crystal slipped, and her neck banged on the edge of the marble kitchen counter. She lay motionless on the tiled floor as Zainal was shocked on the accident. However, another realization made him weak at the knees. Steve was at the entrance, and had witness the entire scene. Quickly he ran to the others in the lounge and Zainal followed behind, trying to justify, clarify everything that had happened.
“Zainal killed Crystal!!” Steve yelled.
“No..I didn’t. It was an accident!!” Zainal defended himself.
“You pushed her!” Steve yelled again, afraid of his own friend.
“No I didn’t! I was trying to explain! I..didn’t!” Zainal defended again.
Ah Sze, Ka Phin, Julian and Aine were taken aback by the sudden exchange could not do anything but take arms. They took the iron rod from the fireplace nevertheless, though confused.
“What do you mean? Jenal? You killed Crystal??” Julian asked. Zainal backed onto the stairs as his friends, now sceptics of his innocence, had close in to him. He ascended the stairs till he was at the corridor.
“I had to!” Zainal said.
“What do you mean you had to?! Did you kill the others as well? Were you the killer??” Ka Phin asked, threatening him. She was fierce than anyone had ever seen in their six years together.
“Look! Look! I got this paper!” Zainal took the brown paper the killer gave him. Zainal’s mention of the paper struck familiarity to Steve. He too had the paper the killer gave him, and now he knows, he is not the only one. Steve wanted to do the same thing and took out his to vouch for Zainal’s claims. Although he saw Zainal causing Crystal to fall, he now knows why. Zainal is not the killer. He was sure.
“The killer gave it to me. It says...” Zainal was about to reveal the contents of the paper but saw the horrified faces of Julian and Ka Phin who were still at the foot of the stairs. They were looking intently to something other than him. Quickly he turned behind to a hooded figure. He was close enough to see the face though the corridor was without light, which was impossible for others downstairs. Zainal was speechless, his eyes widen and everything, all unexplainable events, made sense now. Before he could say anything, the hooded figure pushed him with unbelievable strength from the corridor. His landing to the floor head first caused a cracked sound. He laid motionless, eyes open, and brain matter oozing out of his skull.

Ps: I wonder if you guys can guess the killer. Lol. I hope my story will turn out "logical" in the end... Having major low self esteem issues at the moment...due to unemployment and the uncertainty of our future..... I need a therapist. :D Then again, i will persevere!! THIS IS SPARTAAA!! *kick my cat off the bed*

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  1. who's d real killer nad?im eager to find out since m dead in this chapter.hahaha