Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I don't know...what to do

A: That is not right.
B: I don’t know…what to do?

Malay translation: Apa boleh buat?
Ever since I came here, there were many things that I did not like. The manners, the system…and recently, I came to realize that people here often use the phrase whenever there is something that isn’t right or something is wrong. And today, I shall blog about it.
As my topic sentence, I will stress I hate that effing phrase….i mean, I would consider if it was used in a 
proper context. For example:

A: Hey, when will the hate end?
B: I don’t know….what to do.
The usage of the hated phrase is acceptable. But when it comes to the wellbeing of the kids, or justice or whatever….i hate it when they use it.

Situation A: A student of mine does not want to go to school. We’ve been to the house once.

Me: We should do something else. He must have a reason
Counsellor: If he doesn’t want to go, what to do…?

I mean, hello. You are the counsellor, aren’t you suppose to use your mojo to talk kids into doing the right thing. Hell, during the time we went to the house, his “methods” were….the i-couldn’t-care-less-not-my-problem-I’m-only-here-because-this-new-effing-teacher-asked-me-to-come method. So basically, if I were the student, I wouldn’t want to go to school….lol

Situation B: Sports day. The last runner for 4 x 400m was the only one left on the track. The teachers called her back as she was running (since to them, it was a waste of time), but then, the umpire called it a disqualification. I was shocked. I mean, pity the kid. She wanted to run, but she got out of the track because the teachers were calling her.

Me: This is not right. She mustn’t be disqualified….
Individual who lacks empathy and intelligence #1: well, what to do…
Me: Well, don’t disqualify her.
I.W.L.E.I #2: Well, she got out of the track.
Me: Because you guys called her to get out…
I.W.L.E.I #2: well, what to do…things happen
Me: (I got so pissed off but I said things politely) Excuse me kind sir, I believe it is not fair to disqualify the kid. She got out of the tracks because the teachers called her. So, we should not penalize the runner. It is not fair.

In the end, the umpire did not disqualify her, justice prevailed….but I think I’ve just been labelled as trouble maker….ngee….what to do…