Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tis' have been long~~

Yea yea, i know. I haven't been updating my blog but screw you! Stop nagging~~ :D Ala..bukannya ada orang baca pon.. Let's see...these pass few weeks, there's been loads of things happened, family matters, assignment matters, other things...bla bla bla.. :D

We had this Khidmat Masyarakat Thing going on, and mind you, our dear leader didn't have any leadership qualities at all..but if you put in kiss-ass as a trait of leadership, then, that's a different story.

Now, a part from the khidmat masyarakat, I've been teaching a snail how to swim. (classes are open for those who are interested and can follow my random schedule and it's for free)..sempat buat ad. So far, the snail is doing great... :D *sila kembang hidung Conee*

The other night, i was driving on my bike with Conee (she was talking abt something, wasn't paying much attention) a lovely bird pooped on my hand... Conee says its a sign of good luck... i don't understand...

...still don't understand

...still don't understand how luck comes in the picture...

seriously Conee, explaination please.

Banyak na nama Conee dlm post tok...lejuk ku tulis nama kau...

Moving on to next item, Aine, Menn, Nik and I were following this counselling session as a favour to Nik's scandal (kidding) .....i mean, our thesis supervisor punya RA.. I was bored out of my wits...*tido da....*


30 mins later~~~

Orait, continuing my nonsensical blabbering... i had a hair cut.

Yes Wendy, you won. I owe you KFC...
Reason for hair cut....I've been losing hair..takut botak woo~~ Have to o... *puppy eyes*. (trying to win Wendy over)

My thesis is done, binded and ready to be submitted!!...But can i not give it..? i mean, i love it...sayang maok berik... :D

I think i took too much sugar or what...kindda hyper.. stupid mosquito!...*pak!!* miss!...*turn on mosquito repellent*

I hope it will rain tonight, minus the thunder and lightning of course...its just so hot~~~

I think i should stop now.... ngaaaaaaaaaa...................................................................................................................~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, sometimes, some people just don’t realize how they mean to another person, or how significant they are in an event. Sometimes they tend to remove themselves from the crowd and sit in a corner because they think they are not important enough to be there. Sometimes, people rush to go about their lives because it is important for the future but never did they realize things they had missed at the present. Sometimes people make mistakes and never admit them because they can’t bear the guilt that comes with it but hiding those mistakes and lying to yourself will eventually eat you one way or another. Sometimes people think their lives are the worse of them all and loathe the happiness others have that they began to sabotage whatever it is which thus makes them a Green Monster. But sometimes jealousy comes with reason, and a green monster may perhaps was once a sweet fairy. Sometimes people give advice to others but rarely follow them themselves. Sometimes people nag because they care, but is often mistaken as people who likes to stick their noses up people’s business. Sometime i ramble over things to remind myself of things but often after a while I’ll forget. So sometimes, i need someone to remind me over things. So i would be reminded of the things I wanted to write but had sway from other matters such as this… :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

For Nurul

Thanks to your post, i imagined this.. ;D hence, this is for you.

Nothing Better to Do

Recently i bought a drawing tablet...and so far have tried to master the photoshop software. Simple as it is, these are my first few works and there will be may more useless and uncreative things that may come ahead. :p

There are many more but I'm a lazy gal. :D i hate uploading pictures... Pardon for the pessimistic and sadistic imagery.. It seems whenever i try to draw happy ones,it didn't turn out good. Hehe... Hey, art cannot be forced. Art comes when you have THE moment. Though what i produce cannot be called art, it is somewhat with similar concept. Ghehe.. dah dah.. mau tido.