Monday, December 27, 2010

Summary of the case

From the previous post, I've mentioned that we had nowhere with the cops when this whole thing started. Though we  have provided the police with the man's number (luckily, my sister and another niece had previously acquired the cellphone number though the name of the man was vague and we were unsure of the name). Any normal person would have just asked the telecommunication company to pull out records, at least, and investigate from there. However, any normal person does't normally have authority such as the police. They did not acted on the lead sooner. Bla bla bla ~ ~ ~

We had managed to contact a relative of ours, a police officer in Kuala Lumpur *if i'm not mistaken*, who confirmed the identity of that man and from there, we learnt that he have a place in Sebuyau. Sources confirmed that we was there too and finally, we called the cops to the scene. They set out at night and arrived at about 3 am, took my niece and arrested the guy.
(i wonder, what if we had not police officers as our relatives...we'd probably be screwed)

My niece was taken to the hospital, and she had to go through some counselling. The children welfare department said that if she does not "behave" (couldn't really find the exact word), she will be sent to the school for troubled teens. Now, she's in Bintulu for berubat... She been screaming to look at the man's face ever since she got back.

This whole thing was also, partly my nieces' fault, but it is sad to see my cousin calling herself a bad mother though she cared and provided everything she could for the child. Never thought these things could happen in our own family...

Well, shit happens

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My niece have been found, alive and well. Thank goodness~~~

Hopefully, things will be okay...and get back to normal. Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010


My cousin went back to the police and reported the missing child again, but this time they had a different answer... According to the police, the case is considered "kes ringan" *!@#$!! and that it will take them about a few days to 6 months to act. After hearing that, we knew we cannot rely on the police.. ass***s..

Maybe its not their fault..maybe there's a mass murder had taken place in Kuching, or that someone is plotting world domination that we don't know of, and therefore they had virtually no time, or even a single police officer to look into our case.

Now, we continued our search on our own, but we're getting nowhere because we have no authority and resources to question our leads and to clarify and confirm the identity of that man.... I wonder that perhaps other parents who had their child missing, face similar problems as we do.

Something must be done

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I promised myself that this blog will talk of nothing but happy, funny and neutral crap to humour myself and readers...(assuming there are some). I am making an exception now.

On the 17th, about 12am, my niece (a 12 year old girl) ran off with a 26 year old man. She is the daughter of my cousin, whom I care deeply of. At the said hour of the unfortunate event, my cousin had a feeling that compelled her to get out of bed and when she did, she opened her front door to have a look. And when she did, she saw her daughter, about to take off with some asshole man. My cousin tried to pull her daughter but both of them/the man pushed her down, and she scraped her knee. She hasn't slept or ate since.

They called for the police, and the police informed that they had to wait for 24hours before taking action. But here's the problem. The child is 12 years old, not some adult! I thought Malaysia had started implemented the Nurin Alert, but looks like crap to me. Okay, we waited 24 hours.....

Then, we checked back with the police, which later informed that they'll have to wait for Monday to act.

Imagine this:::
Victim: Help! I've been robbed!!!Police, do something!
Police: I'm sorry ma'am, it's after 5pm. We'll wait for office hours.
Victim: $%^*&^(*&!!#$@$#%$

Mesra , Cepat & Betul my ass...

I'm frustrated nothing is done. People had to pull strings to get help. Can't you see how corrupt our institutions are? I officially look down at police who does nothing to help. We're screwed...our justice system is screwed... this sucks. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

One sheep..two sheep....three sheep.........

Counting sheep....surfing the net now.....and its 3.49am when i first wrote this sentence.

I can't sleep when i know i should sleep or am expected to sleep...and i'm bored because i have nothing to do this early morning... I'm so bored that i even considered writing nonsense in my blog. Dang it, i think there's a cockroach in my bedroom...

At this hour, i feel like i can run a few laps...or go shopping.. But it's freakin 4 am now....

I think my sleeping pattern is screwed...again.... Need to work out tomorrow so i would at least sleep at midnight. Yesterday, i slept at 5am and woke up at around 2.15pm... Yes, i took breakfast/lunch at almost 3pm...

Bla bla bla......yap..yap..yap....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is to boast

Yes people, i am here to gloat over my achievements. Muahaha! Tell you what, last time my swimming coach scolded me for not having enough stamina and that she "regretted putting me into the team". Well guess what sucka, i did 30 laps and did a 4 laps non-stop. Muahah!!!... unfortunately i can't show it off to my former coach coz well, havent seen her for like what, 2 years? hihihi....

Dah, sikit cukup.... *walks away with tails up high*

Bless her soul

When i was little, my dad used to send me to Usu's house. You see, she was like my dad's foster aunt in Sarawak. So, she used to take care of me when my dad was busy with work, and at the time, i sorta thought that she was my dad's mother, and therefore was my grandmother. I didn't understand the complexity of the relationship we had, coz it was a rather long story if i were to explain. Although we weren't related by blood, i still loved her.

She had stroke a few years/months back...wasn't sure. I didn't really got close to her after i was in primary school, and she had other grandniece/nephews to take care. And this year's Raya, i went to her home and saw her, small, skinny, scrawny and the only recognizable feature of hers were her face and voice. My heart felt like it was squeezed. She could think for herself most of the time, but she can't take care of herself. But, as we found out that day, she had Alzheimer.

This lady has been taking care pf her nieces/nephews from young and it kills me to see how she was treated. She wasn't married, and she didn't haven any kids, so the responsibility of caring for her fall on the nieces or nephews. But they treated her roughly, talking about things that would embarrassed her if she could understand. Could they have not consider her feelings? Treat her nicely? I am not related by blood, so our family cannot interfere. We could just grit our teeth when they speak badly of her. One nephew of hers, as i heard, just took all her money for himself, claiming to borrow them, but did nothing to care for her. Others waited for quite some time to act when she was ill, saying that the money (usu's money) is with the other nephew, so he has to take responsibility. Idiots! Can't they just send her to the hospital first and think about money later. They are well off anyway. Not that they are extremely poor. She had fits (sawan) several times for godness sake! You had to think about money before you send her for treatment? I just don't understand these people.

I wished they had treated her better.

She died 12pm today. 

God bless her soul.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sing with me now!!!

I feel ~ ~
barang ku dah pack.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
I feel good.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
Esok ku balit.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~

So nice ~ ~ BAM! BAM! 
So nice ~ ~ BAM! BAM! 
I got you.. ~ ~ ~dum! dum! dum! dum!


I feel bad.. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
tinggal connie ~ ~
I feel bad .. na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~
actually i don't XD na-na--na-na-na-na ~ ~

So Mons.. BAM! BAM!
So Mons.. BAM! BAM!

I Got you!!..


*repeat* (chey, cam tulis lyric lagu)

*inspired by Connie's post*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Bangi Tol

Today, i was the forced  designated driver to send Connie, Jul, Jean and Menn to the airport. What i am about to post is almost similar to my previous post "For McD", only with an alternate ending.

Now, in my wallet, i have RM1.30 (at the time I thought I had RM1.10) and i thought "Heck, i wouldn't need money..i'm just sending people off". TET!!!! 

Boy was i wrong...

Anyhow, after having breakfast with Connie in KLIA (BTW, thanks for the food :P), she gave me RM10 to pay for the parking which thus left me with RM11.10. We said our goodbyes and off she went..*waves handkerchief*. So, i walked to the carpark, and paid RM6.50 for parking which then leaves me with RM4.60.

It was raining heavily as i exited, barely able to see what is 100 meters ahead. I drove slowly though there are maniacs who still go in 100km/h. Stress you know...then takes drugs..and then got problem again...~ ~ ~

The fuel was almost empty, and i had thought of using RM3 i had for the parking change for fuel...and played with the idea...

So, driving in 60 or 50km/h, i didn't see the sign of the road, which as any of you may be able to guess, i missed the junction and led me straight to the highway and into the toll. 


I couldn't turn back, so i took the toll ticket. By now, my head had vigorously calculated the amount of money i have with me and saw 50cents on the dashboard, which makes at the time known to me, that i have RM5.10.  By now, i had two problems:

1) i am running out of fuel
2) i had to pay the toll charges

So, i decided to just not put in gas, and had through experience, estimated that i still can go on to Bangi with the amount of fuel i have. As i drove, i saw the sign

"BANGI      30KM"

.. =.=" (by now, my head was filled with prayers and simulating various worse case scenario, and coming up with solutions...) Please remember, the amount of money i thought i had.

So, as i came upon the toll, my heart was pumping like i was going through some near death experience or what... I gave the kakak the toll ticket and the amount that i had to pay...


So, i gave her RM5.10 that i had and mind you, it was all in cents and she counted the money as i ran my fingers into every corner of my wallet and found 20cents...


She said, "Kurang seposen lagi dik", just as i found the two 10cents and gave one of those lifesavers to where it belong... The horizontal pole before me lifted and glorious light emits as i passed through the gates of hell.. 

So, now, i am at the roundabout and the meter indicated below the "E" symbol. I told myself, now at least if i'm stuck, i could call for help (konfid, sikda credit moak call camney?), or at least i could walk to UKM.. But thank goodness, i arrived in UKM... :D.. dah..enough adventure for one week, mati la aku ~ ~ ~

Now the car's meter looks like this, and so is my energy-o-meter. This is a cue for me to exit and take a nap...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old and New

Old and New
You see, it’s a lie if people say people don’t change at all. I believe, as you go along, you experience things, and these things teaches you a thing or too, or traumatize you, or make you more stupid...whatever the consequences are, the point it, people change.

I myself have gone through things that excite me, teach me, traumatize me and so on, and on. We don’t need to get into details now do we? I mean, after all, this post has nothing to do with what I’ve been through. But bear in mind that sometimes we do mistakes or do something that changes ourselves and those around you.

The reason for this writing was to just write about the OLD me and the NEW me. This is just my opinion on myself, so its legitimacy would be questionable. Another reason is that I am bored out of my wits. :D I don’t want to study~~ Lalala.....
Now, the Old and the New me.

The Old Me

1. Pathetic
2. Hopeless
3. Timid
4. Prone to doing favours for people regardless of own priority
5. Unable to express self (may refer to item 1)
6. Available for bullying
7. Very bad timing in pretty much anything. (speech, actions)
8. Unaware of the suitability of an action done in certain situation
9. Stupid
10. Low self esteem
11. No confidence
12. Eager to assist (refer to item 4)
13. Eager to try anything new
14. Unable to defend self (refer to item 9)
15. Indecisive
16. Thinks everyone is good
17. Think the whole world is good, a happy and dandy place
18. Have a purpose in life
19. Hates romantic stories
20. Loves cats and other animals
21. Patient
22. Huge fan of coca-cola
23. Tolerant
24. Dependent
25. Cares what others think
26. Irresponsible?

The New Me

1. Vain
2. Egoistical
3. Vengeful
4. Depressing
5. Thinks most of the people in the world are assholes
6. Thinks the world is screwed up
7. Unmotivated to try new things
8. No purpose in life (yet)
9. Hates romantic stories
10. Loves cats and other animals
11. Sadistic
12. Easily bored to death
13. Restless most of the time
14. What the heck is patience?
15. If I don’t like it, I will make it known
16. Avoids coca-cola
17. Independent
18. Don’t give a **** about what people think, screw them, this is my life
19. Slightly responsible

Now, i'm sure there are more things to add but i just got bored halfway anyway...ah well... :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010

For McD

I've had a rather depressing and bad week. And i thought, today the curse would be lifted up upon my forsaken soul...but no it didn't.

I had with me exactly RM26.80 (please keep in mind the amount of money i have at the time) and i wanted to go and get mcD. So off i went with my bike, and saw the fuel meter was about to go empty. I told myself, i'll just get gas on the way back. But on route, i felt a wobbly back tyre was flat. I thought, heck, it might just need a air pump.

So, i stopped at the nearest gas station. I pump the tyre and while at it, i decided to put in gas too. I paid RM3 and when it was done, i got onto my bike and realized that the tire was flat again. Ergo, i need to change the tube. So, i went around looking for a workshop nearby and the one i used to go was closed. Then as i turned around, i saw there was a workshop just next to the gas station i was previously at... =.=" anyhow, went there and i had to change the tube and turns out the rubber thingy too(sth that goes ard the rim before putting in the tube)... that cost me RM10. After paying all that, the money that I had with me was RM13.80.

So off i went to McD hoping i could get my food and enjoy it soon. After ordering Quarter Punder (medium) with milo and Porridge (small), the cashier entered and the ammount of cash i had to pay was RM13.90. SO, cofidently i took out my wallet to find that i had RM13. (i didn't count in the cents). sfc%$!@%$$&#^!!!!

I thought I had RM5 in my back pocket but I forgot I paid RM3 earlier.. So,while wondering where my RM5 was, i told the cashier I'd come pay the balance. Went to the nearest ATM at PKNS, withdrew some money and gave the cashier RM10 to pay the remaining 90cents.

I only realized what happened to my RM5 when i got back to my room....

Now, i just got back and i am going to enjoy my food while watching supernatural and grey's anatomy.

Lesson of the day, never travel with less than rm50 with you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tis' have been long~~

Yea yea, i know. I haven't been updating my blog but screw you! Stop nagging~~ :D Ala..bukannya ada orang baca pon.. Let's see...these pass few weeks, there's been loads of things happened, family matters, assignment matters, other things...bla bla bla.. :D

We had this Khidmat Masyarakat Thing going on, and mind you, our dear leader didn't have any leadership qualities at all..but if you put in kiss-ass as a trait of leadership, then, that's a different story.

Now, a part from the khidmat masyarakat, I've been teaching a snail how to swim. (classes are open for those who are interested and can follow my random schedule and it's for free)..sempat buat ad. So far, the snail is doing great... :D *sila kembang hidung Conee*

The other night, i was driving on my bike with Conee (she was talking abt something, wasn't paying much attention) a lovely bird pooped on my hand... Conee says its a sign of good luck... i don't understand...

...still don't understand

...still don't understand how luck comes in the picture...

seriously Conee, explaination please.

Banyak na nama Conee dlm post tok...lejuk ku tulis nama kau...

Moving on to next item, Aine, Menn, Nik and I were following this counselling session as a favour to Nik's scandal (kidding) .....i mean, our thesis supervisor punya RA.. I was bored out of my wits...*tido da....*


30 mins later~~~

Orait, continuing my nonsensical blabbering... i had a hair cut.

Yes Wendy, you won. I owe you KFC...
Reason for hair cut....I've been losing hair..takut botak woo~~ Have to o... *puppy eyes*. (trying to win Wendy over)

My thesis is done, binded and ready to be submitted!!...But can i not give it..? i mean, i love it...sayang maok berik... :D

I think i took too much sugar or what...kindda hyper.. stupid mosquito!...*pak!!* miss!...*turn on mosquito repellent*

I hope it will rain tonight, minus the thunder and lightning of course...its just so hot~~~

I think i should stop now.... ngaaaaaaaaaa...................................................................................................................~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well, sometimes, some people just don’t realize how they mean to another person, or how significant they are in an event. Sometimes they tend to remove themselves from the crowd and sit in a corner because they think they are not important enough to be there. Sometimes, people rush to go about their lives because it is important for the future but never did they realize things they had missed at the present. Sometimes people make mistakes and never admit them because they can’t bear the guilt that comes with it but hiding those mistakes and lying to yourself will eventually eat you one way or another. Sometimes people think their lives are the worse of them all and loathe the happiness others have that they began to sabotage whatever it is which thus makes them a Green Monster. But sometimes jealousy comes with reason, and a green monster may perhaps was once a sweet fairy. Sometimes people give advice to others but rarely follow them themselves. Sometimes people nag because they care, but is often mistaken as people who likes to stick their noses up people’s business. Sometime i ramble over things to remind myself of things but often after a while I’ll forget. So sometimes, i need someone to remind me over things. So i would be reminded of the things I wanted to write but had sway from other matters such as this… :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

For Nurul

Thanks to your post, i imagined this.. ;D hence, this is for you.

Nothing Better to Do

Recently i bought a drawing tablet...and so far have tried to master the photoshop software. Simple as it is, these are my first few works and there will be may more useless and uncreative things that may come ahead. :p

There are many more but I'm a lazy gal. :D i hate uploading pictures... Pardon for the pessimistic and sadistic imagery.. It seems whenever i try to draw happy ones,it didn't turn out good. Hehe... Hey, art cannot be forced. Art comes when you have THE moment. Though what i produce cannot be called art, it is somewhat with similar concept. Ghehe.. dah dah.. mau tido.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The kitty I stumbled upon...

Slightly heartless now

Two days ago, I rescued a cat. A kitten to be exact.. Usually, I would just be attached to cats or any animals I rescued easily...but this time, I felt nothing but responsibility. Have i become heartless after all these time? I realized I've changed..maybe i outgrew this crap. It seems compassion isn't one of my virtues, joining Patience in the list of Nad's-non-virtuous-traits.

But hey, the kitten is adorable and he knows where to poop..(thank goodness) *kneels down and kiss floor*.. I just hope he'll have a decent place to live in.. Will upload picture of that little bugger once he's awake. He's sleeping now in a dark gloomy box so any flash would cause him a heart attack. Wouldn't want that now would we? *wink2*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pencil and paper

Yawn.. For fun i draw. I draw for fun....~~lalalalaaaa~~~


A sketch of Alex

This was a sketch of one of my characters in my story i'm currently working on. Here she's battling her inner demons, i.e, her pass life.

This is a character from my story as well, and is based on a friend named connie whom recently i just hacked her facebook account...(here's your proof Connie!! Yuhhuu, confession here!! Miahaha)

This was just a simple sketch...of a girl resting againts the tree. If any of you could read japanese (but no gurantee my grammar is correct) you'll understand..maybe you get the idea of the sketch. But i guess you don't need the japanese wordings to get the feeling of the girl.

I was in class and i was sure bored as hell so hence the birth of this lousy sketch.

I was rather homesick so you figure why i drew this...

I hate this question more than anything else... miahaha! The figure was inspired by Connie's pink shirt i think..

MOns tido.. :p

Things people sketch when they are bored to death...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yep, fish have tongues

After several searches in the internet, yes, fish have tongues... :D bodo nya saya...mesti pergi balik sekolah belajar bagus bagus..

those who do not understand what the heck I'm blabbering about, refer to previous post...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I took a nap, at about 6pm till 8pm.. I was tired as hell and i slept deeply. I had a dream about fishes.. colourful ones, that had feet and they walk out of the water and away to other places. It actually seemed like they had four fins below their tummy, and had used them to walk, maneuvering through pebbles and rock. There were blue with orange stripes, and red with green..lots and lots of colours. Then there's goldfish, really bright. They had scales that were so shiny you thought it would actually be gold.. I would draw it but unfortunately my scanner isn't working at the any sketches would be useless. Then there were fishes that were all black but could stick out their tongue to feed, and they feed at the water banks.. (fish have tongues?) ...need to find out.. :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank You

I couldn't comment on your exclusive dunno-what-blog, so i might as well just say it here. Thank You.. ;D Sorry you had to listen to my shit, but i appreciate it. Ahaks..~~

ps: Have fun in that dull meeting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A conversation, A or B

A few days ago, had a chat with someone. Readers, pick who's side you are on i.e who do you agree with, A or B. Vote below.

Kalau ada calun better capture, less competition than the working environment
i dont plan to get married...That early i mean.
Ya la but need to have boyfriend and guy friend
kerja nak cari sush, now all concentrated in one palce
pick a good one like a fruit in and orchard
.... .. Well, there isn't much choice here.. They all look hopeless.. Been working with all sort of people here, but none seems...okay enough.
Cari la non teacher, must look pretty you know because guys only look at outter package before they know the person
you are young so find one la
Don't be like the aunts it is a lonely existance
Have fun
then, i better not dress up. If guys look at the outside first, then you'll get a rough idea on what he's after. I dress as i like, and if a guy like me for who i am,then i'll definitely go for him. Hehe.. I know la you have to capture men's attention first before he knows you, but i cant help feeling like a hypocrite... (i tried dressing up..but it's just suffocating) . I'll definitely look for one, i would be lying if i said i'm not interesting in having one..
panjang nyaa
panjang nyaa
not interesting = not interested
Well that is the trick la must look nice didn't you see the animal kingdom stories
i'm not an animal.. ahaks..

Well if you see your friends that have guys they make and effort to look their best
yeap, they do. And they always tells me that guys would compliment their looks, their shape, their new dress, whatever it is.. But i ever heard those guys say to them that they like my friends for their sense of humour, their talent, or their brains. Its just looks looks and looks. I hate that. Hence, the "poyo" look i'm sporting now.

Yea but if they only like how you look and you can ditch them, but if they didn't even take a look than you have no chance to capture their attention
Therefore you don't have the option to ditch them at all
You are too prety of a girl to hide
well, thats a gamble i've decided to take... Besides, i'm not that interested in looking for guys right now. Got better things to learn and do.. ehhehehe. Maybe along the way, i'll find one. I dunno la, honestly, looks isn't one of my strong points. I can't flirt either (menyampah if i do it..feel so cheap)., i've my brains and my wicked sense of humour to impress. Who knows, there's a guy out there who would like me for who i am. I'm sure there is.

Now, cast your votes~~ :D Is it A or B.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Depression, a spreading major epidemic

Lately, this thing called depression is everywhere. I see it in front of me, next to me, in my rum (me and my rummate are depressed), under the table, on the chair. Now kids..the word in front, next, in..what are they? [Prepositions you moron! Get back to your writing]. Right...sorry, was in practicum mode just now. :D

Recently, friends have been looking so gloomy, distant, annoying, very dark, and you can feel the evil aura surrounding them and it's sticking on others. Now, if you are unsure if you are depressed, go here to test for your depression level-crap-thingy.

See diagram below. This is ze brain of a depressed cat taken, and compared to a non depressed cat

The depressed subject used in this study is Bob as seen in the picture below.

And the happy subject is seen below~~

There are a few reasons why people get depressed.
1. you got genes that make you go cuckoo~~~ i.e, genes that attributes to depression.I dunno how that works coz I'm only a TESL student...not a chemist. (pragmatically wrong:D) are traumatized because once upon a time, you saw a chicken crossed the road and a car ran over it and it died, then someone just scoop the corpse off the road and turn it into "ayam penyet". Its a circle of life man, get over it! :D And you are stressed over no money..(i can relate~~*counting days for allowance to come out)Come out come out wherever you are!! My preciousss~~~~~~~~

3.The third reason for being all depressed is that you always think about negative things. Seriously man, you could go crazy! Sometimes, people think lowly of themselves, thinking that they are unworthy for love, friendship, a happy family etc. Stop thinking so, when you fall, get up and walk. Don't just sit there and cry. Stand up, wash your wound, and start walking.

4. Another reason one could be so depressed are caused by your physical conditions. Serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and bla bla get the gist.. Or course, when your body dun feel good, you of course, don't feel good too. But remember, what goes on in the mind, brings effects onto your body too.

5. Other reasons of depression are caused by disorder of your head :D. Psychological disorder la.. Maybe you are anxious over something, or nothin at all. You eat wrongly. You are crazy. Or maybe you are taking recreational drugs. You know la..malas la wanna explain..~~~ *yawn*

I'm writing this for numerous reasons. I'm concerned over friends that are not as crazy and hyper as they used to be. It scares me. I'm feeling a bit depressed too, since a few moths ago. I am feeling like this because i am most probably homesick and worried over family members who seemed in a mess everytime I'm far away, or for no apparent reason at all. Friends, i hope you the best in everything. Talk it over with others and eat proper food, go out and get enough shoppings..i mean, sun light. Play some games.

I noticed that i am rather sarcastic, easily annoyed, uninterested over things, feeling tired most of the time, and i dream not so pleasant dreams so yea, it does sound like symptoms of depression. But i do try to cheer myself up, and friends, you should too, Don't allow it to swallow you up. Go kick ass!

I googled these information and this is just little out of what i've read. There are articles on depression that i think you should read to give some understanding of what you are going through. It might be past events, your environment or simply, just your hormones raging. So read up and it may (i hope) help you to overcome whatever it is.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The little things...that i like and dislike

I dislike:
1. when my glasses slides down my nose...(p.s, get new glasses)
2. forgetting things and have to turn back to get them
3. waiting for buses..or any public transportation..or maxis counter, coz basically i could have spent that time with someone i love when i'm dying...
4. sudden meetings or classes that you have to attend. Hate it, why can't they just inform you earlier? Is that hard? Always announced meetings say 4 or 2 hours before. Seriously man, we dun wait around for something to happen, we have lives!...
5. accidentally drinking extremely hot tea/coffee..
6. squinting to look for my glasses when just wake up from sleep
7. having allergies
8. doing laundry
9. mosquito bites
10. when my lighter is out of fluid~~ :D
11. running out of tissue papers
12. when i have nothing to do
13. friends start telling creepy stories and later at night, i imagine things~~~
14. videos i attempt to download never finish
15. you tube videos that indicates finish loading, and when i watch, its just halfway through
16. reading comics with a cliff hanger, and have to wait for weeks. (i.e Naruto)
17. washing mugs used
18. when asked where to eat
19. plastic spoons break when used to eat coz then, i dunno what to eat with...
20. alarms in the morning
21. driving
22. damaging own glasses
23. lying
24. looking for gifts
25. desperately looking for toilets in public places
26. discovering that there is no water in public toilet T.T
27. when my phone is outta credit and you need to look for people
28. when people act interested in what you say and you know it

I like:
1. slurping cold drinks to the very bottom
2. drinking tea in cold weather
3. videos i downloaded finish downloading
4. having ideas for my stories
5. my dad clanking mugs and spoons in the morning at home.
6. when i have the tv for myself
7. when i have the room all for myself (sorry wawa :D ahaks)
8. when allowances are out..(dont we all?)
9. the feeling you get after shower from a looooooooooooong day~~~ or a hot day..which ever :D
10. just being around those you love, friends and family alike
11. having dinner with friends and family, and sitting back just chatting
12. arguing with Aine on just about anything.
13. stroking cat fur, playing with kittens..
14. planing for evil deeds...(i.e, pranks, robberies..)
15. dreaming about things
16. the feeling after doing something good.
17. the feeling after paying off debts
18. diving in the pool, and just holdings breath underwater
19. lying down the field looking at clouds and/or closing eyes and enjoy breeze
20. scoring in a badminton game.. (kia su)
21. getting new gadgets/things
22. discovering new magic tricks
23. finally found the right gifts for people
24. hugging my mom
25. successfully sneaking a newly cooked fried chicken behind Kak Om's back..
26. the smell of clothes out of laundry
27. getting things done
28. playing with clay
29. see people smile out of happiness

Friday, July 16, 2010

Boredom killed the cat

Yawn...I'm bored. Bored beyond description....

I tried to write my stories but i can't. Nothing comes in i gave up writing for the moment...

So i went facebooking as usual...~~~

It did entertain me for a while, but.... didn't last for long....

So, basically, I'm back in square one....

So, I'm planning to crawl on my bed and try to sleep...hopefully tomorrow is a better day..uh, productive day.. So i won't end up like this kitty.

Or that kitty...

or even worse, this kitty over here...

So I guess I'll retire for the night and sleep this boredom away....
Good night~~~~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want that~~

You know, when you have that feeling of freshness after coming back from a vacation. Or the feeling of the enthusiasm to start afresh (i.e the beginning of a sem). Yea, i want that. Right know, all i'm feeling is...urgh, do i have to?

How on earth am i going to live like this? I have no interest in anything what-so-ever. Movies give me little thrill though...

~~~~~~~~~Ah Well~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, July 5, 2010

Guess what I'm doing now

Basically, Leen and I are asked to conduct class for form 3. We were told of this late, last minute and we didn't had any time to prepare. Plus, we had to pay the electric bill. So when all the Hoohaas was done, I rushed towards the class that I was assigned to only to find there was a teacher there. Apparently, my class is tomorrow (F***) and I had to join Leen for her class..which is now what i am doing. Yes people, your teacher is blogging while you are learning. :D Lalalal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My days are numbered

*Enters the page..wiping off dusts, cleans off cobwebs*
"Hello? Termite control...I've got a situation here.."~~

I haven't updated this blog from say...uh...May? I think... Ritey, lots have happened these few into an accident, someone stole my helmet, someone broke my side mirror and my bike stand, water bill was over rm300,was asked to stay overnight in school to oversee the students during an English camp which was conducted in BM (sweat)but ended up with a uh.."hysterical"ending.

It might sound bad...(it is) but there are some nice moments a few while to think) uh...umm...(taking more time to think)~~~~ Ah! My uncle has a shop here in Banting!.. There are three surprise to that statement.
1. I have an Uncle here?! He's actually my mother's cousin..his mom was my mom'm mom's cousin.. (i'd draw a family tree if i'm hardworking enough but, fyi, i'm not)
2. He has a shop here?! (does that mean i can get some free food?) Which i did :D
3. He has killer Satay and Tom Yam. I'm addicted to it!! And so are Leen and Steve. Hehe...rite guys? (i doubt any of you are reading this sh** but hey, am writing for my own amusement)

Seriously speaking..(am being serious right now..seriously! Hey, don't look at me that way!I'm being serious!)I've learnt a lot of things here... like there are worse drivers than i am, how to deal with people who you don't see eye to eye with (just smile and nod), if you are at the bottom of the food chain, just smile and nod), but i'm not generalizing everyone. There are those who are nice and helpful not kidding. Maybe helpful in a way that they don't get into your nerve or those who are not judgmental over who we are. I love those people! *hugs* I'm telling myself, i will not treat anyone badly like some treated us/me. I won't be like them. I'll be funkier, and i'll try to be understanding. But i can't promise that entirely since i have world domination to think about. ...

The kids here are (all the good words you can think of). They are kids, innocent, trying their best to enjoy life in a not that good environment. I wish to stay longer to just open their eyes, see the world, and just to tell them they can do anything they want to as long as they give it a shot. The culture here is as narrow as a ~~can't think of anything that is narrowed...but you get the picture. Its scary to see kids brainwashed, to see hatred in them instilled by ignorant fools and I wish I could just show them just a teeny weeny bit of whats out there. Not all things are bad.

I'll have about 1 more week to go...and I have mixed feelings about it..It'll be a relief from doing major paper work everyday and at the same time I'll be sad for leaving all the kids. (*waves handkerchief)

Well, adieu for now... gotta act like I'm working. :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hypocrisy is needed in civilized life

I try to be polite, uttering words that is filtered. I am careful with my deeds, so as to, never i hope, offend people that i do not intend to offend.

But oddly, i, such a hermit, a being worthy only of the gutter, could have some self control than you my dear, who holds yourself superior than i am. Just because i do not say anything in regards to your foul utterance, or to your rude actions, it does not mean i bow to your command. I simply am being respectful. Why can't you do the same?

Don't try to spark fire in a room full of gas.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ColorQuiz.comNad took the free personality test!

""Searching for a life free of problems, stress, an..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Hmm...the part i wanna relax is kindda away for freedom, chyea....Hmm~~ (pondering mode)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MUAHAHAH!! Indian mode~~

For fun..30 mins worth of time doing this..(i should study) but hey, its drawin mode. Will need to refine it further. Kindda sloppy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Wow, the start of the exam... and the first paper to welcome us into the future week filled with stress and hunger(for my part). Haha... All the best my dear minions, may your exam papers have no riot against you.. Anyhow, dok bosan2, i drew a life sketch of my dear roomie... She has become my model. Bangga tak? This would perhaps be my first sketch to actually include the setting... i usually draw only the human figure with little to nothing of other objects.

Next challenge, to draw buildings and cars...uu~~and bikes too!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I miss Gamelan..

SIgh... seriously, it seems this Sem i can't really get my hands on Gamelan..Bonang to be exact. Hope next sem won't be that hectic...more importantly, things won't go clashing with my beloved Gamelan.. :D

Ah well..hope better luck in the future.. SOrry ler, not much update in this blog. Busy ma..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Banyak nyer la Nadiah/Nadia/Nad di UKM

Seperti perkara diatas, aku tension. Everywhere i go, there's always another Nad/Nadia/Nadiah.. If you talk about Siti, lagi la.. I do not acknowledge the name Siti thank you very much.. Even my parents regret adding the name. They thought they have to put something in front....but if a baby can talk at the time, i'd roll my eyes and say, Mom, Nadia is enough... and don't put a "h" there coz even you don't use it...and Mummy, I love you (grinning). :D

FYI, My sister calls me Nadine, i forgot why...

Seriusly, in UKM alone i dunno how many Nad there is. There's one in Gamelan, then another one during badminton, then everywhere i go, there's always "NAD!!" and when i turn to see who it was who called me, i turn to find there's a girl named Nad, and not me. T.T

For history purposes..., my dad chose the name from a Romanian gymnast, Nadia Com─âneci who scored perfect 10.0 for the Olympics.. And I turn out to grow up very much different from the gymnast. I am not graceful and does not wish so, and though i find gymnastics fascinating, i did not put it into my list of to do things. :D

Sorry daddy, for being such a disappointment...kihkihkih.. and its partly your fault too. Haha!

Ah well, this post was actually to distract me from work. You see, i had to do statistics on some questionnaires and suddenly, i had to change it all over again, all my report, percentage down the drain... T.T I shall begin hell now. Adieu.

Friday, March 12, 2010


So sorry for the very late new post.. Actually Alex wants to post birthday pictures, but internet connection very dumb dumb. Alex cannot upload pictures. Alex very sad. Alex wants to kill wifi provider but if Alex kill, Alex cannot go online..and Alex will kill Alex. Alex don't want to kill Alex, so Alex will not kill WiFi provider. Alex's intelligenzz decreasezzz...Alex very tired with Alex ass.asse...assignment. :D But Alex happy because Alex just drank 3rd cup of coffee and Alex hyper... Alex want meat. Now Alex hungry thinking of meat. Alex plan to buy PSP next sem. And Alex want to buy tripod too. Oh, a bird on he balcony. Alex like. Washing machine many people use. Alex don't have chance to use. Should Alex kill them? But if Alex kill, Alex go to jail and then Alex cannot use washing machine. Then Alex will not kill.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21st and 22nd

Hehe..where shall i start?

21st February
MAS was a total disappointment... You see, i got a ticket back to Kuala Lumpur, coz i'm studying in Bangi. So, the flight that i had was at 6am. So, i arrived at around 5am, said my goodbyes and left for the terminal. There i sat, and then they called passengers to board, which we all did. I was already planning how i would spend the rest of my day, sleep, play badminton/swim and dinner with friends(since on the 22nd Feb was my 23rd birthday). Anyhow, we boarded the plane, put our hand luggage away and buckled up. I was preparing for my drooling session, got my head comfortable. About 15 minutes later, an announcement came, woke me up.
"We are having some technical problems and we are now having our engineers to take a look at it. It will take 15 to 30 minutes". Everyone didn't really gave much response as they were totally sleepy.
"All passengers are required to disembark from the plane, to change to another plane. We apologize for the inconvenience," they said, so drowsily we went out with our hand luggage.

Once we're back to the terminal, we were told the flight would be delayed to 10am and that breakfast will be provided. So, we claimed our breakfast at KFC, and they gave us Coke and nuggets...

We ate and we waited...

10am came slowly, crawling, dragging its feet but it came anyway. We waited for them to call us for boarding but no announcement was made at all. Then, we saw, it was delayed, retimed to 1pm. Again, we waited. 1pm came, with its legs chained with heavy balls of steel. Again, no announcement was made, only the monitor was kind enough to show us it was again retimed to 2pm. By now, there were a lot of angry people. Angry, hungry and sleepy people. Some had to miss their connect flight, some missed their train...and others, well, just pissed off that they were there from 5am till now.

We waited till 3pm when an officer said that our would be delayed to 7pm...wait...another one officer said 9.30pm. Much confusion was passed around when finally, after angry comments were thrown by impatient people, it was set to 9.25pm. Several passengers asked if they could get refund for their tickets, ad some could. I wanted my taxi fare to be the normal price and inquired about it. Unfortunately "we are not in liaison with the taxi at the airport" the officer said. Damn it! What the? Hell, all they need to do is just charge me normal price (as after 12am, 50% of the fare will be added). Hungry and tired i called home asking my dad to fetch me. Those had no where to go was sent to the nearest hotel(Fourpoints) and i went back home. Did some last minute shopping, tried to sleep and took a bath. I even had dinner at home...

Then, my cousin sent me to the airport this time. Sure enough when we checked the flight, MH2547, it was retimed to 10pm... at this rate, i was thinking "how could i expect this flight to run smoothly after what i've gone through." But anyhow, i went into the terminal, and waited with the rest of the passengers. By now, i had made several acquaintances. There were familiar faces of adults, teens and children. We were called in and i had this feeling "Nah, this wont be it." Sure enough, i was right. We were asked to exit the place due to technical problems. We exited and a man was so angry that he was scolding the officer at the terminal desk. I was behind him and in my heart, i was cheering him with pom poms. Poor guy, he looks like crap.

Then we were asked to change terminal...and we did walk towards the terminal after several hesitant steps. Seriously, some were jut sitting at the chair, skeptical. I thought it was some cruel practical joke. But after a while, we all went there. I made myself comfortable on the floor facing the terminal gateway. I plan to stare and put pressure on them.

Finally, we boarded the plane... and yes, we finally took off for Kuala Lumpur. I was chuckling when a girl gave me a questioning look. I told her "I'm spending my first hours of my birthday on a plane eating airplane food". She smiled, and wished me Happy birthday. I chuckled back and wished her Happy Chinese New Year. And i ate my food...yuck by the way...

22nd February

I sort of slept throughout the journey and we reached the airport at around 12.45am. So,went to the taxi counter and they charged me rm95.20. Dang, all the money my mom gave me was spent on the taxi fare...(i planned to spend it o other things hehe)

I reached the campus at around 1.45am....

The next morning, went to class and was presented with cupcakes written (Otanjoubi Omedeto Obaasan..) CIs laa.. It was a gift from Nurul and Aine. Thanks girls!! Really love it.. HAHA! BUT OBAA-SAN???!!! Fine, i admit i am old..but not as old as FOSSIL! The whole Tecnology in Edu mates wished me happy birthday, and am really happy

Haha!! Then, Amara, Ka Phin, Wendy, Hua CHien and mua went to Alamanda...and ate at Secret Recipe..I got the steak i was craving for...(but not really how i wanted it)..but chatting with you guys while eating cake and drinking really made my day. We even played truth or dare and those who chose dare had to take a spoon(fork actually) full of Hua Chien's sauce added with tomato and chili sauce and sugar...gosh i wonder how it taste like.

They gave me a card..(shedding tears now) filled with beautiful wishes (except for Hua Chien's) haha! And Amara made it with scraps of papers she salvage from the recycle bin (whaddya expect a cat gets her resource?) Haha! Kidding la.. It was so nice....

Then, went out with Julian, Visha, Aine, Nurul, Ambun, Connie-sensei and G-net, to Alamanda (again) HAha! We ate at Johnny's, a Thai steamboat restaurant. G-net almost ended my life went she hug me and nearly led to my great fall but she manage to save my ass. My life flashes before my eyes.. :D Okay, i was exaggerating.. Nevertheless, being in the company of these crazy bunch of people really made my day twice.... :D
Visha gave me blue teddy bear (thank God it's not pink) which i named Lex. Amaera gave me a frame with mushy mushy words carved upon it (gift fit for a King). Wawa, gave me a teddy bear, and i named it Xander(Thank you!).

That's basically what i did for these two days... i left out several details like Aine was really close to crying when her mp3 cover was almost lost..or that Connie-sensei and G-Net finished a whole box of coco crunch(was it?) but still stuffed in food for my sake. :D am touched~~~~ haha!

Am really grateful for all of you, (you know who you are :)) who made my day the happiest. Thank you so much :D

ps: I haven't had any pictures from the Thai steamboat outing thingy...but will upload once i have my hands on them

ja, till then..~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I've Seen It All"

I've seen it all, I have seen the trees,
I've seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze
I've seen a man killed by his best friend,
And lives that were over before they were spent.
I've seen what I was - I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

You haven't seen elephants, kings or Peru!
I'm happy to say I had better to do
What about China? Have you seen the Great Wall?
All walls are great, if the roof doesn't fall!

And the man you will marry?
The home you will share?
To be honest, I really don't care...

You've never been to Niagara Falls?
I have seen water, its water, that's all...
The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State?
My pulse was as high on my very first date!
Your grandson's hand as he plays with your hair?
To be honest, I really don't care...

I've seen it all, I've seen the dark
I've seen the brightness in one little spark.
I've seen what I chose and I've seen what I need,
And that is enough, to want more would be greed.
I've seen what I was and I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

You've seen it all and all you have seen
You can always review on your own little screen
The light and the dark, the big and the small
Just keep in mind - you need no more at all
You've seen what you were and know what you'll be
You've seen it all - there is no more to see!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Miss, this post is not about a young lady, no.. its about how you'll miss something if you're busy doing something else..

First of all, I'd like to tell you a like telling you guys about a brief moment in my life. I was walking down the stairs at FSSK (i think) and in front of me was a open space. I was staring at the trees and before I knew it, a breeze just came and blew tiny leaves away. It was like green snow, if you catch my drift. I thought it was the most beautiful scene at the time and so, i ruffled my bag looking for my camera and when i did found it, the moment was gone. This happened to me last month i think..and i dunno why but it just occurred to me this time...

I pondered (while i was on my bike) that sometimes beautiful and happy things or events that happened can be missed easily if you're rushing in life or busy with something at the time of good things happening. It's like running along a path that when you go so fast, you'll miss the little flower that bloom so beautifully next to you. SO, seems that my point here is confusing but what i really wanna say is that enjoy the moment as it is...and dun forget to stop running for while and see what's around you. .

The Ramblings of a sleepy gal,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Trip to Batu Caves

Once upon a time, there lived two very curious creatures. They were at the moment curious on Thaipusam, an Indian event that occurs once a year and is significant as it is a day for one to wash away one's sins through various means. Such means are carrying heavy kavadis and bring milk for the Gods. My my...i sound so formal.. Haha.. Okay, basically Visha and I wanted to check out Thaipusam because we're curious aight? So, we set off to go. I was to meet Visha at the KTM station at 10am...which i succeeded. Hehe.. Bangga la...and from there, we went to KL Sentral and got off and took another train to Sentul. From Sentul we got off again and got to ANOTHER freakin train to get our butt to Batu Caves. As you can see from the elevated vulgarity in the speech, it suggests that my nerves was too at the time...except it didn't became vulgar..just that it uh..the journey got onto my nerves and poked it around.

Waiting for the KTM at KL Sentral / Visha buying tickets to Batu Caves from Sentul (she's the one in pink)

The Journey ladies and gentlemen was horrendous. Its like being a pack of sardines in a small can... and BTW, a guy with ridiculously thick boots stepped on my toe...for quite some time.. Ouch. couldn't say anything coz i was holding my breath..the odour, phew.. Nonetheless, Visha and I prevailed. Haha!
So, once we got out of the KTM station, Hanuman greeted us.. Well, not exactly. He was the first statue we saw.

(I understand he's the greatest devotee to Rama..i think.. and his wife. If you notice, he had his hands "rip" his chest and there reveals the two Gods he is devoted to.. I'm just guessing it based on my limited knowledge. If i'm wrong, do correct me.:))
There were lots and lots of people...and there were stall selling food, clothes...and even hiphop music...(which i find weird). The place where i stood to take Hanuman's picture was a temple on my right.

and candles were lit just in front of the temple front..(nice picture eh? Hehe..kembang hidung)

So..we walk and walk trough various stalls and came across an entrance to a portion of Batu Caves' attraction grounds. Its an entrance to the smaller caves and animal captivity place thingy. So, Visha and I paid about RM5 for out admission and they gave use nice little paper bracelet. :D
First thing we saw was..a rooster(who has taken the liberty to pose for a snap).

then i took more pictures of the animals there...

Then, i moved on to the cage of monkeys and was about to snap a picture when the male monkey just went up the female monkey and do his thing...he was trying to start a family if you catch my drift. :)
So, we went then to the first cave. There were a lot of statues of gods/goddesses...and it was surprisingly cooling. There were breeze coming from between the shafts of was better than air-cond. It felt natural... hehe..
These are the few pictures of statues i took.. i had more but its too troublesome to upload everything..

After all those snapshots of the gods, i went to the next cave. They call it, Cave of Reptiles.. lame.. :D..
Anyhow, there were a lot of reptilians. I even poke one big ass snake and it flinched..and guess what, Visha flinched too! My, she can really jump....

So, when we got out of the cave, we saw Lord Murugan... His biggest statue in Malaysia? Or was it the world?.. Hehe..but the point is, he's huge. If I'm not mistaken, he's the God of War..?

Visha and i wanted to go up the stairs but there were a lot of people going up and we were too beat to go... so, we decided to exit the place for a while, get some food, refresh ourselves... On our way out, we saw men carrying the kavadis..

aiyoo.. so many things to write.. okay okay... Ganbatte!!! Man, the uploading is really killing me..

Right...where was i? Yes, after we saw the kavadis, we went out of the area right and saw a guy, maybe in his early twenties.. He was preparing for the whole shebang.

and next to him was the river where people cleanse themselves and give offerings....but it was dirty.. filled with trash and i was thinking..its a place for one to cleanse himself/herself...and to give offerings to their gods..isn't something sacred should be done with much respect? Hygiene? ..??

the river

After that, we went in a temple nearby where another ritual was carried out. This guy, instead of carrying kavadis, had a lot of hooks on his back. I saw the whole thing and did take some videos...Which i will edit and post it here later...when i eventually get it done.. ;D
SO, after bowing to the gods..he was hooked, starts shivering, and screams (it might be just me but he sounded girlish when he know, those high pitched screams..) and began dancing, then posed like the gods...and then while a guys pulls the ropes (the ropes were attached to the hook which is hooked onto his back) and he moves forward. The guy at the back had a hard time...he was really strong. Then it stopped for a while..and another guy placed one of those tied flowers around his neck.. I hate commentating on events. Suck at it...

So, after all that. We ate at the nearest shop and then decided to do palm reading.. Hilarious. Hey, i was just curious alright? And no, i do not believe palm reading..or any types of readings for that matter but i do enjoy knowing what they have to say about mua.. We paid Rm7 for one reading..and he (the palm reader you call him?) took my left hand and says:
1. i come from a rich family
2. i have strong body and mind
3. moey comes easily to me...(yeah rite)
4. I will travel a lot
5.currently, there's two guys who likes me.. *chuckles*
6. will marry at the age of 25 *rotfl*
7. i will have 6 kids *just died*
So, thats basically what he told me... of course Visha's is the most interesting one but who am i to reveal her destiny.. (hey Visha! Dun believe 100%)

So...did i miss anything else? ah, the journey back.. The KTM was packed and there was this boy who keeps saying "excuse me..excuse me.." *shut up!* Urgh..he was shoving up and down...doing it so many time dunno where he's heading too. and he's pushing me and i barely have space to stand.. so, i decided to trip him..and planned to have my foot to "accidentally" be in his way so as to trip the boy... fortunately for him (or maybe i was thinking aloud) he didn't come back. So, thats how my day went by..and of course i did leave out some things.. :D Malas laa want to be so detailed...and pardon the grammar mistakes.. i didn't read it through... i just published..

BTW: Many thanks to my guide-cum-companion-cum-umbrella holder-cum-ticket buyer.