Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson # 2

The trot....

See, here's the thing....i assumed horse riders don't do much. Heck, u see them sitting and telling the horses where to go... So i was like, hell, this is easy...even fairy can do it with his eyes closed ~  ~


Yea right! Easy my foot

But before that, Zainal, the coach, is the You-learn-by-doing! type of teacher. I am also the I-dun-understand-what-are-you-trying-to-say-but-i-learn-by-getting-my-hands-dirty type of student. So, we're a match... :D

First, control the horse. Make him obey you. 
Woody, the horse i was assigned to is quite stubborn. He don't give a shit. I mean, seriously...  there is a puddle, right in front of where the coach is sitting (and smoking). Every time i have to make a round in the court, Woody would stop in front or avoid the puddle. 
Coach: Make him go through the puddle! Show who's boss!
Me:..uh...okay ( respond)
Coach: Tell him what to do! Make him respect you...(something like that la he said, can't remember clearly..too busy being da boss)
Finally, Woody goes through the puddle....
me: phew...hahaahha!!!!!! in your face Woody!

Second, the rising trot
The idea is to rise and sit so it makes it easier for your horse to move...(checks internet) yea..something like that.. :D
Before the trot, the coach tells me to rise and sit and rise and sit....stress.. So, he goes:
Coach: find the beat and do the rising trot. Find your balance. Hands hold the two one two one two...
Me: Easy...peh. Piece of cake...
Coach: Ready
Me: Hell yeah!
Coach: Prepare for the rising trot...
Off we go...woody and butt hurts...the metal thingy brush againts my legs..ouch..mommy...

Third lesson..(we were progressing very fast....he says I learn fast.. I say, i'm just lucky...and am actually very worried) coach tells me to lift up my left hand while doing the trot.
Coach: I want you to raise your left hand while doing the trot...okay? ready? Prepare for the rising two one two..up down up down up down
Me: Die la...die la...
Coach: Okay, now, raise ur right hand.. okay go...up down up down up down.. okay...raise both hands...

Fourth Lesson
Coach: Okay, now you do the trot urself...i won't hold the control him, show who's the boss, rise up and down up down okay..
Me: Wait, i haven't drafted my will yet..(kidding)... 
Coach: Ready?
Me: Yea bebeh

After all that, we ended the class for the day...hell, it was tiring. My leg felt like jogging for one whole hour... I just found bruises at my calves.. it is shaped like the belt buckle. Stress~~~ We left the school ad went to McD
Amara: I feel so short
Me: too.....  Bubur Ayam McD satu!

Horse Riding: Lesson #1

I went to Bukit Tinggi a few weeks ago. Amara and I wanted to go for horse riding, i mean, that was our main thing. So we went there, and took a half an hour ride...

The handler i was assigned to, taught me a few tricks here and there, on how to hold the reigns, how to stir left and right, how to be in control (i failed this one...the horse couldn't care less), and so, the interest on learning to horse ride was born....

Actually, i adored horses ages ago. I was a huge fan of Xena: The Warrior Princess. Xena had a horse named Argp, and when Xena and Gabriel gallop to save the world, i find them cool. Plus, Argo the horse had his (her? not sure) own character... 

So, Amara (my crazy buddy) and I went to search for a horse riding school nearby and after searching and asking and blablabla, finally, we got into Selangor Turf Club.... The torture begins...

The instructor/coach that i was assigned to is Zainal. Chuckles....reminds me of cohort 4 zainal. Anyhow...first lesson was supposed to be a riding lesson. But it was raining, so we did horse management instead... I met a horse name Jimmy Choo.

First Lesson

How to manage a horse (basic)
First, clean the front hooves...
Me: Die die die die die die die die die die die die~~~
Coach: Do it like this..this.(demonstrate)
Me: die die die die die die die die~~~~
Coach: you try...
Me: Die die die die die [take the pick-cum-brush and cleaned] cool...(wide smile) Done!!
Coach: Now, try to clean the back hooves too. Touch the horse, tell him you're going behind sudden movement, don't want him to kick you...

Secondly, rub of the fur....get rid of the old fur...
Coach: (rubs the horse with rubber grooming gloves) you are not allergic to anything are you?
Me: Uh..cats and dust...
Coach: Horses? (gave the glove to me for me to try).
Me: We shall see..(groom horse)...nope, not allergic. :D (big smile)

Thirdly, brush the fur off with a brush...(looks like the brush of a drain brush) ...
Me: [Brush~~~brush~~~brush] 
Coach: Okay..nice..see, he's all shiny...i love when horses are shiny. They look nice and cool.. (shiny eyes)
Me: (in head)


Next, walk the horse...
Coach: Now, walk the horse...don't look at him. Just look where you're going...
Me: okay...(look at horse)
Coach: Stop looking at the horse...
Coach: Show who's in control
Me: (horse pulls me to the grass...) in control my ass...

Well, that was just the gist of lesson one... he made me memorize the saddle equipment... i had problems with "Breastplate", so when i look at the breastplate, i think of bra and boobs... Voila.! BREASTplate!!!

I also had problems with the name "stirrup"...i heard.."stilts"..hehe..(too much Rumpelstiltskin) I had to read the diagram to know the correct name.

Anyhow, that's lesson 1. :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Semester

Nurul commented on my previous post which made me think....yea, I might miss this place...but one thing for sure..


I gonna miss:

·        Ah sze's tok janggut and her violent nature
·        Aine's  laugh and smack
·        Amara's hyperness and emoness (in a good way),
·        Ambun's "kek!"
·        Crystal’s kindness
·        Edmond’s advices on computer stuff
·        Hua Chien's warm and cold jokes
·        Julian's badminton games and lepaking at mamak
·        Ka Phin's motherly-ish nature
·        Leen scavanging my room XD
·        Menn's awesome dance moves 
·        My roommate Wawa and her hamsters, and her crazy behaviour...
·        Nazim's politeness
·        Nik's sarcasm
·        Nurul's high pitch sneeze 
·        Olivia's smile
·        Saiful’s out of the ordinary laughter
·        Sarah's "HOI!"
·        Shafiq's blurness
·        Steve's "wadup?"
·        Visha's usual ponder of love
·        Wendy playing the piano
·        Woon Sze Ern's presentation
·        Zainal's usual craving for food :D

Yep, i'm gonna miss all 24 of u guys!!! HUAAA!!! *menitis air mata palsu (coz i don't cry in public...except for that time... Shhh Leen!!)*

     Seriously, we need to organize at least a small trip, to commemorate our last times together. We won't be seeing each other anymore...i mean, not as a group. I'm sure I'll be seeing Aine, Ka Phin, Sarah, and Leen....coz they'll be in Kuching once in a while at least...

Dah...I'll stop it.. 

So far in the life of Siti...i mean Nad~~ XD

Well, it's March now... Sigh... Last semester.... Sigh... Gonna miss this place... Probably~~ :D

To recap my life for those who are interested... (it is not like there will be anyone interested)..but i'll just talk to the wall...for the sake of wasting time, writing nonsense at 3am, while Wawa watch Iljimae, and Spiky running in her wheel...

1. Rumpelstiltskin Drama
I was elected as director.. Wah, seronok nyer! I am honoured! I am excited!! Fuyoo... what an opportunity to make my life miserable  awesome and full of shit experience. XD

So, we are in this course see...uh...what ah.. lemme check SPIN... Right, it's called Drama in Language Teaching. We chose to do Beauty is the beast, Honey i love you, Some pirate story, Rumpelstiltskin... actually, the last one was correct. Gahaah!

So, Rumpelstiltskin it became and we decided to make it into an Indian context. The Indian blood in me have emerged not only through my ass...but the script as well.. Did i mention that i was am the scriptwriter?(scroll up...scroll up...scan..scan..)Nope, i didn't mention it..So yeah, I am Head Scriptwriter along with my trusty sidekick Meow(who at the moment is emo. Reference:http://raindropsona*****  Guess the add urself..i dun think i am authorised to give away the blog add.

Many thanks to Devdas and JOdhaa Akhbar (Both are movies), as they helped me get a rough idea on how India was.. Apparently, Indian blood does not automatically make u aware of Indian things... 

As director, or leader... you have to make things run smoothly. This, i suck at. I have never been good in management. I mean, heck, just look at i look well managed? ... I've run into troubles...bla bla bla.. It is very hard to manage people, let alone if they are the people you've known for ages. Its different if you control people who actually work for you (i.e pay them salary). Here, i have to "jaga hati orang"...if i don't then, i'm afraid things won't go as planned?

Which reminds me... I would like to thank all 25  24 23 people who've helped me go through this. I love you guys!! (assuming you guys are reading this which i highly doubt)... :D bhahaha 

PS: Don't get me wrong, i love directing...just that it is very very extremely tiring when it comes to being a leader of your friends/equal~~ I don't even know why i accepted the post...wasn't that keen about it, and even vowed to stay away..but silly me will always fall into the same trap over and over again if enticed with things i love... like cats... :D

2. I've been tagged
As leader, you are responsible for everyone to do their fair share of work. This is extremely hard to juggle. I've ran into a few troubled ppl, but one is particularly stubborn. I've firmly, and politely warned this person...but the reply was challenging in nature (I warned a "subordinate" for not attending 3 meetings for no valid reason). Would put the reply here, but i guess it would be better if it's not. Kontroversi melampau kelak.. Kenak tag gik aku kelak, susah juak... So, being an egoistical person, i replied back... polite, but with a bit of a threat. Then...kenak perli... T.T Stress~~ Apa gik...shoha la aku.. In the midst of sesi mengutuk,  an outside partay intervened...a knight, in rusty armour...who spelled "certain" wrongly... and goose... So, after that, i've been tagged. Am waiting...what would that partay do. Curious la juak~~

With all the stress with things (including a persistent phD holder), you would want to hang out and chill with people you'd feel comfortable with... Now i miss:

T.T Wei.....jom la pegi menyon kat pantai ka...

4.I think i've some ways
Sometimes, when you sit and do nothing..or stare at a running hamster, you'd ponder of life...and how you've come so far. 

For me, i think i've become more of a meanie.... :D I don't know if it is a good thing, but it proves to be most beneficial.. Kiahaha.... 

I think, i'm more vengeful...cynical...sadistic... I think only la... They say (i dunno who they is but...) no one really know who they are. They would have a rough idea, but never to know their ownselves completely. 

I've had one person telling me that i am a bad person, trying to act good. Dunno the truth in that, but it got me question myself....whether i'm genuinely generous when i put in coins for the orphan's funds, or whether i am forgiving when i make excuses for people who have wronged me....

But maybe that person is just messing with my head.. Whatever it is, her words still rings in my ears. Gah!

5. I am craving for home food
I miss Kak Om's chicken soup..
Dad's nasi briyani
Fara's orange drink
Farid's coffee..
Mom' mom don't really cook.. :D 

I think i should stop now before i invoke anger for being very keji..

Ps: I love counter strike.. it helps with stress (when u are wining) HAhah