Monday, December 10, 2012

Rant: Sell-comb is a bully.

Once upon a time, I subscribed to Sell-Combs broadband service. So, one day, when I didn't need it anymore, I terminated it and paid the remaining balance. About a year later, came the bill, stating that I did not pay...I initially ignored it as i have paid the damn thing so i thought the bill was just a stupid mistake. But noo.....they sent me a letter telling me that they will take legal fucki** actions if i didn't pay. So, fine, I paid the bloody thing...AGAIN...and asked the counter lady that would this be the end of it? And make sure the damn thing is terminated. She said, is done. So I kept the termination and the receipt. The billing stopped and all was back to normal. Almost four years later, i wanted to change my number into a postpaid shit. So, i skipped happily into the Sell-comb centre yesterday. 

So then i found out i was blacklisted.
Me: Wait what?
Sell-comb guy: You have a debt of rm332 that you havent paid.
Me: wait what?
Sell-comb: You havent paid Sell-comb.
Me: Oookay...can you check when was the last payment made?
Sell-comb: No we can't..(looks at me like i'm some kind of lowlife.)
Me: But i've paid....TWICE!
Sell-comb: it says here you havent paid

He then later told me that i could check with their other branch. So off i went....same thing. Bullshit. I ain't paying them again. Now i'm hunting for a 4 year old bill that is probably eaten by termites by now. If i ever found it, I will frame it and hang it at sell-comb wall. I don't trust you Sell-comb. You are one lying mathafakka.

Thank you.....

Ps: It was my fault too...I should have never trusted them. I should have laminated and framed the receipt and termination forms. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chapter 23

Nurul’s eyes were open, and Wawa, with her hands delicately closed them. Amara was pacing as Menn was humming the nursery rhyme “Ring-O-Ring a roses”, sharpening his already sharpened knife.
“Just kill me! Just kill me!” Amara suddenly yelled, kicking the iron bars. Wawa was trying to calm Amara down was not able to match with Amara’s violent fit.
Menn laughed and laughed and laughed. The chamber echoed his laughter.
“Amazing what adrenaline could do to a human. They called one man a demi god once, or on your land, adrenaline was attributed to a genie’s vomit. Funny really, because the man was as you modern people call it, a schizophrenic. Interesting enough, the tree he uprooted was actually a dead tree,” Menn continued, explaining is a cheery tone as he waved his hands about.
A knock on the door caught their attention.
“Who is it?” asked Menn, mocking a cheerful tone and proceeded to open the door. Nik’s head pop and he carried with him a bloodied bag.
“Is it done?” Menn asked.
“Tis’ done,” Nik said, and smiled. He licked his lips, and gleams of his fangs were seen. They were not humans. They were something supernatural.
“Well then. There are many things to do on my part. I shall leave you alone. Sarah, watch the kids yes?” Menn gave instructions, mimicking as any parents would. He smiled and left the chamber with his partner. The chamber fell silent again.
“Oh God Amara, what should we do?” Wawa asked.
“Sarah, that paperclip from the book on the floor, can you reach it?” Amara asked. Sarah nodded and tried to pull the book with her feet as her hands were chained to the wall. Her wrist was painful, but she pulled nevertheless.
“I got it! I got it!” Sarah said and quickly, though clumsy, managed to get the paper clip in her hands. “Now what?” Sarah asked.
“Try to free yourself with it,” Amara said.
“I…I don’t know how,” Sarah said, almost crying. Amara sighed.
“Wait. I can do it!” Wawa said. All the years staying in a dorm during high school had taught Wawa several tricks, including opening a lock with a pin. It took Wawa a while as she was pretty rusty with it, but soon, the chain clicked and Sarah was freed of it.
“Now, throw those chairs over!” Amara said, and Sarah complied.
Wawa and Amara stacked the chairs and climbed from the cage. They were free. “Look, we’ll slowly creep down the tunnel. Trust no one. No one you understand?!” Amara said and the three remaining girls nodded. Amara led the four girls. Wawa, Wendy and Sarah followed.