Sunday, February 3, 2013

Oh My Fucking Head by Nad Shaky-speare

Oh my fucking head,
Forever pulsating,
Beating like a drum.
Feel like hitting myself dumb,
Make the pain go numb
But the little voice say
The price you’ll pay
Would be sevenfold of pain
This fucking poem is lame
To show how annoyed I am
The pills don’t work
The pain still lurks.

Damn it,
I’ve got a class to teach
Certain goals to reach
But my head
Makes me dead
On my thoughts
To educate these lots
Oooo…a teapot.
What the heck?
It is cohesion I lack,
What the hell…
This is rubbish,
Me, talking gibberish.
I should stop now,
But how?

Silly ideas flow
My hand won’t let go.
Oh my fucking head,
Forever pulsating
Forever screaming…
Like the teacher next door
Should I write some more?
Dah, sikit cukup.
Kepala nak meletup!