Friday, September 30, 2011

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The sun retired for the day, and the rest of cohort 4 returned to their rooms. They were unable to sleep, understandably due to the events that had occurred. They could not wait to leave the island tomorrow, when the boat of the delivery man docked onto the jetty. Once in a while, they would check their phones for signals, but the bars remained shy.
The bodies of Visha and Edmond were kept in the mansion’s room-sized freezer. They concluded that it is best that way, to slow down decomposition as Amara pointed out. Just in case.
The lights were on, and they were afraid. Edmond’s death could be murder. At least, they thought, they would watch their backs till the cops come tomorrow. Wawa hugged her rabbit-pig stuffed toy praying silently the night would end, but the clock against the wall took forever to move.
“This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare,” chanted Wawa. Aine was sitting in the corner of the room, hugging her legs the entire time they were in the room.
“Do you think it is all an accident?” Nurul asked, as she bit her nails, “like what Olivia thinks? I mean, it’s an accident right? Like like like, this guy, who got really unlucky. I mean, it can happen right? Bad events just happen like now right?” Nurul was blabbering away, unheard by those in her room. Leen, the calmest of them all tried her very best to ease their minds but no words could get them to relax.
Suddenly, the lights were out. The sudden absence of light was met by Aine’s shriek, followed by a thunder.
“Relax! Relax!” Leen shouted and opened her hand phone flashlight,”it’s just bad weather”. A knock on the door ran shivers through the girl’s bodies, but Ka Phin’s motherly voice soon eased their shock. (the hell am I writing?)
“Guys, have you seen Nad and Sze Ern? They went to the cafeteria together, but they took too long. I thought they would come here, but then since they are not, maybe they can’t find their way with the blackout and all?” Ka Phin asked as she stood at the door. Wendy soon visible, stood next to Ka Phin.
“Are you girls alright?” Ambun asked from behind. He had a torchlight with him and lit the room quite well. Aine and Wawa were obviously terrified.
“Yeah, but Nad and Sze Ern haven’t returned to the room,” Ka Phin said.
“Don’t worry, they are in pairs, should be okay. I’ll look for them okay? You girls stay in one room alright, and tell you what, I’ll ask some of the boys to stay with you, just to be safe,” Ambun comforted them. Ka Phin and Wendy sat in the room, and Hua Chien and Steve soon joined them. Another lightning and thunder shook the floor and rattled the windows.
Julian and Ambun walked towards the cafeteria. As they descended the stairs, Susan and”Hagrid” were seen sitting at the lounge, lit dimly by a candle light.
“Susan, have you seen two of our girls down here?” Ambun asked.
“No, I haven’t. Harry and I were in the cafeteria when the lights went off. Then we sat here since. The cafe is kindda creepy, with you know...uh freezer,” Susan tried to explain without offending but Ambun understood the circumstances. So, his name is Harry – Julian thought – close enough.
Sounds of fallen objects caught their attention. It came from the upstairs of the left wing.
“Guys?! Is that you?” Ambun called out but no responses were made in return.
“Maybe it’s a bat?” Susan suggested.
“Maybe they cannot see where they are going,” Harry offered an explanation.
The four slowly climbed the stairs and headed for the left wing.  The entrance to the corridor was covered with sheets of plastic, to avoid dust from dirtying the mansion. Ambun aimed his torch light to the plastic, but it was too thick to see through. They advanced nearer and saw droplets of blood on the floor.
“Is that blood?” Susan asked, and hid behind Harry. Ambun pushed the plastic to make way, for a better look but was met with another. Layers upon layers of plastic draped from the ceiling of the corridor were passed through, and finally, a vague figure was seen from Ambun and Julian’s view. With shaky hands, Julian pushed the plastics away. What he saw next drained the life out of him. Ambun was white as snow. Susan screamed and her eerie shrill echoed throughout the mansion and Harry closed his eyes shut. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chapter 4

The cry of fire prompted those at the pool to leave to the now apparent smoke. Nad and Hua Chien ran first, followed by the girls as trails of water visible on every of their steps. They saw a window from the middle room of the left wing burst open and flames danced before them.

“Water,” Nurul whispered, “Get some f***ing water!” and yelled. But Menn had arrived, holding a fire extinguisher and bravely kicked the door open from the inside and battled the fire himself. Ambun followed soon after with another extinguisher and finally, the fire relented. The crowd that gathered outside cheered but the facial expression of both Menn and Ambun soon ceased the crowd’s cheering.

“What?” Hua Chien asked from the outside, whence he was before.

Ambun dashed out of the door and vomited at the floor. Before Menn was a burnt body, and was the obvious source of fire. The body was burnt, but not burnt enough as the face could be recognize. It was Edmond.

Most of cohort 4 sat at the lounge in the middle of the lobby, holding hands. Aine and Ka Phin was sobbing, some were biting their nails, some had restless feet, and above all, Crystal was quiet and stiff.

“Well? Did you get the police?” Nad asked when Julian came in.

“No, we had tried the hotel phone. The line is down,” Julian explained and rubbed his head.

“Can’t we get anyone in the island? A security? Anything?” Leen asked, standing up.

“Susan says there isn’t anyone in the island, but their supply man will come tomorrow at 4pm with a speedboat. That should be our way out and call for the police. Susan, Nik and Shafiq is trying to figure out other means to make a phone call, and figure out why we can’t even have a signal,” Julian said. Nad nodded to the notion and continued biting her nails. No one had any phone signals acquired via their phones since morning.

“Wait, where’s Visha?” Nad asked, siting up straight. It had just occurred to her that Visha was not in the lounge with the rest of the girls.

“I’ll look for her,”Amara said and walked into the cafeteria. Through the glass walls of the cafe, Amara scanned the pool area. Perhaps she had left something at the pool to retrieve it but from far, there was no one there but Amara continued to exit the cafeteria’s back door and walk towards the pool anyways. She looked left and right, but there was no one. Instinctively she looked into the pool and saw a silhouette. Chill ran up her spine. She did not expect to see what she saw.  Visha was lying at the pool’s bottom. 

“Nad.. Nad..NAAD!!!!” she yelled and ran back to the lounge. The first name popped in her head was the swimmer, Nad, who in her (Amara's) logical mind would be able to retrieve Visha. Others got on their feet and stunned at the yelling.

“What?” Nad asked.

“Visha...she’s...she’s inside the pool,” Amara explained, “huh?” was Nad’s only reply, confused by Amara’s statement as others were.

“She’s swimming?” Nad asked.

“NO! GO TO THE POOL!!” Amara yelled. Nad ran, followed by Julian and the rest of the party. Nad saw what Amara was trying to tell her and jumped immediately into the water. Nad dived into the 15 feet depth but it took her too slow to reach the bottom and by the time she reached half, she had to go back up for air.

“Get me huge stones,” she instructed while gasping for air. She pulled herself out of the water. Hua Chien was beside her, telling her that he will jump too as Nad would need help to retrieve Visha. While holding huge stones, they jumped again into the pool and quickly reached the bottom now with ease. Visha was pulled to the surface and all gave her space. Ka Phin, with her Red Crescent background began CPR desperately to resuscitate Visha.

“Don’t tell me she was in the bottom of the pool all this while,” Ah Sze commented. Aine was sobbing even harder, and at the same time, most of the party made a mental calculation of the duration she could have possibly been in the water. It has almost been 30 minutes since the fire and none of them could recall whether she was seen hence. Ka Phin tried for 10 minutes, but still, there was no response from Visha.

“Come on!” Ka Phin cried, and did a chest compression repeatedly but all knew it was too late. Visha is gone. Wendy grabbed Ka Phin, calming her down, and eventually Ka Phin relented and accepted the fact that Visha will never wake up. Ambun took a towel near by and covered Visha from sight.

“This can’t be all accident...can it?” Olivia asked what all were thinking.

PS: No I do not wish you guys harm. Yes, i am a little sick at mind. Nothin personal tho. Lol. Hope you enjoy my little scribble of nonsense to kill of time. 

Clarification: Just in case you guys dunno, a pool with diving tower usually has a special deep pool area, of minimum 13feet depth for divers. It might look normal from outside, but inside the pool, usually there is like a cliff from the shallow area to the deep area. (i suck at explaining)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Dinner was an assortment of local cuisine. The boys ate more than half of the buffet dishes, and the girls did more talking than eating.
“Did you guys know ah about the legend here on this island. We were talking about it in the room,” Visha started a new topic while everyone was trying to digest their food. They were sitting rubbing their tummies, while chatting amongst themselves.
“Nope,” some replied.
“Argh, I can’t listen to it anymore,” Wendy excused herself and returned to the room. Wendy’s response caught everyone’s attention, especially Amara who enjoyed mystery stories, and Julian who would put stories for his famous blog.
“This mansion right here belonged to this British guy,” Visha started her story. Hua Chien started giggling for some reason no one knows, maybe he was expecting some cliché stories.
“Ayoo, noisy la you,” Visha chided. And tried to continue her story telling.
“Faster la Visha!” Menn scolded.
“Okay okay. Haiya, I’m not the one who told the story in the first place. He killed his family and buried them inside the basement. He drowned his wife and burnt his daughters. I think he dismembered his servant or something. Then he jumped from that water over there,” Visha ended her story and pointed to a vague silhouette of a water tower. It was about 15 metres high, with windows build spirally around the tower. The sound of the crickets lingered in the room.

After a moment of awkward silence, the group burst into laughter but all stopped when a huge man with a butcher’s knife entered the dining hall. He was over 6 feet tall, had the bushiest beard ever. If he was happy and bright, he would have been mistaken as Santa, but he seemed grumpy, his white shirt stained, frowned huge eyes and he had crooked teeth.
“If you are done,” he said with his deep voice, “leave” and folded his hands with the butcher knife tucked under his armpit. The timing of thunder helped the huge man with the eerie effect. With haste, the party left the dining room and into the hotel lounge.
“What was that?” Hua Chien asked.
“Hagrid,” Nad replied. They glanced at the dining hall, and saw “Hagrid” cleaning the table.
The sun rose from the horizon and the girls jumped into the swimming pool. Visha was the only one swimming at the deep area of the pool, whereas Wawa, Aine, Leen, Nurul, Ka Phin and Amara were at the shallow water.
“The water is slightly salty don’t you think?” Aine asked.
“Whaddya expect? We’re in an island,” Amara replied and chuckled.
“Hey, the diving tower looks cool! Visha, give it a try!” Wawa yelled from the shallow end. Visha looked up and grinned.
“I will!” Visha got up and climbed the diving tower of about 4 metres high. Nad and Hua Chien came from the mansion and sat at the lounging chair. They were in time to see Visha make a jump.
“Nad! Come and try,” Visha yelled.
“Oh, no thanks. I have issues with heights,” Nad replied. Visha got ready to jump and stepped to the edge of the platform. Visha jumped as high as she could and dived into the water with a big splash. Meanwhile, someone from the mansion yelled...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The cat named Tsabalala

There are alot of sayings that suggest cats don't give a sh** and that they couldn't care less whether their owners are around. The one i most remember goes like this, "if a human gives food and shelter, the dog thinks - she gave me shelter and food, she must be my god- but if a human gives food and shelter to a cat, it thinks - she gave me food and shelter, i must be their god.-

So, i was at penang for 10 days and Tsabalala a.k.a Shama as well as Kage (who dun give a damn) was taken care by my cousin. And when i got back, Shama will not leave my side...almost to the point of annoying.
He follows me everywhere meowing for attention. He's around all the time and inspired me to gossip abt him. I know animals aren't like humans but it had seemed he missed us, well me. Usually he meows for food purposes, but these few days he meows even after he eats and the food still plentyful in his bowl. When i am occupied with my new toy, hehe, or washing the dishes, or brushing my teeth, he'd just brush himself againts my leg and lay his head on my feet purring. Ngegeh.

This is him trying to win my affection and distract me from my laptop.
Mission:distract Nad from the shiny screen.
Solution: sleep on it.

Ps:chapter 3 will come soone to those who care. Lulz.
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