Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pencil and paper

Yawn.. For fun i draw. I draw for fun....~~lalalalaaaa~~~


A sketch of Alex

This was a sketch of one of my characters in my story i'm currently working on. Here she's battling her inner demons, i.e, her pass life.

This is a character from my story as well, and is based on a friend named connie whom recently i just hacked her facebook account...(here's your proof Connie!! Yuhhuu, confession here!! Miahaha)

This was just a simple sketch...of a girl resting againts the tree. If any of you could read japanese (but no gurantee my grammar is correct) you'll understand..maybe you get the idea of the sketch. But i guess you don't need the japanese wordings to get the feeling of the girl.

I was in class and i was sure bored as hell so hence the birth of this lousy sketch.

I was rather homesick so you figure why i drew this...

I hate this question more than anything else... miahaha! The figure was inspired by Connie's pink shirt i think..

MOns tido.. :p

Things people sketch when they are bored to death...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yep, fish have tongues

After several searches in the internet, yes, fish have tongues... :D bodo nya saya...mesti pergi balik sekolah belajar bagus bagus..

those who do not understand what the heck I'm blabbering about, refer to previous post...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I took a nap, at about 6pm till 8pm.. I was tired as hell and i slept deeply. I had a dream about fishes.. colourful ones, that had feet and they walk out of the water and away to other places. It actually seemed like they had four fins below their tummy, and had used them to walk, maneuvering through pebbles and rock. There were blue with orange stripes, and red with green..lots and lots of colours. Then there's goldfish, really bright. They had scales that were so shiny you thought it would actually be gold.. I would draw it but unfortunately my scanner isn't working at the any sketches would be useless. Then there were fishes that were all black but could stick out their tongue to feed, and they feed at the water banks.. (fish have tongues?) ...need to find out.. :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank You

I couldn't comment on your exclusive dunno-what-blog, so i might as well just say it here. Thank You.. ;D Sorry you had to listen to my shit, but i appreciate it. Ahaks..~~

ps: Have fun in that dull meeting.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A conversation, A or B

A few days ago, had a chat with someone. Readers, pick who's side you are on i.e who do you agree with, A or B. Vote below.

Kalau ada calun better capture, less competition than the working environment
i dont plan to get married...That early i mean.
Ya la but need to have boyfriend and guy friend
kerja nak cari sush, now all concentrated in one palce
pick a good one like a fruit in and orchard
.... .. Well, there isn't much choice here.. They all look hopeless.. Been working with all sort of people here, but none seems...okay enough.
Cari la non teacher, must look pretty you know because guys only look at outter package before they know the person
you are young so find one la
Don't be like the aunts it is a lonely existance
Have fun
then, i better not dress up. If guys look at the outside first, then you'll get a rough idea on what he's after. I dress as i like, and if a guy like me for who i am,then i'll definitely go for him. Hehe.. I know la you have to capture men's attention first before he knows you, but i cant help feeling like a hypocrite... (i tried dressing up..but it's just suffocating) . I'll definitely look for one, i would be lying if i said i'm not interesting in having one..
panjang nyaa
panjang nyaa
not interesting = not interested
Well that is the trick la must look nice didn't you see the animal kingdom stories
i'm not an animal.. ahaks..

Well if you see your friends that have guys they make and effort to look their best
yeap, they do. And they always tells me that guys would compliment their looks, their shape, their new dress, whatever it is.. But i ever heard those guys say to them that they like my friends for their sense of humour, their talent, or their brains. Its just looks looks and looks. I hate that. Hence, the "poyo" look i'm sporting now.

Yea but if they only like how you look and you can ditch them, but if they didn't even take a look than you have no chance to capture their attention
Therefore you don't have the option to ditch them at all
You are too prety of a girl to hide
well, thats a gamble i've decided to take... Besides, i'm not that interested in looking for guys right now. Got better things to learn and do.. ehhehehe. Maybe along the way, i'll find one. I dunno la, honestly, looks isn't one of my strong points. I can't flirt either (menyampah if i do it..feel so cheap)., i've my brains and my wicked sense of humour to impress. Who knows, there's a guy out there who would like me for who i am. I'm sure there is.

Now, cast your votes~~ :D Is it A or B.