Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapter 18

The Lounge
The fall of Zainal surprises the lot, but the close encounter had given them the size of the killer’s body. He was smaller than Zainal, as if it was a boy, shorter by a few cm, maybe 10cms...they could not know for sure. But the killer’s body seemed unnaturally small to display such strength. The killer had used a baggy windbreaker, so they could not tell of the gender as well. Julian shared his thoughts, but Ka Phin pointed out adrenalin could make anyone display extraordinary strength. The murder they witnessed provided them with a clue.
When they covered Zainal’s body, they searched for the paper he was talking about. It was not with him; perhaps it fell onto the corridor floor. To go up the stairs was out of the question, it was like a forbidden place to be. The killer might still hang around the second floor awaiting his or perhaps her chance for an easy kill.
They went to check on Crystal, thinking they need to deal with another body. Fortunately, Crystal was still breathing and alive, but unconscious. Ka Phin tried to wake her, patting her cheeks but Crystal did not wake.
“Let’s move her to the lounge. Careful with the neck, she might hurt her spine,” Ka Phin instructed her friends. With a Red Crescent background, Ka Phin knew she cannot risk if injuries to the head or to the neck is concerned. Crystal’s neck was bruising; it was pertinent to take great care of her neck. They sat around Crystal hoping for her to open her eyes.
“Where could they be?” Ah Sze asked and scanned the room. All of them had their guard on. Their numbers are decreased significantly. They must be alert and ready to defend if they were to get out of the island alive.
The Basement
A sudden creak followed by a slam alerted the party. Light from the stairs vanished. Someone had closed the grill door and the entrance of the basement. They kicked and pushed the grill, but it did not open. Only one person each could try opening it as the stairs were too narrow for all to try at once. They yelled with all their might for those in the lounge for help, but the voices could not penetrate the thick bricked wall.
“There must be a way out of here!” Wendy cried as she lights the walls with her phone flash, hoping for a hidden door somewhere that could lead to their escape. Nik was still trying to open the grill, and the others scanned the walls for tunnels, anything that they could escape with.
“There is no way I’m going to die here!” Nurul said, frustrated. It took them almost half an hour before they stopped and sat down against the wall, sighing...and in Sarah’s case, crying.
Nik gave up, trying to free them and moved towards his friends. But his sight was caught onto a brown paper, soaked in the puddle of water. He was about to reach for it when Wawa call.
“Guys...guys,” Wawa called out to her friends as she tapped the floor with the soles of her shoes, “do you hear that?” Everyone had their attention to Wawa, who has not given up examining the walls since.
“Do you notice that?” Wawa asked again.
“What? You’re into tap dancing now?” Amara asked, annoyed.
“No, just come here,” Wawa instructed and all gathered around her. Her pig-rabbit doll was still clutched in her arms, never leaving her sight. She hit the floor again, trying to prove a point to her friends.
“Its hallow!” Nurul exclaimed, “There must be a room below. Or a tunnel. We could use it to get out of here!”
“But how do we get in?” Wawa hit it again but things happened so quickly for her to realize the floor had collapsed. Wawa, Wendy and Nurul fell from the collapsed floor, and dust from the crumbling bricks clouded their vision.
“Nurul!”Ambun cried. The dust from the collapsed floor had not yet settled. Their visibilities of their friends were impeded. Ambun grew worried.
It took a few moments for the dust to settle fot the group realize that the collapsed floor reveal not a tunnel, but a huge room, lit with candle sticks, and books nicely stands on the shelf, with similar symbols painted on the walls. Only it was new and clear. The room as it turns out was supporting the basement floor with huge pillars. It seemed like a dungeon, renovated for suitable living condition. But the most terrifying revelation was that the three girls had fallen into a cage. The collapsed floor was no accident. It was planned. 
Ps: Ceh, i wanted to reveal at least one of the killers but when i wrote it all, it was too long. Have to edit. Lol. I promise you, the story will end soon. Well, Im sure one of the killers is pretty obvious for you to guess it anyways. Sorry for the terrible artwork...i dunno how to draw a collapsed floor. 


  1. hah..I'm 100% positive; I don't mind if you make the story a bit longer coz it's very captivating.
    Killer? haha..lalala..I hope i'm right..
    btw, I'm curious, what is the software you use to draw those scenes? not bad *obama's style haha

  2. Stress trying to come up with words, but thank you for the compliment. Means a lot. Lol.*trollface* Anyways, i just use Photoshop CS4 for the drawings. but of course i had my drawing tablet to make the job easy.

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