Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chapter 14

“A pentagon?” Amara asked.
“Not a pentagon. A pentagram,” Wendy clarified “Look, Susan mentioned symbols and animal bones. She might be afraid to say it, its f**king obvious we’re dealing with demon worship, or whatever it is,” Wendy said, and stepped down from the chair.

“We are in a middle of a ritual, for demon worshipping. We’re sacrifices?” Amara asked.
“Oh my god!” Zainal exclaimed, he was sweating and shivering. “I’ve got to wash my face,” He said and entered the toilet at the lounge area. Carefully, he checked the small washroom, and when it was safe, he went to the sink and turned the water tap. It wasn’t much as there was no electricity to pump more water but enough to get him a handful to wash his face. Zainal, felt tears forming, but convinced himself to man up. He cleared his throat and reached for his handkerchief he had in his pocket. However, a brown paper was what his fingers pulled out. He had not seen the folded paper before, curious, he open it to find writings in red....possibly blood.
The note:

"We have decided to bestow upon you a gift. Take another's life and you are free to walk with yours. Shh...tell no one or we will take yours with pleasure"

He could feel his own blood drain from his head but he read those words nevertheless. There was something familiar about the handwriting, as if he had seen it before. It did not matter; he has other worries to think about. Would he kill, to save his own life? Another thought then occurred to him - who else has the same note? Surely, he is not the only one. Then, should he kill first, before he is killed himself, by his own classmates. And the plural form “WE”, suggest that their speculation was right, that the killers were more than one.
Zainal was sweating even more, and his knees were shaking. He had to support himself, with his hand, he held onto the sink.
“Zainal? You okay?” Nik came bursting in.
“Oh God!” Zainal exclaimed, nervously hiding the note he had.
“Don’t take too long. They’re scared,” Nik said and Zainal nodded. Nik left Zainal and he followed soon after.
Zainal joined the others, and stood next to Nik, hiding his hands in his pockets. He scanned the faces of his classmates, hoping to find something that could show him clues whether there were others who receive the notes as well. Ka Phin’s voice startled him after the long silence that was within the lounge.
“I think we need to keep the bodies in the freezer,” Ka Phin said.
“We don’t have time for that,” Wendy argued.
“But...Nad, Sze Ern... We can’t leave them like that. It’s not right. We’re humans, not animals,” Ka Phin said.
“She’s right,” Ambun acknowledged, ”but you have to remember, Nad’s body isn’’s all chopped off...the limbs..”
“I’ll do it..I will,” Ka Phin tried to assured others, but mostly herself. They decided to divide themselves into half, with one of the party to remain in the lounge, and the other to retrieve the bodies from upstairs.
Slowly, Ka Phin and her companions crept up the stairs, armed with only the iron rods of the fire place just in case they encountered anything. They passed through the stair fence that once held Susan’s body and before them was the layers of thick plastics Ambun had to go through when he discovered Sze-Ern’s body.

Meanwhile, Nik and the rest downstairs gently moved the bodies of their fallen friends into the kitchen, to lay them to rest temporarily in the freezer room. Their task was cut short with the sound of a yell.
“They are not here!!! Nad and Sze-Ern, they are missing!!!” Ka Phin yelled as she moved towards the stairs. Zainal heard and quickly open the freezer room. Harry, Visha and Edmond were gone as well. 


  1. OMG,am i gonna kill anybody or i get killed later on?haha

  2. haha Zainal u better not betray us xD

  3. betray or get betrayed?hahaha.which one wud u choose ah sze?hehe

  4. hmmmm tat's a tough question @.@ Getting betrayed is better cz it shows tat u r a good person xD

  5. A question, would you trade your image for a chance to live? Would you rather die and remember by probably no one. I had a hard time thinking what people would do under these many scenarios possible.

  6. Nice! the flow of the story just amazing. you managed to make each character alive; by using their own characters in real life(well most of them, heh) in the story..damn, the story getting more and more mysterious..
    I like it the way you put plot mcm cita Saw in yours, keep it up nad..haha