Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter 6

The sight that greeted them led all four to take a step backwards. A rope was tied to the beam of the ceiling, and the end were a tangled and bloody figure whom Ambun soon recognize was Sze Ern (lol). Her mouth was gagged and she was hung upside down with blood oozing from stab wounds, and dripped so much that a pool of blood were forming beneath her. Soon, the four realized they were stepping on it.
When that was not horrifying enough, they realized Sze-Ern was still conscious. The blood had gathered into her head, thanks to gravity, which had kept her conscious the entire time. Frantically, Ambun tried to free her of the ropes. Julian took shards of glass that were lying around and tried to cut her down.
“What was that?” asked Menn from behind and his questions were answered when he saw Sze-Ern, now free. She was lying on the floor, face pale now as the blood drains from her head. Ambun and Julian tried to stop the bleeding but the wounds were too many for two pairs of hand could handle. Blood still oozing between their fingers as they tried to put pressure on the wounds. Not long after, Sze-Ern exhaled her last breath.
“Sze-Ern! Sze-Ern!” Ambun yelled. “Who did this?” he asked, shaking the lifeless body for some answers he knew would never come. (man I’m sick)
“Nad? Where’s Nad?” Julian asked. The five, now including Menn who had just arrived when he heard the scream, scanned the area. However, a closed door, unlike the others caught their attention. Menn gathered all his scattered nerves and headed for the door. When he tried to open it, it was blocked by layers of bricks. He could not see clearly but with the aid of the torchlight he was holding, he could see blood smeared all over the wall.
Ambun, now able to get into his senses came behind Menn. He took a look and another horrifying image is embedded in his head. With two torchlight used to light the room, it became clear that a body was dismembered. It was cut vertically, and Nad’s half face with the rest of her body lay on the floor. Her eye was open, staring blankly towards them. Menn and Ambun backed off the room and ran outside. The others followed them from behind.
“What are you saying?!” Nurul yelled. Ambun was trying to explain what he had encountered but no matter how he put it, it had created panic amongst them.
“I..i don’t believe you. We were just talking!” Wendy said and stomped towards the stairs. Ambun grabbed her hand.
“No! You cannot go up there!! It’s fucking terrible. You gotta trust me! It’s dangerous. We have to stick together!” Ambun yelled. By now, everyone had gathered at the lounge. The area was lit by candles, dim, but still they could see each other’s faces.
“There is a killer here? Is that what you are trying to say?” Ah Sze finally said.
“This is not an accident. Obviously someone tied Sze Ern and cut Nad up!” Menn said, “We..we have to get out of here”.
“But where can we go?” Wendy asked. Everyone was eager to leave but the island has no other building but the mansion.
“I...I think there is more than one killer,” Olivia finally said. Everyone fell silent.
“I mean. There have to be more than one killer to kill both Nad and Sze-Ern. Or Visha and Edmond,” Olivia continued. The crowd were too afraid to mourn for the lost of their friends now. Their survival is their number one priority.
“GUYS!! GUYS!!!” Ah Sze yelled. Everyone’s attention was on her. She pointed at the reception table. A group of dolls as big as a soda can each were set on the reception table, sitting and smiling except for four. One of it was wet, one was burnt, one was stabbed and tied and finally, one was disfigured.
Upon realizing the significance, the group panicked and screamed. Huge lightning struck and droplets of water rained heavily upon the mansion.