Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mental Hospital

Dreams are funny things....sometimes they are nice, sometimes they makes sense or little sense, sometimes they are just freaking WEIRD! [insert dramatic song]

Anyhow, i dream every night, most of them are just plain WEIRD! [insert dramatic song] . Sometimes not so pleasant ones...sometimes...just beyond explanation... (my head is just F***ed up is the only explanation i've got.) So last night's dream was of course WEIRD [insert dramatic song].

I was in a mental instituion..LOL. I was in one of those strap thingy..and the funny thing is the hospital looks like it is abandoned. I was like "F***, i'm dead". Anyone ever seen the television show, Kingdom Hospital? The horrifying hospital was like that...

[strap jacket]

[abandoned mental hospital corridor] 

Anyhow, i found myself in the middle of an attempted escape. I could hear people's footsteps as they approach so i hid behind some kind of water tank. I hear familiar voices....hell, it was my freakin classmates! Leave me alone you psychos!! Hahaha! The weird thing is the "chaser" changes voices to those that i recognize, and those that i don't. Dang...

to continue gives me goosebumps...hence, the END!

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