Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm in UKM...sigh...

Rite, as the title kindly suggest..i am in UKM, Ulu Kapit Malaysia... It is an academic institution where people come to learn various subjects.. Now, as a pioneer of an academy, it is a regret to find that the subject i created for students are not offered here.. Hence, it is proud to announce that i will be the Dean of a new faculty here in UKM. The faculty will offer courses that only I and a few trained staff can teach. Enrollments are only limited to students who fulfill criteria below.


1. SPM (Lulus)
2. Have been in jail once. (Crime such as theft, robbery, hijacking, forth will contribute to student's merit.
3. Not afraid to use curses.

Fees: Will be notified after enrollment

Courses offered:
1. How to swear
2. How to bully
3. Teaching of Cunning Skills
4. Psychomeanniness (The study of Mean behaviors)
5. others will be introduced in a booklet provided after enrollment

Yours Truly,
Aliks de Megos
(Dean of Meannie Faculty)


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  2. Whoa.. Ya sure this faculty is still functionable? Last I checked.. the place was falling apart... and the only creature there was a monkey... standing at the LCD projector looking confused.. with a opened book that says 'L+I=T'