Monday, December 10, 2012

Rant: Sell-comb is a bully.

Once upon a time, I subscribed to Sell-Combs broadband service. So, one day, when I didn't need it anymore, I terminated it and paid the remaining balance. About a year later, came the bill, stating that I did not pay...I initially ignored it as i have paid the damn thing so i thought the bill was just a stupid mistake. But noo.....they sent me a letter telling me that they will take legal fucki** actions if i didn't pay. So, fine, I paid the bloody thing...AGAIN...and asked the counter lady that would this be the end of it? And make sure the damn thing is terminated. She said, is done. So I kept the termination and the receipt. The billing stopped and all was back to normal. Almost four years later, i wanted to change my number into a postpaid shit. So, i skipped happily into the Sell-comb centre yesterday. 

So then i found out i was blacklisted.
Me: Wait what?
Sell-comb guy: You have a debt of rm332 that you havent paid.
Me: wait what?
Sell-comb: You havent paid Sell-comb.
Me: Oookay...can you check when was the last payment made?
Sell-comb: No we can't..(looks at me like i'm some kind of lowlife.)
Me: But i've paid....TWICE!
Sell-comb: it says here you havent paid

He then later told me that i could check with their other branch. So off i went....same thing. Bullshit. I ain't paying them again. Now i'm hunting for a 4 year old bill that is probably eaten by termites by now. If i ever found it, I will frame it and hang it at sell-comb wall. I don't trust you Sell-comb. You are one lying mathafakka.

Thank you.....

Ps: It was my fault too...I should have never trusted them. I should have laminated and framed the receipt and termination forms. 

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