Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My days are numbered

*Enters the page..wiping off dusts, cleans off cobwebs*
"Hello? Termite control...I've got a situation here.."~~

I haven't updated this blog from say...uh...May? I think... Ritey, lots have happened these few days..got into an accident, someone stole my helmet, someone broke my side mirror and my bike stand, water bill was over rm300,was asked to stay overnight in school to oversee the students during an English camp which was conducted in BM (sweat)but ended up with a uh.."hysterical"ending.

It might sound bad...(it is) but there are some nice moments here...like..(taking a few while to think) uh...umm...(taking more time to think)~~~~ Ah! My uncle has a shop here in Banting!.. There are three surprise to that statement.
1. I have an Uncle here?! He's actually my mother's cousin..his mom was my mom'm mom's cousin.. (i'd draw a family tree if i'm hardworking enough but, fyi, i'm not)
2. He has a shop here?! (does that mean i can get some free food?) Which i did :D
3. He has killer Satay and Tom Yam. I'm addicted to it!! And so are Leen and Steve. Hehe...rite guys? (i doubt any of you are reading this sh** but hey, am writing for my own amusement)

Seriously speaking..(am being serious right now..seriously! Hey, don't look at me that way!I'm being serious!)I've learnt a lot of things here... like there are worse drivers than i am, how to deal with people who you don't see eye to eye with (just smile and nod), if you are at the bottom of the food chain, just smile and nod), but i'm not generalizing everyone. There are those who are nice and helpful here..am not kidding. Maybe helpful in a way that they don't get into your nerve or those who are not judgmental over who we are. I love those people! *hugs* I'm telling myself, i will not treat anyone badly like some treated us/me. I won't be like them. I'll be funkier, and i'll try to be understanding. But i can't promise that entirely since i have world domination to think about. ...

The kids here are (all the good words you can think of). They are kids, innocent, trying their best to enjoy life in a not that good environment. I wish to stay longer to just open their eyes, see the world, and just to tell them they can do anything they want to as long as they give it a shot. The culture here is as narrow as a ~~can't think of anything that is narrowed...but you get the picture. Its scary to see kids brainwashed, to see hatred in them instilled by ignorant fools and I wish I could just show them just a teeny weeny bit of whats out there. Not all things are bad.

I'll have about 1 more week to go...and I have mixed feelings about it..It'll be a relief from doing major paper work everyday and at the same time I'll be sad for leaving all the kids. (*waves handkerchief)

Well, adieu for now... gotta act like I'm working. :D


  1. love your writing! =)

    Noghol: Aku poon suka yourss...(but now i can't read anymore..wink2)