Monday, July 5, 2010

Guess what I'm doing now

Basically, Leen and I are asked to conduct class for form 3. We were told of this late, last minute and we didn't had any time to prepare. Plus, we had to pay the electric bill. So when all the Hoohaas was done, I rushed towards the class that I was assigned to only to find there was a teacher there. Apparently, my class is tomorrow (F***) and I had to join Leen for her class..which is now what i am doing. Yes people, your teacher is blogging while you are learning. :D Lalalal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  1. *antenna moving profusely* tanda ada alien nearby. aha! i found you! haha alex? -.-

  2. *scrambling to put on fake mustache and a fake mole*
    How do you do~~ (British accent) I'm sorry old chap, you've got the wrong man i say..~~

  3. Haha~ your posts are so funny. Love reading them. XD